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Every year at this time I have a bit of planfest. I sit down and name my goals for the year. I put the cards from my Ultimate Scope in a calendar or planner. (This is why you’ll get a list of all the cards I drew for you so that you can do the same.) I set spiritual, business, fiscal, and interpersonal intentions. I write about it briefly every year over at littleredtarot.com and in more depth at my site. It might give you the impression that I think our heads belong in the future. If I haven’t made it abundantly clear yet, this is not the case.


We belong in the now.

My exploration of tarot and astrology are a big experiment to see if by writing about the tarot I can direct your attention to the present moment. Should this test fail and it becomes evident that my writing or predictions only distract people, I’ll stop divining. The moment divination runs counter to my goal of elevating global consciousness; I’ll set it down.

I recommend you do the same with anything that distracts you from the precious now. As you read anything I write, as you listen, look at photos, keep one foot in your body, one eye on your breath. Keep your awareness of that emotion that you might have otherwise have buried. Let everything I create be an invitation for you to wake up.


Emotions and our body are where the deepest parts of us live; this is the realm of the moon.

The moon is associated with the hidden, unconscious, intuitive, and secret. The moon is where emotions live; this is why your moon sign will tell you about how you love and your emotional needs. It will also tell you about how you create and intuit. The moon may well be the only heavenly body that demonstrates its influence on life in a way that science can measure and that all of us can see. Ask any first responder what their shift is like on a full moon, and they’ll tell you, much busier.

Moon cycles determine life, how plants grow, the tides and our moods. A full moon means that the entirety of the moon is visible from earth. It may seem like we can identify this just by looking, but sometimes it looks full and really it’s just almost. You can be sure by Googling it and being mindful of the time zone used in your source. You could also consult an aspectarian or ephemeris, and some planners come equipped with these.

Full moons, in particular, see a lot of activity but there’s merit in minding the new moon, too. Now that you know a bit about the moon, here is what is going in 2018.


astrology moon


Ok, Siobhan, but what does all that mean?

I decided to just run with this theme of the zodiac signs being the playlist for the year. That’s why there’s a song at the end of each of these posts. Last month we talked about expansion, exploration, and philosophy (and Iggy Pop). This month we’re experiencing astrological phenomenon in the sign of Capricorn. Just as these theme songs play in our life, in aspects and planetary motion, they do so for lunar phases.

The sign of Capricorn is about responsibility and adult hustle. It’s about workworkworkworkwork. *Sung like Rihanna* Part of the reason you’ll hear people talking fearfully about Saturn returns (Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and also, sort of, Aquarius) is that modern culture isn’t at peace with effort. In modern day easy is popular. If something is hard enough, we try to escape it. We tell ourselves that we have no talent and give up on it.

Saturn frowns on this, among many other things. And then, like a teacher you can’t understand until after your thirties patiently tries to teach you to appreciate effort. It uses any means necessary. Like Malcolm X, intense, yes, but often misunderstood. Especially in his final stage where he was wisest.

I’ve already been talking about the influence of this planet in your ‘Scopes. Just as Capricorn will be associated with a certain house in your birth chart, the upcoming lunar events will occur in this sign and in certain houses in your chart. If I haven’t discussed these already, you’ll hear about them in the next ‘Scope. The effects of the full and new moons in your life will depend on which sign they occur in and also which of the houses.

Eclipse season in Capricorn

During the Capricorn season there are three lunar events, a super full moon in Cancer, super means it looks really close, it’s not as rare as it sounds, a new moon in Capricorn, and an eclipse full moon in Leo. The new moon always occurs in the sign that we’re in. I won’t talk about all three of these events but if you’re curious here’s a series devoted to what the moon is doing. I’ll just talk about the new moon in Capricorn and eclipses in general.

astrology moon

The symbol for Capricorn is the goat. Do you see how high this is? What is up with goats?!


The new moon is also known as a dark moon. Dark because we can’t see the moon with the naked eye. You know how during an eclipse the sun or moon is covered up by the earth’s shadow? A new moon is like that on a smaller scale. Unless it’s a new moon eclipse, then it’s EXACTLY like that.

New moons are about beginnings, whereas full moons are about culumnation or completions. Each new moon is like an emotional reset in the theme of whatever sign that it occurs. Eclispes act as amplifiers for the lunar cycle. They make the lesson of the zodiac even more dramatic and emotional and as a result we’ll feel eclipses more deeply than regular lunar shifts.

Eclipses also talk to each other, reaching across time to weave one lesson across a previous or future month. This is why it can be useful to watch eclipse seasons, where each eclipse builds on the last. The new moon in Capricorn on January 16th highlights Saturnian themes since, as I said, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

We talked last time about slow planets and how Saturn is one of them, taking 29.5 years to work its way through a sign. Last month Saturn just entered the sign of Capricorn. Since it rules this sign it’s pretty gung-ho about being there. Like it or not, for the next 30 years all of us might have a lot of work to do.


How should you use this information? Track moon cycles and Be like a goat.


Track Moon Cycles

I think, to an extent, life moves too quickly to track time-sesitive tasks or events by hand. My rule of thumb is if something happens more than 7 years times in a year I log it digitally or automate it. Writing by hand is powerful. It gets us in touch with our emotions and unconscious. And now that I’ve tried writing EVERY astrolgoical event by hand for three years, I now find other ways to note these things.

I’ll probably create one for major planetary aspects for 2018 as well. Keep your eyes peeled.


Goats are no joke.

The only thing between them and world domination might be opposable thumbs. I mean, how do we know for sure? They are the only animal of that shape that climbs. They have friends and complex social structures and are smarter than dogs. Some believe they can talk to humans. Because they love to climb you can’t really trap them in pens without an evolved strategy and they learn from one another just like we do. And unlike inferior humans, they also seem to know how to relax. (They must with all the terrifying stuff they climb…)

They love to learn, play, have sex, make friends, and assert their dominance. Do you even do all these things? Get on it.


What does it mean to Be like the Goat (to be like Saturn)?



If you read tarot you’ll already be familiar with the themes of earth energy by way of the suit of pentacles. The pentacles and earth are about gradual progressions. Earth element moves at the speed that a plant grows. Saturn is ruled by earth and this planet and sign aren’t known for speed. They are known for persistance. A question to consider for each of the months with lunar activity in this sign is: What am I so devoted to that I would consistenly invest substantial energy toward?



The goat talk isn’t random. Being like a goat is being like an animal. We are raised, especially Americans but other places too, to shun the body and everything to do with it, including desire. It’s because these things lay bare the agonizing truth that humans are animals first. Before we layer all the consciosness and destructive throught over it, we are balls of instinct and sensation just as animals are.

Need. Desire. Physical sensation. The things goats love and that we experience in the present moment. They serve as a gateway to now. Through these we are able to raise our awareness/consciousness. These things are also associated with the Devil card in the tarot. The Devil card which depicts a half goat-beast. It’s not a coincidence. (I’m telling you, all they need are opposable thumbs…) But you have opposable thumbs. What’s your excuse for shying away from world domination? Why aren’t you playing, learning, and climbing?

Something to think about. Take your time. You’ve got at least another 29.5 years.

And now for the Goat season theme song.