[Community Face Up Pull] – A Little Red Tarot Closing Circle of sorts

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Why a community face up card pull?


Some of you may already know that I wrote a column at littleredtarot for the last few years. This week I posted a call there to do a community face up card pull. Some of you have seen the full archive in the member’s area or read the littleredtarot tag in the main area. That site is closing down in just a few days and I wanted to honor the occasion by creating a space to hear what the tarot community is feeling.

To be clear, I’m going to continue both of the series that lived on the site, even re-doing some of the more popular pieces. Still, things are changing and I thought a collaborative card pull would be a grounding way to close things out. Will you join me?


face up


How to participate


Choose one card, image, or symbol that symbolizes little red tarot, or its ending, for you and if you want to, share what it symbolizes for you in the comments. And if you are open to a one card pull done at random (the regular way) from someone else about what might support you moving forward, let us know.

Usually, it’s assumed in a community card pull that the next person will draw a card for the person above them. I love those collaborative pulls, and a face up card pull is something we do for ourselves and for folks we are deeply listening to and that we know well. Some folks might want to pull cards for others at random, and some might only want to share a face up card they’ve pulled. How will you know which is which? We’ll use a commenting policy. Note that, for the most part, I’m not writing a commenting policy, I’m inviting you to share one with us in your comment.

Would you like to leave a comment without posting a card pull? Go head! As long as you respect people’s boundaries about commenting on their card pulls, I’m excited to hear your thoughts about Little Red Tarot or anything you see in this post.

This is a place to give and receive. I’d love it if you make a request that you also offer your thoughts where invited on other’s comments or on the card you pulled for yourself, or even just your thoughts about little red tarot.


Commenting policy


  • When you post below, please tell others whether you want a card pulled at random for you or not.
  • When you post a face up card pull, if you don’t want others to comment about what you’ve pulled and or written, let them know that too.
  • If a person writes that they don’t want any comments, or that they don’t want certain kinds of comments, respect their boundary and err on the side of not breaking them. (The same goes for if a person writes how they want to be referred to.)
  • I will assume you are OK with my responding to your comment and if you don’t want me to comment, let me know that too, I’ll absolutely honor that boundary.
  • Please assume positive regard.
    If a person breaks another person’s policy, I will try not to allow that comment. If I miss something, please feel free to point out  the error, and if you are comfortable with pointing out the error for a person who’s done it, whether it’s your policy that’s been violated or not, that’s cool with me too. (And your emotional labor will not be erased if you do.)


Here are some examples of what this might look like:


Hi! My commenting policy is that i’d really love it if someone could pull a random card for me and when you comment about the card I’ve pulled for myself, I’d love it if you left out advice or solutions. Here are my thoughts about little red tarot ending…

Hi, cp: I’m not interested in a random card pull and when you comment about the card I’ve pulled, I’d love it if you’d comment about my bravery in posting. Here is the card I pulled for myself and some thoughts about it…

Hi, I didn’t pull a card but I just wanted to let “soandso” know that I think they’re really brave.

This policy is not my website’s ULTIMATE commenting policy. It’s only valid for this post for now. I’ll be posting this site’s commenting policy soon. I’m going to have my eye on this post today to moderate as quickly as possible but even after today I’d be endeavoring to allow your posts as soon as I see them.


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