Not Accepting Event Requests

Not Accepting Event Requests at this time. Check back here after the New Year.
Contact me at siobhan [at] radicaltarot.com.

Are you wracking your brain trying to organize a unique event?

Celebrations can be a lot of work. You’ve got plenty to worry about. Where will everyone stay? What will they enjoy? How will they get around? You want to make sure your friends and loved ones have a good time. You want an event that is special. Even if it is simple, you still want something that everyone will talk about for some time.

A tarot event is simple and sure to impress

Let’s delight your guests

The thing about significant life events…

These events often prompt questions. As we celebrate, it can be nice to voice enthusiasm or to quiet insecurities about our lives. When one of the group goes through significant change, the effects often ripple to touch everyone. For the boisterous crowd that’s excited to see one another, time one on one with a tarot reader can be a welcome reprieve; this is where Entertainment Readings come in.

Tarot is an excellent tool for building connections

A tight-knit group that loves tarot can deepen their bonds in Facilitative Readings. This reading is an excellent way to spend your next full moon circle. People less familiar with each other but with a sense of creative adventure can use tarot as a tool to build trust and expand their capacity as a group to solve problems; even if they are unfamiliar with tarot and regardless of their beliefs. Art is a powerful doorway to the unconscious and tarot make art accessible and fun.



If needed, I supply a table. If appropriate, decorations and costume. I wrangle the guests so you don’t have to.


A digital contract guarantees we are on the same page. I come on time and keep in contact every step of the way.


Events are tailored to participants making sure that the experience is as memorable as possible.

Choose from two options


Short and done in quick succession, these readings are perfect in a party environment. It’s meant to be rapid-fire tarot fun. No limit to the number of readings. However, 20 readings can take 2 or more hours depending on the depth. Time allows for depth.

Group Facilitatoin

A co-created divinatory experience that pampers every guest with a full reading, the kind that they will use again and again. A session of 10 takes from 3.5 – 4 hours. Five or fewer guests can be done in 2 hours.  10 guests maximum. No tarot experience is needed. Tarot decks are supplied and guests are welcome to bring theirs! 


“I loved her very positive energy. She’s caring and approachable and overall a cool chick. What impressed me right off the bat was her responsiveness to our inquiries about her availability…”

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What happens when you book:

  1. You click the button below and tell me what you need and when*
  2. You automatically receive a sample contract
  3. You receive the real contract with your event details
  4. Once we both sign, you receive an invoice and your payment reserves the date.
    The payment for the first hour of the event is due at least 1 week in advance via Paypal or credit**.
    The full balance is due before the event begins.
  5. You receive a confirmation email or text from me the night before the event reminding you that I am on my way!

*Events are typically scheduled at least 1 – 2 weeks in advance.
** 3% fee for credit transactions



Helping someone with an event? Share this page with them. I looking forward to serving you and your guests!

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