I started a series about the tarot court cards over at littleredtarot.com a whiiiiiiile ago.

I’d always intended to collect links to these posts in one place so you can more easily find them and now I’ve finally gotten around to it. I write two more columns over at LRT and eventually, as in the next few weeks, not a year from now (*hides), I will post those too. It’s going to get a lot easier to find everything around here, finally. (thank you for bearing with me up to now!)


How to Sort Courts Part 0

How to Sort Courts Part I – People, Roles, & Perspective

How to Sort Courts Part II  – Foundational Layers

How to Sort Courts Part III – Stories of the Modern Day Queen

How to Sort Courts Part IV – Honing Power with the Kings

How to Sort Courts Part V – Questing with the Knights

How to Sort Courts Part VI – Seeding with the Pages


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  1. thank you universe for all the things - Radical Tarot - […] also, finally, got around to archiving all of the Sorting the Courts series links. I’ll be doing the same…

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