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When I offered “Beta Readings” to my newsletter, I learned that if I asked  readers for support, I was consistently able to support them in exchange. In that vein, I’ve created a space where both of us can ask for what we need.


I reserve my time for people who, though they enjoy being online, deep down know that they don’t need another reason to look at their cellphone or computer. I won’t be inundating you with impersonal content, generalized readings, or products to buy left and right, etc.


Instead, I invite you to share what you want to receive and I’ll do that. I already know folks want access to my pieces from other sites, they want blogs in different formats, that they want to meet up in virtual space and do ritual, that they want to learn how to read tarot better, that they want videos, and more Ultimate Scopes. So that’s where I’ll start. What have I left out?


Joining this space means you’ve got my ear, my energy, and a way to interact with me in an affordable way. What do I get? I get to geek things with you. I get to raise money for causes we care about. I get a little more stability in my finances so that I can afford to create things people might like.


If this sounds good, consider joining me in this smallish group. All I ask for this Beta version is that you tell me what you think about this space, if something is a pain, is inconvenient or if there’s something more you’d like to see. Let’s do this.

Limited spots in 2019.

Here’s what’s inside (or will be): 


  • Sliding scale readings and readings before they are available to the public
  • Restricted blog posts including updated pieces and the astrology series written for Ultimate ‘Scopes clients
  • Every Little Red Tarot piece including PDF versions
  • Worksheets I’ve created, updated to utilize what I’ve learned about design and retention
  • Snippets, or the entirety, of E books I’m writing that will eventually be available for sale to the public
  • Free Courses in all kinds of formats some of which will eventually be available for sale to the public

Other things you might ask for: 


  • Video Q and A
  • Audio versions of blog posts
  • Virtual chats, facilitative circles, or ritual spaces
  • New worksheets
  • New kinds of readings

The Beta trial


This Beta version is free and lasts two weeks. It will not renew so I won’t need payment info. If you decide you like it you can upgrade to the regular version for a small monthly fee. Less than the price of organic toothpaste.

Start your free 2 WEEKS

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I start my trial?

After you set up your username and password, you are granted immediate access so you can test drive the space. So as not to overwhelm you, some of the content may become available after you’ve had a few days to look around.

You can’t extend this membership. If you decide you like it, you can upgrade to the regular version.

Anything out of place? Please contact me at siobhan [at] radicaltarot [dot] com

What happens if I want to keep going?!

You can’t extend this membership. If you decide you like it, you can upgrade to the regular Introvert Bubble Member’s Area. That space will allow access to the same content but will have a one-week free trial before it switches to a monthly fee.

Why does it say "You don't have access to purchase this item"?

That means the next round of registration hasn’t opened yet. Sign up for my newsletter below to hear when registration opens again. You will be the first to hear when space opens up.

What if there is no more space?!

I’ll be opening registration to this Beta space with everyone on the Radical Tarot List (only those that opted into offering emails) whenever space opens up. Make sure you are signed up to my list and opted into the offering list to hear when registration opens again.




P.S I’m the sort of person that likes to keep my word. I won’t promise more than I can deliver and that is why once there are 35 members total in the Introvert Bubble space, 10 Beta, 25 Regular, I will disable registration. Not to be a jerk. Not to create scarcity. I can only lavish 35 lucky people.

Questions? Contact me