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The prices were very reasonable! Siobhan was AWESOME! Talk about intuitive—She knew such intimate details about my inner life that I felt like we had been friends for a long time. I think it is her ability to mix tarot with astrology that really nails it.

It was very convenient to be able to see a schedule in advance and choose a date and time that way. I also really appreciated being able to see the images of the spreads when she sent them later.

I was really impressed with Siobhan’s ability to move the process along organically. I wasn’t sure how to proceed at times, but she was able to talk with me and help me process my thoughts into a question.

Such a great, intuitive reading at an accessible price. Highly recommend!



Phone/technology assisted readings are not my first choice of reading, but Siobhan was skillful and sensitive and made the process effortless.

After my reading I was able better understand my self-imposed limiting beliefs. This helped me re-frame those beliefs to be in line with my most awesome self.

Siobhan is intuitive. As in present, receptive, sensitive, and able to effortlessly guide you through a process of self discovery.

I loved that you just listened and related the cards to what you heard. Made the process so simple and effective. Also loved that the process of taking photos and sending emails of the cards was so easy and did not interfere with the reading. I felt engaged the whole conversation and never rushed.

[I would recommend] Totally! Presence! Far more engaging even over the phone than many readings I’ve had.

I enjoyed meeting and talking with you! I hope to do it again sometime!

A. H.


Just very grateful that Siobhan made this so accessible because money is tight for me right now

i felt a sense of clarity and reassurance, of old blocks gently being removed

i was touched by the fact that she was able to hear and respond to my questions in such a generous, heartfelt way. Though brief, this was a very sweet and profound reading for me.

Siobhan sent the reading so quickly, i did not expect to receive it so soon! PDF is such a convenient way to receive a Tarot reading because through technology i could review this on my own time. i also appreciate that pictures of the cards are included in the pdf file with over the phone readings i have not necessarily been able to see the cards, which i like to be able to do.

This reading was so convenient and insightful and overall just helped me to feel gently seen and guided, and i would love for my loves to receive this service from Siobhan as well.

i am so impressed and grateful for the level of care and attention to detail and heart you put into each aspect of your practice. It is an inspiration and i am grateful to get to interact with you.

Thanks so much!!

Micha R


I wasn’t sure what to expect from a phone reading.

After the reading, I felt like I had a better perspective on the major issue of my question, instead of getting distracted by the “noise” of the everyday.

It really helped to be able to see the cards as Siobhan was drawing metaphors from the images. I got images in my email right away and so I knew we were looking at the same thing!

I was really impressed with how Siobhan was able to give me clear interpretations of the cards, listen to my feedback on the situation, and then incorporate that into further insight. I really didn’t expect to get this level of detail on a phone reading!

I would absolutely recommend one of Siobhan’s phone readings to someone who was feeling a little nervous or shy about asking a question in a tarot reading.

The deck that Siobhan used was gorgeous–now I want to go look for the Tarot of St Croix! Anonymous


I wanted clarity around all the thoughts swimming in my head, as well as helping me trust my gut instincts again.

I approached them more as a false sense over control over what I couldn’t control.

I feel much more clear headed when I approach the scopes. I use them as a mirror, and use the cards that come up as a way to help stay focused on the issues the cards highlight instead of me trying to control and figure out everything all at once. I’m able to quiet my monkey mind when it comes to things, and focus on one thing at a time instead of becoming overwhelmed.

It was a reminder once a month to sit down with myself and think. As I mentioned, I really liked being able to print them out. (I absorb better reading from paper – I know, one day I will not have a choice as everything will be electronic….but that’s a really weird tangent I’ve gone on….) I can highlight words, phrases. I can also easily refer back to previous months to help track the journey that I have in fact made this year. Often times I feel like I haven’t made any progress on myself and in life, but being able to reflect back on old readings and have notes to myself has helped immensly in being able to recognize how far I have come, even if there is still far to go.

You have the overall reading done, with two cards representing each month of the year. You’ll get an overall breakdown of the cards, but then each month you get a personalized tarotscope that highlights two cards, as well as any themes or recurring things that Siobhan picks up on. She is thorough, and will even research recurring themes/card patterns if she does not know enough about it.

Siobhan is very insightful. She knows a lot, but she’s also curious and seeks further knowledge which I think is very important when it comes to tarot reading. She’s also extremely thoughtful

The tarotscopes really force you to focus inward. To think about what you want and how you feel.

I learned a lot. I thought astrology just consisted of birth charts and mercury in retrograde, but I’ve realized that there’s always a sign that is an influence based on their retrogrades, what the moon is doing, etc.

They are a great way to force (maybe not the right word) you to look inward and take time for self-care. They really helped give me clarity in regards to situations in my life and helped me trust myself more.

I read them when they arrive in my inbox, and then refer to them about 1-3 times a month, depending on the month. So far they’ve all been useful and I don’t see myself breaking the pattern.

I have done many readings. Because Siobhan knows what she’s doing. 😉

Make sure not to have the expectation that the cards a necessarily going to fortell your future. One of the things I’ve learned from Siobhan is that the future is not set in stone, and that the cards are helped use to reflect and keep you focused on what is happening on this that you may not be realizing.

They have forced me to really sit down and figure out what it is that I want in life: career, relationships, friendships, and even myself. They have also taught me to not be so hard on myself, that I am doing the work.

Rebecca Feldbin

Publicist/Producer, The Bex Company


There was no obstacle that I can think of. I don’t purchase readings regularly and I’m careful about choosing new readers to work with but it was finally the right time to purchase. 

Siobhan’s reading helped me to reflect on my situation in a way which provided emotional release. I didn’t realise how much I had been bottling my emotions up inside and also how rigid I was in my perspective. There was some hard-hitting insight in the reading, but it was delivered in a really compassionate, calming tone which made it possible for me to have a good cry and start looking at things from a different angle once I’d dried my eyes! After the reading, I felt like I’d been through a cleansing ritual. I made some pretty immediate, beneficial decisions which I’d been avoiding and therein felt instantly more empowered.

Siobhan’s way with words is sublime! This was one of my favourite features of the reading I received. She pinpoints the messages so well with the words she uses and she can seriously string a sentence, which I really appreciate in a reader. There’s a subtle poetry to the way she talks about the cards, which demonstrates her deep relationship with them. I also love her soothing voice. That counts for a lot when you’re getting a reading about an intense, troublesome subject in your life!

The reading I received was not the kind that you absorb once and then never return to again. On the contrary, Siobhan offers a LOT to unpack! I re-watched immediately, and with pleasure (and obviously whilst scribbling away in my journal), and I know I’ll do so again and again. It’s great to receive a reading which acts as an ongoing tool.

The presentation was fantastic. I loved the use of music and graphics, and I enjoyed the fact that I got to see Siobhan’s face at the beginning and end. That made it feel super personal.

Siobhan has a way of giving advice without it feeling ‘pushy’ or ‘hard line’. She doesn’t dance around the question but she also gives you plenty to work with in the summary so that you can fly solo and make your own choices.

I would recommend Siobhan’s readings to people who appreciate the wondrous depth of Tarot as a tool for healing and illumination. She explores each card in a highly nuanced way which is suited to those who appreciate that it pays to delve into a subject and explore its territory carefully rather than rushing to a rash conclusion. Siobhan reads in an intelligent, measured and cognitively stimulating way. Her style is suited to those who are truly ‘doing the work’ and wish to receive a tool to propel them deeper into their journey. Those who have a hefty respect for Tarot and for the English language are also likely to enjoy her readings!

I didn’t realise that the pre-recorded video format could make me feel, in such a visceral way, that space was being held for me. I felt like Siobhan and I were in the same room and that is exactly what online readers are always striving to achieve – that level of energetic interaction.

Kelly Ann Maddox

Pro Tarot Reader


Money would be the only obstacle. If I had more of it I’d ask for a reading everyday!

My experience of having my cards read by you (and I do mean My cards because we got to use my special deck!) was joyful and reflective. It was the perfect step to take to prepare for big steps. The reading gave me the opportunity to seek guidance from the cards for the questions that I had but also to unpack the root of fear and concern. It was like taking a question and placing it in front of you and looking at it from all sides and at all it’s intricacies. Almost as if it were an object. I was able to see complex things more clearly.

I love that you were able to take my doubt and validate it. That doubt could be the window or the way out was such a revelation for me. You synthesize many different feelings and preoccupations into understandable ideas. It was provocative and at the same time deeply soothing.

You helped me connect myself to my experience. You made it seem possible that something important and transformative could also be in ways simple and enjoyable. You encouraged me to establish a way of recognizing my inner power.

I would recommend anyone give themselves such space for questioning and for exploration with someone so kind and warm, and engaging. You made us feel so comfortable and you make such a safe, fun space to dig.

 Your love of ***’s deck made us SO happy. I can only tell her I love it so much but for you to appreciate it so much was such a gift for her. Thank you Siobhan!!!!


 I’m a professional reader myself. Siobhan did a reading for me when I was too close to the subject. I found her to be accurate, but more than that, she showed compassion and caring. It’s too easy to use Tarot to scare someone. I appreciated her kind approach. And she’s got enough of that Austin quirkiness to make her a real treasure as a reader. She is someone I would turn to for a reading again should the need arise. She’s the real deal.


Pro Tarot Reader


We recently had Siobhan do readings for my daughter’s wedding shower. A few of us had had readings in the past with other readers and a few even read tarot themselves but a majority had never had a reading so there was a cool buzz of anticipation in the air. Everyone enjoyed their reading and had nothing but great things to say about Siobhan. I loved her very positive energy. She’s caring and approachable and overall a cool chick. What impressed me right off the bat was her responsiveness to our inquiries about her availability. She was willing to drive from Austin to San Antonio for a reasonable additional fee and knocked out around 13 readings in 3 hours without losing her level of enthusiasm. Transacting online for her deposit was very professional, easy and secure. She was a real pleasure to have at the party and she made it special for everyone.


Kathleen G

“I’m going to print off the picture of the spread you did for me and put it on my wall. I keep thinking about it…”


“Your reading was very interesting and I loved it! You were precise and answered all questions specifically (not a lot of tarot readers do that). You gave me good advice on defining “prince charming”…I never thought about it like that, so thank you. 🙂  I also loved how you gave a time frame (hardly any tarot readers do that). I thought it to be accurate because I plan to start my career in 6 months, which is what you said…[This] seems both accurate and like a dream come true because I always imagined meeting him on my career path. I liked how you gave a detailed picture as well, because I am a visual person. Thank you for the reading, it was wonderful, accurate, and advising.”

Annie K.

“…I have always been very hard on myself and am learning to be kinder which is helpful.Your reading has given me another boost of courage to continue on so many thanks. I enjoyed your reading – you have a very easy voice to listen to which is very real so I know the reading is from the heart. You have given me points to work from and lots of insights to work with. Deep deep gratitude for your generosity of spirit and time Siobhan and thank you for the disclosure of a similarity in our paths – it also adds to the healing power of your words.


Cindy B

“Thank you, Siobhan. I love this. I was having a hard time piecing together the meaning and relationship of the cards yesterday..so many thoughts flowing.  I just read your summary today, and it makes it so clear! I feel very positive and hopeful. Also, wow. I’m amazed by the accuracy of the messages. I love the deck that you started with. It was perfect for me for many reasons, one because the artistry allowed for so much interpretation. That was so much fun and so meaningful. I will definitely be recommending your services.

Rachel R.

Thank you so much for your advice, you give me hope for my future!!! You’re a very good tarot reader, you see things clear! Thanks and god bless you!!!! “


Thank you so much for your detailed reading, all the energy you put in, and the amazing ambiance!”


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this reading. I found it very accurate, to the point and I found it gave me some insight to the situation which is helpful. Thanks again. “


Thank you so much for taking the extra effort and time on this reading. I found myself thinking as I read, “Oh! yeah… didn’t think of that…” how you pointed out [different perspectives] was helpful. My tarot group will hear about you! Thanks again!


“You truly are gifted. Good vibes coming your way.”

“I love the readings!”

“I remember the first reading you did for me… You read me like a book. It was the coolest/strangest thing ever.”

Rebecca Feldbin