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Creative Whack Pack. Roger von Oech. U.S. Games 1989.
Thoth Tarot. Crowley. Illustrated by Harris. US Games 1983.
Wrozba Z Kart Tarot. Jasniak. Illustrated by Galuszka. 1998.


Oracle Cards: XIV – Art reversed + 41. Loosen Up + 62. Be Persistent (jumper)


Focus for Taurus Season: 3 of Wands

Release: I – The Magician

Energy to Increase: 10 of Cups

Best Advice: XVI – The Tower reversed


Happy Taurus season Aries!! My my, it looks like you have some unfinished business left over from when the Sun was at your “home plate” – Aries season was a toughie, with Mercury retrograde and this Mars/Saturn conjunction that’s got everything feeling very heavy! Here you are feeling battle-worn and weary, but in an amazing position to learn from the choices you’ve made recently and to regain your strength to do better, in a bigger way, once you’ve allowed yourself some time for “processing.”


This is uncomfortable for you as you like to keep yourself in “go go go” mode, but now really needs to be a time of re-collection, of figuring out what messages need to be sent, then sending them and accepting that the response will require a bit of a wait. Trust that you’re still on the right track – the vision you have in mind for your ultimate happiness is a good one, it just needs recalibration to reach your destination!


You’re feeling so tightly wound as a result of all the obstacles that seemed to crop up recently – do your best to relax, to accept that this is going to take longer than you expected, to realize that that is so, so natural and okay! All is not lost, not at all – the shakeups you’ve been experiencing are working in your favour, forcing you to redefine what you need for personal structure, and in turn providing little-hidden opportunities to access your true power. Aries, you may be a warrior, but you are also a great leader – people are looking to you now to see how you’re handling all this pressure, and at this point, all you have to do is “stay the course.”


Keep going, slowly but surely, doing your best to tame your fire – use this down-time to keep thinking, to come up with new ideas for how to reconcile what’s gone wrong in favour of being able to better focus on what’s going right. You are healing, and you absolutely are moving in a far more positive direction – if anything the weird and unexpected changes should start to ease up for you when Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus around May 15.


Keep yourself busy through making amends. Be it to others who have been singed by your natural fire, to the situations in your life where you feel like you’ve dropped the ball, or whether it’s simply to yourself by making new plans to help you feel like you’re truly living up to your dazzling personal potential. Lean in to this period of intensity and change, embrace its lessons, and trust that nothing can ever sway you from the path you’re meant to be on. Tapping the breaks is necessary sometimes to avoid a full-on crash!

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Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising daughter, a sunny little charmer of a Libra/Leo Rising son, and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore (Blind Forest Books) and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible. Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, Etsy page, and Instagram @tarotscopemim



Golden Universal Tarot Deck – Lo Scarabeo



“If you have not suffered as you have, there will be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion.” – Eckhart Tolle


Happy Birthday, Taurus! What if I were to tell you your season will be filled with promise, stronger relationships and the ability to relax? It’s every Taurean’s dream to be part of the greener pastures, grazing upon prosperity at our beck and call.


The 7 of Cups offers a chance to look at our current situation while manifesting our needs to remedy the void spots in our lives. Ideally, we would be mindful that some of our wishes would stem from either illusions or desperations. That’s not to say you cannot wish anything, to begin with in the first place. However, I do see that the 7 of Cups offer an opportunity to be realistic about our options. It can be overwhelming to pinpoint what we want during this season. Partly because we now know how to trudge through the adversity after Aries season broke us down and built us back up again.


The 4 of Wands heralds a time where stability and groundedness on relationships are necessary for growth. In every sense, this is a good time to rely on your close friends and family members for moral support. As such, understand that there may be some heart to hear discussions on what you can do better in building up meaningful moments without sacrificing quality.


The 4 of Swords opens up the time to where rest is needed. I feel that the subject of mental health may be brought up in light of the changes that occurred in the previous season. Perhaps you may have suffered to the point where you feel exhausted and losing hope in your situations. Anxiety may have plagued sometime during the last season and therefore, carried over when trying to remain calm.


The focal point for the Taurus season is remaining still and enjoying comfort without worrying about the “what-ifs.” We can learn about our failures by pushing past our stubborn natures and accept that it’s okay not to do everything. Overexertion and creating rash decisions without much thought, especially when trying to salvage broken situations will not benefit. Instead, work with what you have. Build up a support network where you can lean on during this time. And when needed, take plenty of self-care time for yourself. You have what it takes to create your bliss. Practice gratitude, no matter which way the wind blows. Your strength relies on the ability to maintain grace through adversity.

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Diana Chin is a bruja writer and plus size lifestyle blogger. She is the founder of her web design business Red Lotus Designz and her spiritual lifestyle online magazine Modern Witchy Woman.

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @dianarchin




RWS Tarot (Pamela Colman Smith), Copyright 2018, Lo Scarabeo



Your intuition has served you well this year, but you may find yourself having to turn your “Percep-to-meter” up a few notches during Taurus season. The Six of Pentacles, the Hierophant and the Eight of Swords show you how.


Whatever situation you find yourself in, especially with a bunch of needy folks, the Six of Pentacles signals that you should use your perception to see if action from you is really needed. If so, then how much. Your time and energy are precious: share them wisely. It’s tempting to take the wheel to make things move more quickly (hey, you’re ruled by Mercury) but Taurus season will require you to balance the give and take. In addition, some people may be waiting for you to jump in, so they don’t have to pull their weight. Don’t give them the opportunity.


Here’s the weird thing though. When people see how you operate – meaning how you use your intuition and inner guidance for balance – they just may use you as an example of how to better their own lives; which means you won’t have to do the give and take shuffle that much in the future with these folks. The Hierophant shows this. Check out how in the Six of Pentacles the two kneeling people are groveling. In the Hierophant card, they’ve steadied themselves and are actually listening. The big takeaway is to remember you’re being watched. Carry yourself with dignity and pride.


With the above said, as you’re serving up intuition with a side of royal swagger, try not to get caught up in the fray. It’s very easy to start believing your own press. If this does happen, the Eight of Swords is a reminder that you have the power to free yourself. When things get out of balance, pull your arm out, grab a sword and cut those ties.

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Rash is an African-American immigrant living in Zurich. Her website is, where you can book audio file and in-person readings.



New Orleans Tarot by Martinié & Glassman, 1992. Destiny Books

Dear Cancer,


This season’s purpose for you is to see your path clearly. And this feels like getting glimpses of crystal clear direction. This can come as synchronicities or flashes or keywords or inspiration or direct responses to your requests… The good news is that you will receive help or assistance. This will most likely come in the form of something physical and/or a gift of some sort, maybe even something you gift yourself.


For example, let’s say you go to the store and decide to try a new salt bath. It’s a little expensive, but you decide to splurge. And then while taking the bath, you have this vision that you act on immediately after you get out of the tub. Or let’s say you receive an unexpected discount from a travel agency and it allows you to take a trip. And while you’re there, you get so motivated or feel guided to do something when you get back home.


So, it’ll be something like that, where it’s through another person’s gifts/abilities bestowed upon you, that once applied, you’re able to see your path more clearly. Do be mindful of your thoughts and self-talk desires because manifestation can be instant. Things will definitely shift this season, and mark a new beginning, and it will result from what you worked on during the Mercury Retrograde that ended on April 15th, what leads you acted on that you got during that time, and something you’ve been building since November of last year, 2017.


May is the time for results! So, it’s like finally getting your score on your work. And this will again, CLEARLY, show you what still needs improvement, where you’re still coming up short, what you should rebuild, what you should scrap/eliminate… This will be one of the first main “Report Card” seasons for the year. And this isn’t to scare you, because just like when you’re in school, you know what you’ve given your efforts to. This time will just be the actual evidence of that. This is all to refocus you; recenter and repurpose.

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Nisha believes in fairy tales and dreams coming true. It is her ultimate goal to help others achieve their personal Happily Ever After-whatever that may be, and she does so by incorporating everything she has ever learned, with the help of her Ancestors, Astrology, Tarot, Counseling, Behavior Analysis & Modification.  You can most often find her on Instagram, with her tribe on Patreon, or adding new things to her Linktree.



Tarot de St Croix © 2013 Lisa de St Croix


The internal Page of Cups is crossed by the expressive Six of Wands. In the position of guidance is the Queen of Swords, protective and wise. Leo, this next season asks you to realign your boundaries with others and with yourself.


Do you push yourself too far? Test yourself beyond the necessary just to prove it to yourself that you can tolerate, last, endure when called to it? It is in your nature to embody the Six of Wands, to give and express and perform. Take time to have an honest conversation about the point of it all. Beyond just knowing you can do it, is it really worth the effort and exposure to do so? And how have the experiences hardened your heart, thickened your skin so deep you can’t feel those exquisite light touches of magic anymore?


Let the Queen of Swords’ shield come up, not just to keep the external crap out, but to protect against the part of yourself that overexposes your heart’s fire in the Six of Wands. The open Page of Cups sits on a large lotus and uses it as a boundary from being overtaken by the water. Even this soft boundary does its work to hold up and support them. It is what allows them to be vulnerable and honest when they do reach in, and hold just enough of the water to face their depths.


Let the process of this work be slow and also constant. With the Queen of Sword’s clarity, get into your motivations and evaluate where and why your energy is put into what it is. Make the necessary redirections as necessary, and take note of habits and behaviors that would lead you to seek wins that leave you burnt out instead of invigorated.

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Asali is a black queer femme healer. She uses tarot for the everyday and the unusual, seeking the cards for herself and her querents to clarify practical paths to what is sought. She is Reiki certified and an avid student and practitioner of the Ifa tradition. A spiritually called Earthworker, all her healing creations, and tools are born of the earth and the divine, created with the vision of radical self-care as community healing work.


Request a tarot reading and check out her healing earthwork on Etsy & Big Cartel!
Follow along with her journey in healing, tarot, and lots of tea on her blog at Asali Earthwork.
Also, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



The Everyday Enchantment Tarot by Poppy Palin


“I ain’t trying to think about all my problems

I’m living now, I’m living now

I can’t sit and worry about the future

I’m living now, I said I’m living now”
– Lyrics from Good to be Alive by Meghan Trainor


Virgo, your affirmation for this month is, “I release my tight fist and sense the deep relief that comes from greeting life with an open hand.”


Dear Virgo, Taurus seasons comes with the invitation to take a break from incessant worrying and micromanaging every aspect of life. Let go of the grip of control, lighten up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


You have been working hard and have a lot to show for it. But you are so immersed in labor that you haven’t paused to notice that your castle is on solid ground and doesn’t need further work.


Virgo, look around you and take stock of what you’ve created, nurtured and built. Have you noticed that the castle sits empty and is seeking the spirited, playful energy of people to fill it with life and energy? It’s time for you to let go, allow yourself to be spontaneous and you know… live a little!


Is it possible that you are overcompensating for some past irresponsible decisions? Or, are you afraid you will lose your hard earned security if you let your guard down for a moment? If you find yourself working overtime to make up for past missteps or being overly protective of your security, pause and look for evidence of your hard work, personal responsibility, and financial stability. You will notice the fruits of your labor all around you. Trust that you will not abandon all you’ve worked hard to achieve. Know that you have the skills to notice if and when you need to step in and guard your treasures.


Your tarot allies this month are the Four of Coins, The Fool, and the King of Blades.


The issue at hand, Four of Coins, is that you are fearful of losing what you’ve worked hard to earn. And all that fear is dampening your joy and causing you to feel isolated from others as you continue to put your head down and border on workaholic-ism.


Dearest Virgo, even if you have money concerns, notice the toll that your money-fears are having on your sense of well-being. Too much planning, plotting, overdoing, and rigidity can be inhibiting your ability to enjoy life.


The challenge, the Fool, is two-fold. First, you are being asked to add a little joy and spontaneity back into your life. Take a break from “building” every once in awhile. Step away from the scaffold of security to take your self on an adventure. Second, the carefree Fool is asking you to lighten up from within – to allow yourself to trust in the journey of life and have faith that you have the inner resourcefulness to work through any challenges – with delight in your heart and mind.


The solution, the King of Blades, is to use your seasoned logical and analytical mind to identify the facts and see the evidence of both what is going well for you and what needs tending to. You can be the worst or best judge of your circumstances. It’s up to you to choose the most objective path that enables you to take care of business while not sacrificing your ability to participate in the more fun parts of life. This King is here to remind you that you will not squander your resources or lose your esteemed position in the world.


Virgo, see the evidence of abundance and trust that you are attuned to how to sustain security without missing out on the fun of living.

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Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that brings the tarot to life through the oracle of the body. Each of us is a living archetype, in ArcanaDance, you access your own wisdom via the intelligence of your body. Jennifer’s goal is to support you in living a more self-aware and self-determined present and future. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she currently lives in Southern California. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Twitter: @EmbodiedTarot
Instagram: @tarotandmovewithjennifer





Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori & Alysa Bartha.


« You who are sitting before me have the power to change my consciousness into painting, poem, melody or anything else! » Suman Pokhrel

This Taurus season is setting up some major forces for the next few months and beyond. Using them wisely and judiciously can cultivate long-term success and the possibility for dreams to become reality.
Both Saturn and Pluto go retrograde during this Taurus season. Saturn retrograde (17 April ~ 6 Sept) brings our attention to what isn’t working, what needs to be restructured or organised in new ways (or with new attitudes) to manifest success and puts a greater emphasis on long-term strategies, goals, and planning.

Pluto retrograde (22 April ~ 30 Sept) has us reflecting on what changes or transformations we have undergone, who we’ve become and how we are moving through the world as a result; it also asks that we take time to step back and reassess our relationship with Power, how we use it, how we give it away, how and where we need to reclaim it.

TEN of FLAMES Reversed

A renewed sense of purpose begins to foment in our soul. We can start to rediscover and reconnect with the fire of passion that compels us to light a way in the world, the way of our soul path. Lay down your burdens, release what has built up and become an obligation rather than responsibility. Hand back what isn’t yours to bear so that you can be lighter and en-Lighten-ed once more, ready to move forward in your calling and to the next phase or level of your life’s journey.
Anything is possible with Jupiter moving into a trine with Neptune over the next three months or so. Creative inspiration is on fire, fed by the fuel of our imaginations gone wild. Masterpieces await our bringing them into the world. Profound insights and experiences can be had through spiritual studies and retreats … so make space and time for these. Dreams can come true, and they will have higher reward and greater impact the more we are willing to share them and make them as inclusive as possible. Set intentions and create a plan for what you want to accomplish, or what step in the process you want to be at three months from now. This is an uplifting aspect that can get us through a crisis and reminds us that we create our own miracles.

Our greatest tribulations and worst enemies are what we can be most grateful for in our experience of life. For these are our greatest teachers, and from them, we learn our most profound lessons. Use this time to sit in total presence with heartbreak, loss, sorrow. Open space for things that we often suppress or avoid to show us something deeply moving about ourselves. How we’ve been stronger than we give ourselves credit for, where we’ve learned to let go rather than stay too long in something that is not right or healthy, the way we have totally evolved and grown from who we were back then into something we could have never imagined. Doing things we would have never dreamed if we didn’t have that experience to shock us into transformation. (Abusive relationship becomes the impetus to open a shelter or start a foundation, for example.)


You are so much more than give yourself credit for. Honour and acknowledge those deeper parts of yourself where divinity resides. And allow yourself to walk in the world as a loving, compassionate, fearless being who embraces all, judges none, and lives as the embodiment of Oneness. Be open, be willing, be the Mother that all who come to you need. Seek out those whose very presence inspire and encourage you to elevate yourself, to be the best person you can be, who remind you what the transcendence of humanity can look like, feel like, be like. Dive deep into spiritual work, then make what is received through transmission an everyday practice. Abundance flows if we wade fully, deeply, completely into the current and just give ourselves over to it.

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Offering Information • Insight • Empowerment • Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He offers his services using the Tarot combined with healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of i-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. HiC’s approach to readings is creating a space that honours the person and allows them to open the door to, ultimately, have a conversation with him- or herself. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session at



The Lioness Oracle Tarot by Alejandra Luisa Leon 2016


The Knight of Wands + The Sun + The Lovers


Hello, my dear Scorpio. How much are you still feeling this Aries season? How many of you were just starting to get in the thick of it all only to feel like we need to shift gears again? Fear not, dear heart. The Knight of Wands is bringing with it a “can-do-will-do-it-all” attitude. Let’s use that to our advantage and keep going. Keep bringing it all we’ve got (which we do anyways, don’t we?) into Taurus season.


A brief pause, if I may, to go ahead and bring in The Lovers. Taurus season. Our astrological opposite. Scorpio and Taurean energies can butt heads, a lot. Both signs are incredibly stubborn in their own way and we want what we want and we aren’t sorry. Now, here is where The Lovers comes in. Do it your own way, Scorpio. Don’t do it any other way. And treat yourself first. Love yourself first. Give yourself the priority.


Lastly, let’s talk The Sun. Bright, yellow, solar plexus energy. Confidence in this newness, in this transition, in this next step in our ever changing journey. Use it. Allow it to carry you through.


Overall, this Taurus season is going to be an exciting, challenging, and much needed season. We can do it as long as we do it with our whole selves and our love.


Color therapy notes: Look at this brightness. Look at the yellows, oranges, pinks. Taurus may be the season of Earth and groundedness, but we are bringing a lot of fire. We are carrying over that Aries energy to keep ourselves going. Work with some citrine, wear some hot pink lipstick, light some colorful candles in your work space. Make this season work for you.

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Ashley Story is a queer femme, moon witch, writer, and virtual assistant. Reading tarot, staring at the moon, and taking baths are her favorite form of magic. Currently, you can find her on Instagram and her monthly-ish newsletter.

Links: Newsletter
Instagram: @_ashleystory







Smith-Waite Tin Tarot Centennial Edition by US Games


The tarot cards that showed up for you this month Sagittarians are; The Emperor, Eight of Pentacles, King of Cups, Four of Pentacles and The Lovers.


This Taurus season asks you to bring order, structure, learning, and stability into your life. You could be faced with a crucial decision, the outcome of which would be of vital importance. Therefore you may feel confused and stressed. Don’t let the rules of the society affect you or your decisions. Take time to contemplate rather than making rash decisions. At such a time a friend, loved one or a mentor will give you the best suggestion.


You need to act responsibly, so it’s time to claim your power and be yourself. Your business and creative endeavors seem to have the potential to show progress, so let your drive and impulses flow freely.


Some of you could be starting a new career or entering a new field of work. You could receive assistance from an influential person who has higher social standing than yourself. They will provide you with advice or opportunities that you might not be able to discover on your own. This will give a push to your business and ambitions. This person could be you as well who mentors and help others. On the other hand, some of you might have to deal with a bossy and dominating person. Job promotions, recognition of your skills and business partnership seems likely.


With that being said, not willing to work hard or making efficient and effective use of your efforts will hinder and impede your growth during this Taurus season. Try to stay updated with the latest techniques, methods, systems through training and studying. Wise money management is also something you need to master and adopt.


In your relationships, being bossy will diminish the feelings of compassion, understanding, and affection. It’s possible that you are immersed in your professional life, and it makes you forget or ignore your emotions and your personal life. Remember to nurture yourself, your imagination and your emotions while being practical and realistic. Stick to your resolutions and select your path with care and wisdom.


You may decide to revamp your appearance and your wardrobe. Short trips are possible as well for you Sagittarians. Focus for you this season is rationality, diligence, and commitment.

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Serena is a Capricorn Sun and Aries moon. Her purpose is to assist clients with spiritual growth, personal development, and empowerment. Through her readings, she encourages clients to look beyond their fears and blockages to allow their inner wisdom to shine through so that they can better understand their circumstances and therefore can genuinely express and comprehend themselves. She offers readings using the Tarot and Lenormand combined with oracle cards, her intuitive and mediumship capabilities as well as a mix of numerology and astrology. She does monthly Tarotscopes on her page so check them out.






The Wildwood Tarot (Sterling Ethos, 2011)


Four of Stones | Five of Bows | Eight of Bows


Diligent and determined Capricorn,


What are you protecting? The better question is whom are you protecting or holding back? Be mindful not to shelter or overprotect that which you care about. It needs room to grow, explore, and expand. Sheltering does not stifle growth or stop experiences from happening. By placing too many restrictions on this person, yourself, or the situation, you may get the opposite of which you seek – rebellion, resentment, and a total loss of power. Do not build your walls too high, for you may lose sight of the future and its possibilities. 


Be aware of aggression or conflict this Taurus Season. Do you need approval from others to make your life and accomplishments feel worthwhile? Who are you in competition with? Are you the only one playing the comparison game? At the end of the day, all you can do is be you. All in all, you are feeling strong, but where do you get your sense of empowerment? What does it generate from? 


Beware of jealousy. Outside looks can be deceiving. What you envy in someone else may actually be more trouble than it’s worth. Empower yourself by competing with YOUR personal best. 


You may feel most empowered, heard, and connected with family this season. There may be some chaotic demands that come up surrounding family, so it’s important to keep a cool head. Be mindful of the egos of others and be sure to keep yours in check! Lift others up as you would yourself. 


How can you empower the disempowered in your life? How do you gather strength, vitality, and energy from your loved ones? What are some powerful myths or tales from history that have a protection and empowerment dynamic where you can find comfort? The mythos of Hercules, Prometheus, Hathor, Artemis, Joan of Arc, or Pele? Do some research here. 


Work with your Heart, Sacral, and Root Chakras to help you with navigating any challenges or feelings of disempowerment that come your way this Taurus Season. 

From my soul to yours,
xo Ariel

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Ariel is a Certified Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader in the greater Annapolis, MD area who has been practicing since 2014. She uses her psychic ability and intuition to guide her in her readings, providing loving, healing guidance to others. As the creator of Maven Unmasked, she encourages others to take off their mask and allow their innermost wisdom to shine through in a true, authentic expression of themselves. Ariel offers high vibe guidance, readings, videos, & blogging with a focus on healing, spiritual growth + development, creativity, and empowerment – all from her soul to yours.

Instagram: @mavenunmasked




The Mesquite Tarot 2017


“There are lots of people shaping decisions, and so if we want to predict correctly, we have to pay attention to everybody who is trying to shape the outcome, not just the people at the pinnacle of the decision-making pyramid.”
— Bruce Bueno de Mesquita


Theme | How to work it



We have two earth cards this time, three and page of Pentacles. How does Aquarius, the innovator, rebel and future-dweller work with this grounded energy? We take our love of analysis and pair it with what’s present.


As air-affiliated folks, it can be tricky to relate to earth energy and the snails-pace of creation. We don’t always care about the bottom line or even what is happening today. We’ve got things to invent, after all. Earth energy, Taurus energy is right-now energy. It speaks about interconnectedness and the mundane, the footfall, the grain of sand, the slow walk, and practical collaboration.


What do divination and business have in common? Both can employ predictive thinking for best outcomes. Both can consider the context surrounding the process of creation.


Ever hear of Bayesian models? It’s a statistical method meant to predict outcomes even in the absence of all the data needed and even as relevant data changes. It’s the thing humans do effortlessly and unconsciously that computers are only able to do more recently.


To fully invest in the structures, communities, and exchanges in which we want to participate, we need to stay in reality.


Why, exactly, are you doing the things you are doing? Look within, jot it down, let the magical mind-wheels churn if you must but then, take part. Take your seat at the table. Make one if it’s not clear where it is. Lend your coin to the cause.


Mastery starts with showing up and being willing to look lost. Assess. Where do you fit in this three of Pentacles? Are you standing on equal ground, combining your efforts with others in the places you participate? Are you nose-deep in the problems of an intricate system at the bottom level? Do you have the resources and agency to address them? Are you admiring those who seem to rise above day to day challenges?


Use past data to adapt to, and participate in, possible futures. A slower pace means time to plot your course and that the goals can go deeper…


Progress happens with or without our participation. It’s our job to see where we fit. Theories are useless if they don’t end in real-world action. Keep your eye on the middle people, the ones with the less than glamorous roles. They keep everything running. Learn from and become the worker bee.


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Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She writes a column at and is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.

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Aquarian Tarot, U.S. Games Systems, 1970.


Why hello my dynamic, free-flowing Pisces! This month has you swimming towards great fulfillment and finding a unique and visionary balance between innovation and emotion. You’re feeling an itch to take pleasure and plenty into your own hands, seeking out new experiences with zest and chutzpah. You’re also using your special ability to find meaning in the mundane along the way. This is all to say that the action you’re undertaking is guided by deeper principles, unleashing a period of plenty that meshes perfectly with your creative nature.


This Taurus season is, fittingly enough, a time to grab the bull by the horns. The Knight of Wands is asking you to pair your vision with actions. You’re in the unique position of having a beautifully solid foundation beneath you, so don’t be afraid of all this incoming energy. Great things can be accomplished when we’re acting from a place of plenty and self-satisfaction. Your adventures this season are only furthering your understanding of the world and your place in it, not scrambling to survive or compensate for a perceived weakness.


Taking some time to appreciate and draw strength from the world you’ve built for yourself will help guide your actions. What are you most proud of in your life right now? What small things bring you pleasure everyday? These questions will ground the impulsive nature of The Knight of Wands, allowing you to feel centered and focused. The stakes aren’t high and there’s so much joy to experience. Think big and know that what you experience will also enrich the lives of those around you.


Doing so is allowing you to feel even more rooted and sure of yourself. Our reading ends with the King of Cups, showing us just how much you’ve been growing. Reaching out and engaging with the world around you is giving you even more wisdom and insight to draw from. You’re emerging into your power, clear-eyed, receptive, and content.

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Gina Wisotzky is a tarot reader and natural perfumer based in Durham, North Carolina. She offers warm and insightful readings at With fourteen years’ experience reading cards, her goal and passion are connecting others to their inner wisdom through tarot. You connect with her via Twitter @inctarot and Instagram @incandescenttarot.



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