Need affordable and effective readings?

My readings are known for their layers, worksheets, for their moving parts. They can last for a full year, sell out quickly, and are available in limited quantities. We don’t always have the space for moving parts. Yes? And we don’t always have the money.

Let’s chat.

Get focused, clear, and insightful readings customized based on your words. Ask a question or get a general reading. These readings are flexible and simple enough to meet you where you are. They are $40 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from a phone reading. After the reading, I felt like I had a better perspective on the major issue of my question, instead of getting distracted by the “noise” of the everyday. It really helped to be able to see the cards as Siobhan was drawing metaphors from the images. I got images in my email right away and so I knew we were looking at the same thing! I was really impressed with how Siobhan was able to give me clear interpretations of the cards, listen to my feedback on the situation, and then incorporate that into further insight. I really didn’t expect to get this level of detail on a phone reading! I would absolutely recommend one of Siobhan’s phone readings to someone who was feeling a little nervous or shy about asking a question in a tarot reading. The deck that Siobhan used was gorgeous–now I want to go look for the Tarot of St Croix!

Order in just a few steps

Choose whether you’d like 30 minutes or 60 and click the link below to schedule your reading. Answer a few questions and pay. Your payment confirms your session time. Looking forward to chatting with you! 

Know someone who could use a reading?

Send a 30 minute reading as a gift! After you pay, your part is done! They receive a gift certificate and a link to schedule their reading. You receive a copy so that you know your gift was recieved.  They have 6 months to schedule.


What if there are no appointments available?
My schedule updates automatically and for now, monthly. If there are no times available you can check back in a week or contact me to see about reserving a spot further in advance.
What if I want more than 30 minutes for the gift reading?

I am only able to offer gift phone readings in 30-minute slots at this time. As long as there are spots available you are welcome to purchase and give more than one gift reading.



P.S I’m big on work/life balance and I love to over deliver. To make sure I always have time for both my readings are available in limited quantities, a certain amount per day, week, and month. Click the buttons above to see my schedule. Each schedule is different so don’t assume the availablity for 30 minutes will be the same for a 60 minute reading.

Questions? Contact me 

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