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Not offering public readings at this time. Check back here after the New Year or see private online readings in the member’s area.

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Are you ready for alchemy?


If you’re anything like most people these days you’ve got too much your mind. You are constantly inundated with blue-lit stimulus and an insurmountable haze of doubt. Will I make the right decision? Am I on the right path? Why. am. I. so. afraid? 


Perspective shifts require space. Truly left to your own devices, without the stream of thoughts and worry that you’ve learned to indulge, you would be at peace. But we don’t want to be left to our devices. Even though we want peace, we are used to being inundated with distraction. We want to stay comfortable. We want the familiar.


I invite you to make space.


I’ll meet you in that space and mirror the story you’ve been telling. You may experience validation, acceptance, or surprise. You may wonder if there might be more to your story. Your reading will challenge or delight you (or both). If you need support, bring a loved one and let them hold space for you too. You will walk away from your reading empowered. If you read tarot, bring your deck and you will walk away from your reading with a deeper connection with your cards.


Tarot readings are

  • self care
  • reassurance
  • a coping tool
  • healing
  • inspiration


Dare to make space for yourself and meet me there.




If I had more [money] I’d ask for a reading every day! My experience of having my cards read by you (and I do mean My cards because we got to use my special deck!) was joyful and reflective. It was the perfect step to take to prepare for big steps. The reading gave me the opportunity to seek guidance from the cards for the questions that I had but also to unpack the root of fear and concern. It was like taking a question and placing it in front of you and looking at it from all sides and at all it’s intricacies. Almost as if it were an object. I was able to see complex things more clearly.

I love that you were able to take my doubt and validate it. That doubt could be the window or the way out was such a revelation for me. You synthesize many different feelings and preoccupations into understandable ideas. It was provocative and at the same time deeply soothing.

You helped me connect myself to my experience. You made it seem possible that something important and transformative could also be in ways simple and enjoyable. You encouraged me to establish a way of recognizing my inner power.

I would recommend anyone give themselves such space for questioning and for exploration with someone so kind and warm, and engaging. You made us feel so comfortable and you make such a safe, fun space to dig.

Your love of _____’s deck made us SO happy. I can only tell her I love it so much but for you to appreciate it so much was such a gift for her. Thank you, Siobhan!!!!


Order in just a few steps


Click the button below to schedule your reading. Once you pay the $ 20 deposit for your session, you receive a confirmation message where you can share your reading topic. You pay the remaining $ 55 before the session starts. Looking forward to chatting with you!


Know someone who could use a reading?


Send a 60 minute reading as a gift! After you pay, your part is done! They receive a gift certificate and a link to schedule their reading. You receive a copy so that you know your gift was recieved.  They have 3 months to schedule.


Where do you do your In-Person readings?

For most readings, I reserve a room at my favorite coffee shop in Austin, Genuine Joe Coffeehouse. It’s a quiet private area with its own restroom. If this location doesn’t work for you, you will have an opportunity to suggest a location.

Do you do house calls?!

I am only available for house calls for clients I’ve served before and people they refer to me.

What if I'd like to meet for more than an hour?

Each appointment is automatically scheduled to accommodate the second hour. You can pay for the second hour after the reading via PayPal, cash or credit. If you’d like to schedule more than 2 hours please indicate this in the form that you receive at confirmation.

Do you do tarot parties or events?

For tarot parties and events see my Tarot Events Page.



P.S I’m big on work/life balance and I love to over deliver. To make sure I always have time for both, my readings are available in limited quantities, a certain amount per day, week, and month. Click the button above to see my schedule.

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