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Borderless Rider-Waite, US Games 2017.


Well, well my dear Aries, this Sagittarius season is bringing a big shakeup into your life, one that’s poised to test the balance you’ve been maintaining while challenging you to walk towards an important and intimidating change.


You start things off embodying the calm detachment of the King of Cups. You’ve been spending some time plumbing your emotional depths, looking into feelings and memories that shape your life today. This is brave work, the kind we don’t have to do, and yet here you are wise and more powerful for daring to examine your life and your emotional experience.


Think to the new connections you’ve been making between your past struggles and your present self. The King of Cups shows the stability we can obtain when we truly understand ourselves and our experiences: even the most difficult have profound lessons for us.


You may even be surprised to see the calm on the other side of this journey. It wasn’t quite as difficult as you expected, investigating your emotional landscape, and you’re starting to crave some adventure and change now that you’ve emerged stronger and more placid than before.


Well, it looks like the universe has quite the answer for you! You may have noticed one of the most epic cards in the tarot smack dab in the center of your reading. Yes, I’m talking about The Tower. Because of your fiery nature, however, the Tower’s presence isn’t necessarily as catastrophic as it seems.


How you navigate this external change is completely up to you; however, the lessons of the King of Cups can come in handy here. Work on cultivating a strong emotional center as you experience the disorienting change of this card. You thrive in intense situations and have a unique ability to use external change to suit your needs. Breathe deeply and see where you land once the Tower has done its work.


Having Judgement on the other side suggests that this outside catalyst is the wake-up call you need to start taking something dear to you more seriously. This can be a powerful and joyous awakening that re-introduces a determined sense of purpose and drive where you truly thrive.


When the Tower appears it throws things into intense contrast. See what stands out as something you truly love and commit to it wholeheartedly while letting the drama fall away as the King of Cups has so wisely taught you.


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Gina Wisotzky is a tarot reader and natural perfumer based in Durham, North Carolina. She offers warm and insightful readings at With fourteen years’ experience reading cards, her goal and passion are connecting others to their inner wisdom through tarot. You connect with her via Twitter @inctarot and Instagram @incandescenttarot.




Feng Shui Tarot.  Connolly and Connolly. U.S. Game Systems.
Kuan Yin Oracle.  Fairchild. Hao. Blue Angel Publishing, 2012.
Wild Kuan Yin Oracle.  Fairchild. Yiguang. Blue Angel Publishing, 2015.


Oracle Cards: 29. Blessings of the Kite Dancer + 39. The Threshold

Focus this Season: 6 of Wands reversed
Main challenge: XVII – The Star
What’s being released: 2 of Swords reversed
Best Advice: 10 of Cups reversed + V – The Hierophant reversed


Hi Taurus!! You’ve made it though Scorpio Season, and are even experiencing a brief respite from Uranus, who’s dipped back into Aries until January — things should settle down for a little while, allowing you to continue to gain your bearings. That’s all you want right now, is a bit of calm, some more of the “settled” feeling that makes you feel so at home in your life <3<3 But lately you’ve been jerked and yanked around, needing to maintain perspective and stay grounded somehow — know that you’ve done such a great job maintaining your position, and that all you’ve been plowing through had a purpose, if not a foreeable “end” — you are poised to see things come together in a new way, a way that makes much more sense in the Big Picture.


I wish I could tell you you’ll be receiving the recognition the amount of time, effort, energy you’ve been investing in your situation deserves — I have to say, start finding ways to give that to yourself, because this is too much a time of general conflict for anyone to be able to see past the end of their own noses, let alone find the gong to ring for you <3<3 Rude, but human, and that will be a theme in the months ahead. Let people be themselves and have their own feelings and desires, and just keep working on You, maintaining your sense of hope, getting a grip on that “bobbing” feeling by realizing you’ve been holding the kite strings all along! <3<3


Right now, you can gain control by releasing it — the Winter ahead will be a beautiful time of introspection, of developing your art, of simply dreaming towards the future and letting that be enough for now. It’s still a struggle to see the light in the darkness when the only thing lighting things up lately has been scary and dangerous-seeming lightning, but know that nothing that’s meant for you will miss you, that you really are on the right track, and all this resistance is a sure sign that what’s over the mountain is all you hope it will be and more <3<3<3 This Winter, commit to “going deep,” plumbing your personal depths for the answers to those questions like “what do I want? Am I comfortable? Where’s the good in all these changes?” and just holding on tight to your sense of self and what you know works for you — after this Uranian reprieve the planet of shock, rebellion, and shaking up structure will be back in your home-sign until April 2026 — take this moment to really close in on what works for you grounding-wise and stick with it, trusting that what’s sweeping in is absolutely sweeping what was no longer serving you out <3<3


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Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising daughter, a sunny little charmer of a Libra/Leo Rising son, and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore (Blind Forest Books) and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible. Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, Etsy page, and Instagram @tarotscopemim




The Hermetic Tarot




« Acorn struggles in pain to crack the hard shell and emerge. For it senses that out there… exists more and it knows it. » ~ Robin Rumi


JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS (8 Nov 2019 ~ 3 Dec 2019)


Jupiter in Sagittarius can enable us to feel more optimistic, hopeful, visionary, idealistic, benevolent, open minded, and expansive than we have in the recent past. It can bring a renewed need to express ourselves, a new desire to understand the truth, to expand, and potentially fresh hopefulness. But it can also bring a new complacency. We could also be tempted to fall into self-righteousness, dogmatism, fanaticism, gullibility, a lack of restraint, and self-indulgence. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the focus will be on self-improvement. This may be through a spiritual or philosophical journey to make sense of difficulties and struggles. Jupiter asks us to stretch our awareness of what is possible for ourselves, our future, and our world. This empowering transit encourages healing and growth with greater ease than usual. This will be a great time for intention-based work, as well as the use of affirmations or other self-affirming practices. This would be an amazing time to return to school or consider some form of continued education.




Mercury Retrograde follows on the heels of Venus completing her retrograde period the day before. This may create a bit of a dilemma … during Venus retrograde, we were asked to delay relationship or financial commitments … and then along comes Mercury’s retrograde period when we are advised to put off making (or finalising) important decisions. However, Venus retrograde asked us to review our values, what we truly treasure most in life, be it in relationships and/or material possessions. This Mercury retrograde asks us to consider (and re-consider) how we want to integrate those values into our plans going forward, before we settle on a final strategy.


Emergence is coming …


Well, my dear Gemini, you are in for quite the challenge this month because this month is all about what you’re not used to or comfortable with.


You are being asked to dive deep rather than fly high above … to sink into the depths of the shadow realms, emotions and magic to explore the depths of what is unseen, uncertain, not known, perhaps even frightful rather than looking for yet more ways to figure out and understand things in the cerebral realms.


There is a time and a place for all things. And this month, we are being compelled to acknowledge, accept and sink into the natural rhythms and cycles of the Universe.


This may mean there is a need for patience, waiting until elements are brought into place for the right time, the organic shift, the natural evolution rather than rushing, forcing, needing what we want now rather than that time when want, need and higher benefit all align and converge.


This may mean recognising and accepting the natural conclusion or ending of something. Instead of clinging, we release it to the mists in the moonlight with gratitude for what it offered, the role it played in our learning and evolution, setting it free so that both it and ourselves can continue to become rather than becoming stuck.


This is a month that is all about magic and mystery and rituals and deeply transcendent spiritual experiences and practices.


Altered states can take us into realms of understanding previously inaccessible … but we are encouraged and supported to do so in the proper context, with the right attitude, not for escapism or just for fun.


Emotions may be roiled and tempestuous … but the Moon offers us a warning that we must remember that this is all temporary. Things may not be as they seem. Let us not react too quickly … give it time … illusions will dissipate, and we don’t want to find ourselves having acted inappropriately or rushed to judgement or assumption based on what is less than true or real.


Things are shifting, evolving, growing, deep beneath the surface, perhaps out of sight or range of our consciousness. If we set the space and sink into our unconscious, we can get a glimpse, gain an understanding, cultivate a patience.


If we do the work now, then after the beginning of the coming calendar year, things will be much clearer, and a newer, shinier, more radiant You will be ready to emerge into your awareness and into the world.


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Offering Information • Insight • Empowerment • Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He offers his services using the Tarot combined with healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of i-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. HiC’s approach to readings is creating a space that honours the person and allows them to open the door to, ultimately, have a conversation with him- or herself. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session at





The Kitsune Oracle


Using Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle, I drew three cards for Cancer. The middle is the theme or energy of this time while the left card shows how you can encourage this energy and the right offers ways to discourage. Because like the Stones said, you can’t always get what you want.


Our theme is Be Still Awhile. I can hear you Cancers cheering already. Our pretty Kitsune strolls along a snowy path in the beautiful silence. No one is near them. No one asks anything of them. Just a quiet time in a quiet place to nurture a quiet mind. How often do you intentionally create space for yourself just to be still? This season is the time to make this your gift to yourself.


The encouraging energy is the lively To Dance With Joy where a woman dances nine foxes. Is she Kitsune as well? All we know is that her entire focus is on moving with love and abandonment as the foxes cavort at her feet. If she were sitting down, she would still move what she could. Here we learn that to dance with joy; you really must dance as if no one is watching you. Self-editing or critiquing has no place in your life this season, dear Cancer. Feel free to express yourself as you celebrate your own quiet times.


And the thing with feathers, Hope, is what discourages us. Is that saying that we should not hope? No, just the opposite in fact. It is saying that our quiet times of dancing joyfully are spoiled when we lose hope and when we lose sight of all the possibilities. This is what happens when we second-guess our dance choices, our song choices, any of our choices. We each must re-inoculate ourselves with a vaccine filled with hope and joy. Otherwise, our stillness will be stolen from us. Enjoy this season, Cancer. Seek joy, y’all.


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Arwen Lynch-Poe has been playing with the Tarot for over 30 years. Her approach is whimsical and fierce. She believes that Tarot is best used as an introspective tool. Clients say she is spooky-accurate. Using an equal dose of compassion and boot-to-the-rump, she shows you how to “seek joy, Y’all” while helping you decide the best path for yourself. Find her on YouTube. As the new editor/publisher of The Cartomancer, Arwen is looking for writers, reviewers, and artists. Please contact her at




The Numinous Tarot by Noel Arthur Heimpel


Cards drawn: Diviner, Five of candles, The founder


Affirmation for Sagittarius season:

“I send love, thank you and gratitude to the world/Universe and it is returned to me multiplied.”

“I pursue an authentic relationship with my true self, therefore I am aligned with my higher purpose.”


Sagittarius Season brings for you intuitive awareness and connection to the self. You are being asked to attend to your inner most feelings and listen to your inner voice. While doing so, you may uncover hidden aspects of your own personality as well as your talents. If there’s something that you’re suspicious about, chances are likely for such feelings to be true. It’s time to trust your feelings, dreams and instincts. Some sort of mystery and secret might also reveal itself to you. Someone around you could act sneaky so try not to trust and if your intuition is warning you against something, acknowledge that.


Another thing that you need to be weary of is your ego, which may be preventing you from acknowledging that you have bitten off more than you can chew. Don’t be too keen on winning rather consider the consequences that it may bring. It’s likely that you may go for something that you thought you had wanted only to realize later on that it doesn’t fulfill your desires.  Therefore, think and do research any before making any choices.


Listening to too many people can give rise to confusion and unfulfilled goals. You need to accept that there are a few things that you can’t change so accept them as they are and move forward. When plans or ideas don’t turn out the way you have had expected them to, that doesn’t mean you blame it on others. Instead accept your mistakes and learn from such experiences.


It seems like some of your plans might move on a slower pace which could result in restlessness and agitation. It’s time to take charge and deal with your problems energetically. Align yourself with your creative energies and make solid plans to pursue your goals. Act responsibly in order to achieve your targets. You may receive recognition for your job/work. In case of uncertainty or confusion, seek the advice of a mentor. The cards are advising you to shine your light, speak your truth and share yourself with the world.


Some of you could develop a strong interest in occult, mysticism, psychology or any subject that deals with the hidden aspects of existence and psyche. Open yourself to receiving messages from your Higher Self.  An opportunity to travel could come for you this season.


Focus for Sagittarius season needs to be action, rationality and gratitude.


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Saba is a Capricorn Sun and Aries moon. Her purpose is to assist clients with spiritual growth, personal development, and empowerment. Through her readings, she encourages clients to look beyond their fears and blockages to allow their inner wisdom to shine through so that they can better understand their circumstances and therefore can genuinely express and comprehend themselves. She offers readings using the Tarot and Lenormand combined with oracle cards, her intuitive and mediumship capabilities as well as a mix of numerology and astrology. She does monthly Tarotscopes on her page so check them out.







The Voyager Tarot,  Wanless,  Fair Winds Press 2017

In this card pull Virgos share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Virgos, those born at the first decan or the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme. Don’t know what decan you are? Here’s a decan calculator. What do you think of this format?

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.

— Washington Irving

Theme | 4 of Cups

How to work it |

Decan 1 – 5 of Crystals
Decan 2 – 9 of Crystals
Decan 3 – VI Lovers

Virgos, this season has all the subtlety and charm of glass shattering against a concrete wall. Each decan will explore some form of loss or challenge. When things fall through it can feel like a well that’s run dry, a race that’s been lost, tears too heavy to shed or, the hurricane that took everything and the helplessness that follows.

You won’t be alone in feeling oppressed.

There are millions just like you, stretched thin, and hollow-feeling, wondering where all the energy went from just a few months ago. It will take more than before to patch the holes in your hearts. I won’t say it’s up to you to meet those needs. Our lives are made up of more than our hopes, but of resources and systems outside the reach of our best and most holy intentions.

But I trust that you’ll do what you can when you can. And when oppression is more than a feeling, when loss, anger, and similar emotions seem the most sensible in light of the circumstances, you, interconnected, disciplined, and discerning, Virgos, will endure despite the odds.

First decan Virgo friends, you may experience the theme as a hardening. Your card shows a menagerie of unyielding things, organized in such a way as to suggest a fetal position. Self-preservation makes it feel right to clamp down, grasp for more, or defend. Dreading the future, you try to get the jump on suffering by imagining the worst now.

Instead, move toward what limbers you. Retract consciously, become the scientist discovering the truth. Your heart is the lab. Swath yourself in what secures you. And if you’re thinking “but what about ______?” Remember that you can’t change ______, you can only adapt so you might suffer less.

Second decan Virgo friends, you may experience the theme as entrapment. The things you think you know are the bars that you peek through. Beyond them is a whole world waiting for you to behold. You can’t just drop your old beliefs either. The same way you can’t instantly change your mind about what’s uncomfortable.

You want to anyway – change your thoughts and end suffering. Because you “should” right? It’s ok that you do not feel ok right now. You know what you need to do and also when you’re unable. You might feel guilty about that.

Get into the world with people that reflect your greatest potential or tasks that help you realize that potential if even in tiny ways. Go be of service if it helps. Keep moving and the discomfort will follow suit and move along too.

Third decan Virgo friends, you may experience the theme as indecision. You are afforded the chance to know yourself better through the lens of others. You’ve been thinking about interpersonal relationships, what they bring you, and how best to pursue them.

Can you name the emotional needs that you’d like your relationships to satisfy? Career? Friends? Intimate partnerships? If not, use caution. Relationships have a way of turning our attention from deeper wounds, to distract. It’s a great time to reexamine your thoughts about partnerships so that when you make and communicate interpersonal decisions you can be crystal clear.

Virgo folks, be tender with you. It costs a lot to care as much as you do. You know the value of sacrifice, that it’s worth it. Know also that discomfort will pass as long as you honor the routines that fortify you.

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Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She writes a column at and is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.

Like this ‘Scope? Join my membership area. Members have access to personalized Ultimate ‘Scopes created from their birth charts all year round.




Next World tarot by Cristy C. Road.


Temperance + The Teacher + The 4 of Pentacles


Finding equilibrium in a direct, fiery Sagittarius is not impossible. It may seem so, but Temperance (ruled by Sagittarius!) is here to gently guide you through your doubts and misgivings. They remind you that balance doesn’t have to be split evenly amongst all of your priorities. It means that you give attention and care to each, when needed. Do not overwork yourself and do not think that you have to be everywhere and do everything for everyone. This is about you, too.


There is also an element of wishing you had it all together. The Teacher (commonly know as The Emperor) is here to tell you that you have everything you need already, and that makes you put together. Consult your work, your teachers, your books, your journals. Remember why you are here and doing the work in the first place. No matter what this work looks like: literal actual work at your job, shifting your career, your spiritual practice, your activist work. Look at it all from the eyes of “you already know what you are doing” you just need to remind yourself every now and then.


Continuing your symbolic “must have it all together” mindset, The 4 of Pentacles says you may as well check your resources, your support center. What do you need to replenish, what can you set aside this time? Sagittarius wants you to succeed and get your shit done. This season is set up for you perfectly, to accomplish what you need to.


Don’t forget; this is about you and your journey. Others will be alongside you, they will need your help too, but you must be the focal point this time. You are no good to the world when you aren’t really you.


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Ashley Story is a queer femme, moon witch, writer, and virtual assistant. Reading tarot, staring at the moon, and taking baths are her favorite form of magic. Currently, you can find her on Instagram and her monthly-ish newsletter.



Antique Anatomy Tarot Ephemera Edition  2018, Oracle of Oddities  2017
Both by Black and the Moon



The Hanged Man + King of Cups + Ace of Cups


Scorpio season we were reminded to just trust the journey, to just let go and let it be. Now The Hanged Man is asking us to shift our perspective on this journey. Where are we getting caught up in the same patterns, let’s shake them loose and give ourselves over to the fiery and direct sign of Sagittarius, the archer is lending us their sense of wild adventure.


And lest we feel we will be out of our element, The King of Elixirs (Cups) and the Ace of Elixirs (Cups) has us in our feelings, which is very much our element. The King here says “This is nothing you haven’t seen or felt before, but this time, you know more, you will do more, and you will sense more.” They are insistent on our growth and wisdom to lead us through this shift. Where are your edges? How can you look at them from a different point of view?


The Ace in this deck is a Love Potion, and there is something… deeper about that that we don’t normally have in Ace cards. The No. 1 keeps coming to mind, which relates to Self. We are No. 1 to our selves. How have you been treating your Self lately? Where can you ease up, where can you challenge? This Ace shows up to make sure you are directly taking care of yourself too, and really going the distance with your healing. Not just say you are.


Oracle Message: Build


Lastly, what have you wanted to build? Why have you kept putting it off? If you have been waiting for a sign or a fresh look, now is the time, my dear.


[Tweet “#Scorpio, If you have been waiting for a sign or a fresh look, now is the time, my dear. #tarotscopes by @_ashleystory”]

Ashley Story is a queer femme, moon witch, writer, and virtual assistant. Reading tarot, staring at the moon, and taking baths are her favorite form of magic. Currently, you can find her on Instagram and her monthly-ish newsletter.



Smith-Waite (US Games, 1971)


Sagittarius — first, I want to say Happy Birthday to my fellow Suns and also, how incredibly Sag is it that two Major Arcana that relate to Jupiter/Sagittarius came up!?


At the beginning of Sagittarius season, we’re going to be feeling into a major shift in expansion especially if you’ve been dealing with feelings of constriction, impatience, and lethargy from the past months. The Wheel of Fortune isn’t just here to remind you that things constantly evolve (even when we dig our heels in) but also that you are a player in the way that things change in your life. Expansion doesn’t just happen, we co-create. We seek, we learn, we ponder, we dig deep, we excavate, we theorize, we read, we play, we philosophize. At the beginning of Sag season, consider the ways that you want to evolve and figure out how to make that happen, the Universe/Source/your High Self is conspiring alongside you — not against you!


Sag, I think that by the middle of the season you’re really going to be reckoning with the parts of you that were feeling stepped on as if your worth was so low that it became painful. It’s almost like a new way of relating to your emotions is coming through, but first, you had to get deep into the darkness. First, you had to feel into the pain of distrust, betrayal and hurt. The heightened stress has simmered to the point that the reversed Ten Swords can be pulled out without resistance, without causing a bigger wound. You are ready to move on from the agony, and it just goes to show that sometimes we need to lose to win. The Ace of Cups is literally handing you the ability to move beyond what once was and engage with deeper insight into how you want to engage emotionally so that you feel filled up instead of worn down.


By the end of the season, there’s a knowing, albeit internal, of what needs to shift to thrive, there’s a bit of reluctance to see the truth, but it’s shifting in your consciousness. There’s an ability to start integrating lessons of grief, but it needs to be done slowly. Temperance is inviting you to consider not rushing any judgments or making any hasty movements with your communication. Seeing Temperance coupled with a reversal of King of Swords reversed is very much asking you to consider the extremes that show up in your life. Is there a way to integrate all perspectives so that none of the aspects of you feel like they’re not being heard? Part of our healing practice is to remember that we have internal dialogs that can be in authority to us and others, let Temperance come in to not necessarily find the balance, but a state of blending so that all aspects of you can be heard and nourished.


 [Tweet “#Sagittarius, Sometimes we need to lose in order to win. #tarotscopes by soulcontracttarot”]

Nic Alea is a queer/non-binary writer with offerings of intuitive counsel using tarot + oracle + spiritual knowledge. They co-create with tarot to assess desires, fears, creativity, and innate wisdom to access empowerment and resiliency. Their practice is informed by trauma healing, inner child/teen work, the spiritual linking with the political, and deep compassion for the fragmented self. From the canyons of California, Nic is now based on Wurundjeri land (Melbourne, Australia) where they offer in-person and online readings. Find out more at





New Orleans Tarot Deck by Martinié & Glassman. July 1, 1992. Destiny Books


Dear Capricorn,


Sagittarius Season holds great opportunity for you. But to whom much is given, much is required. Many of you are familiar with the 11/11 portal that was widely talked about recently, but a true GATEWAY for you is happening now. Sagittarius Season is the last complete Season of the year (The next Season, Capricorn Season (your Season), starts in December, but carries on into January 2019). So, you will be asked to SURRENDER to this culminating time. And it will be through this NON-action that you will be thrust into the new; a beginning that will officially start with your Season, next month.


You may think that non-action means you’ve been granted a license to be a couch potato and still be able to gain your rewards from the sofa. But no. You will have WORK to do leading up to this window opening. And it will ask a lot of you: inner strength, faith, trust, release… There are a lot of trickster-type energies about, though. Energy that can take you off track, trip you up, distract you, or send you in circles. Energy that can be draining. Energy that can have you feeling high on life one minute just to feel low and clouded and fearful and stagnant the next.


So, be mindful. Cut through those illusions. See people, places, and things for who and what they really are. Know that those energies will pass. Know that they are not true and are only meant to keep you from your progress. There is a programming that you’ve already been stuck in for a while, however. So, kick things off by taking a moment, during prayer or meditation, to ask what is missing from your life? What goal have you been tirelessly working towards to little or no avail? What is your objective?


You might realize that your intended target is not as fulfilling as you maybe once thought it was or would be. Spend some time with this contemplation and be open to how you receive your answers because this gateway is transformative. And permanent. So, there is no fear about ever going back to the old ways of the past. The best part of this is that you will not be alone. There will be a coming together, union, or partnership happening to assist you with this transition. So, improve your communication skills in this area. Ask for what you need or what you hope to have waiting for you on the other side of change. What qualities or characteristics of life? And then, remember, to surrender. Let go. You will be completely protected and supported.


[Tweet “#Capricorn, To whom much is given, much is required.. #tarotscopes by @blessedb333”] 


Nisha believes in fairy tales and dreams coming true.  It is her ultimate goal to help others achieve their personal Happily Ever After-whatever that may be, and she does so by incorporating everything she has ever learned, with the help of her Ancestors, Astrology, Tarot, Counseling, Behavior Analysis & Modification.  You can most often find her on Instagram, with her tribe on Patreon, or adding new things to her Linktree.




Golden Thread Tarot by Tina Gong 2016


4 of Pentacles and Knight of Swords


To My BEAUTIFUL Bearers of Water:


This year has been a bit much for you, to say the least; full of learning curves and, at times, the shedding of…well…you. True, this period of growth may have been QUITE uncomfortable, but I will say it was quite necessary. Moving into the new year, doors will begin opening, and your new mission will be: don’t get overwhelmed by what will feel like ‘opportunity overload.’ The best way to navigate this is to get organized, map/plan out your next move(s) and most imperatively KEEP YOUR PLANS TO YOURSELF!!!!


You’ve sewn seeds for years, cared for them as if they were your children and now it’s time for them to blossom and take root in the physical world (as they have been thriving in the air/idea realm for quite some time) for all to see. You are the architect of your new empire, and a strong foundation is paramount! Focus, organization, stealth, discernment, and confidence will see you through this season. Now is not the time to go looking for the limelight for those that are watching your moves and following your progress with be doing so unbeknownst to you.


Those that value solitude and personal space will be your greatest allies during this period, for they will ensure you have the space you need to grow and see things through to completion. Your greatest assets are your ability to detach and your inner mad-scientist (yes, I know the very things people shun will be what see things through to the end) for they will force you to stretch your creativity and think beyond your current station – BE BOLD! You’re naturally innovative and create a spark wherever you go – use this to your advantage! Screw creating a buzz: you are the buzz! When all is said and done, you’ll have the ability to write a pretty dope story that no one can duplicate because, well…they ain’t you, lol! At the end of the day, what have you got to lose?


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ChosenEyes is a teacher, creator, and truth-teller. Organizing and executing such courses as Magikal Ethics, and Learning Tarot for Beginners. Along with her passions in teaching, ChosenEyes completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine with research interests in burn rehabilitation, because “The healing process is NEVER pretty, but it is always BEAUTIFUL.” ChosenEyes works diligently to transcend the negative stereotypes surrounding black witches in the mainstream media, and society at large, by speaking openly about her gifts, sharing her powers with those who seek answers, and inspiring other young women to pursue their passions unapologetically.
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Japaridze Tarot, © US Games Systems 2014


My dearest Pisces: You are so kind, and you are so deep, that sometimes you have troubles connecting with other people. This month looks like it’s actually a really good time to work with your relationships and community and to understand and be understood.


Your guiding rune for the month is Ehwaz, a rune of unity and strength towards a common goal. Whether you are feeling drawn to work with the spirits and your familiars, working in a community, or reaching for people that you have struggled to work with in the past, now is a good time for cultivating relationships to move forward and take action. Ehwaz energy is particularly helpful in working towards the collective welfare, so whatever activism you’ve got going on right now – keep at it. Make sure that you’re reaching out to the appropriate partners, stakeholders, and spiritual guides to hone and define your collective vision as well as your action plan.


But how will it FEEL? The eternal Piscean question.


Your mindset right now is the Queen of Tides. You have a deep emotional connection and intuition about this work, and you are eager to rush in and help. The Queen of Tides is the healing queen, but she is also the psychic queen. Use all of the skills available to you to divine the needs of the collective right now, and focus them in on this specific project. Your leadership may be behind the scenes – as a chief strategizer who shares their vision in private. That’s ok – lean into it.

 Something to watch out for is the Four of Gardens. Depending on the particulars of your project, and the role you have played so far, you may either find yourself being too flexible or too controlling. In these instances, let logic reign. Take a step back and ask yourself where this is coming from, what your values are, and what you are willing to compromise on and what you aren’t.


Your action steps revolve around the Stranger of Tides. My dearest Pisces, the energy is ripe for you to be persuasive and to win allies in your struggle. The Stranger of Tides may appear foreboding, but they are actually a flexible and charming person who can help others find their place in the movement. You are serving as a connector – of ideas, of goals, of people. 

Finally, your goals for the month are The World. You’ve got a lot on your mind, and you’re trying to build a better home for all of us — no pressure, Pisces. Especially with Mercury in retrograde, and just coming off of Venus being in retrograde, now is the time to talk about how our end game and strategies need to shift and change to meet the true goals of the collective. Dream big, Pisces, because you’re building the community to make it happen.


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Abbie (she/her/hers) has been a practicing witch for almost 15 years, and has been studying and reading tarot for 12. She finds solace in story, and loves to connect one on one with clients. Abbie sees tarot and witchcraft as a way to make our lives better, to bring justice to the every day. She uses magical tools as a way to help people reach within themselves to find a new, beautiful way of being.

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