Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 19 – Violently Whimsical

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The past few days the words of two astrologers, in particular, have been rattling around my brain. Jason Fleming of Sagittarian Mind consulting posted about mars on Twitter not long ago and it stood out to me because my Mars is in Pisces and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what that planet and its placement mean. I was thinking about “what” when maybe I should have been thinking about “how.”


How to be, how to be energized, how to be moving.


The last few weeks have been violently whimsical. I keep seeing animal symbols. A white owl. A lone bat. An aggressive house spider. Random giraffes. I saw these animals going to events that called to me but made less sense if I followed the path I’d been following. All except the spider. It chased me from my desk when I tried to return to it after a long absence. Hmm. These whimsical encounters bring me to this affirmation from Samuel Reynolds of


“Life lives me as much as I live life.”


This isn’t even for my sign. I never usually follow Samuel’s advice and read them all. This time I did. This time I kept my eyes on the trees at night to see the owl with its giant creme wingspan. This time I said no to company and sat by myself to view the Austin skyline and see the bat. This time I breathed deeply enough and drove slowly enough to see these giraffes, this time I said yes to being late to help my love and got to see these fish get to know each other


I love that Samuel talks about the transits for the week as a hike. Mercury’s motion in Pisces before today told me that my energy (Mars) is best spent on the whimsy. That it’s fun to surrender to the mysterious trail, the not-knowing. That my power may well lie in chaos and romanticizing it, in other words, in my intuition.


I was so convinced I needed to push and plan and be direct and walk straight and narrow. That that’s where my energy would come from. This week, Mars in Pisces in the eighth house don’t hit me that way. Mars conjunct Venus in Pisces doesn’t say ‘go it alone’ to me. It says, ‘write them a secret poem.’ It says, ‘ask them for help.’ It says, ‘stop for the giraffes.’


Eighth house transiting Mercury quintile my natal sixth house Mercury says, ‘you don’t know jack about your energy and where it’s coming from and it’ll be fun af to learn.’ Or maybe it it doesn’t. I don’t even know. I grasp at these astrological straws even though I haven’t read nearly enough to do so yet. Because I feel called to do it.


“Life lives me as much as I live life.”


I love that I get Do-overs. They’re so rare unless you actively seek them*, but that’s how Mercury retrograde hits me. In Pisces, and according to my natal chart and observations, the topics are whimsy, radical change and interconnectedness, energyenergyenergy, and untethered intuition.

*That link only works for members and mentions some things that happened last year during another Mercury Retrograde.


I’ll take it.


Mercury Retrograde and shadow period tally:

This is what I’ve gotten into in the last week.



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