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Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Law



« A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jewelled vision of a life started anew. » Aberjhani
As we move from August into September, a shift in The Force is upon us. And just like the baby emerging from the womb who sucks in that first, deep breath creating the cry that signals the birth of a new Being into this world, this coming month will feel like we can, and need to, suddenly suck in a deep, hard breath that nearly shocks us from the edge of unconsciousness into a heightened state of awareness, clarity, focus.
Breathe that consciousness deep into your Being as it this most primal and ancient breath of life seeps into every fibre, fills every pore, and expands our senses, ready for things to start moving, changing, progressing.
We’re reaching the end of a period that may have felt overwhelming, suppressive, nervous, anxiety-ridden. But we’re on the brink of letting all that past stuff, all that was holding us back or weighing us down, to dissipate, dissolve and fall away.
We can no longer be just a passive observer, but instead, we are being called to get on with the living of life, to rise up, walk on, and turn the attention and focus to visions we want to manifest, futures we want to create, possibilities we want to explore, potentials that their execution in the physical world in order to be fully realised.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t. Don’t let anyone speak for you or influence your thought patterns so that you lose the distinction between your thoughts and voice and those of others, unsure of whether you’re doing what you want to do or what others want you to do.
Feeling stabbed in the back, taken advantage of, cheated, manipulated ? GREAT. Instead of rolling over and playing dead, use that as the motivation needed, perhaps that you’ve even been seeking consciously or subconsciously, to make some necessary changes, to cut away some people, situations, relationships, that no longer serve who you are and who you want to become.
As an Aries, the baby of the zodiac, you are most familiar and most capable of getting started, embracing the new, energetically and enthusiastically embarking upon the adventure fuelled by the excitement of whatever may come rather than needing to know before taking action or stepping forth.
Welcome, Aries, to the month of your rebirth. And just like that new baby, your calling this month is to smack life on the ass, fill your lungs, let out a cry that becomes a roar, and get started on the life you want.


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Offering Information • Insight • Empowerment • Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He offers his services using the Tarot combined with healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of i-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. HiC’s approach to readings is creating a space that honours the person and allows them to open the door to, ultimately, have a conversation with him- or herself. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session at



New Orleans Tarot Deck by Martinié & Glassman. July 1, 1992. Destiny Book


Dear Taurus,

This season is all about creating Ritual and making it apart of your everyday. This means regularly remembering to slow down and bring to the forefront of your mind the act of paying homage. This could be in the form of acknowledging or showing reverence for nature, a deity, an ancestor or lost loved one, for example. Ultimately, it is a form of self-care. Because it’ll always, each and every time, focus you on the present moment and allow you to hold sacred space. And anytime you hold sacred space; you are honoring yourself and others-the creator and the collective.

Taking these conscious, mindful moments will quiet your mind and increasingly ready you to receive messages and guidance from your Spirit Team. There is a lot of power in your hands this season. Really take creative liberties and express yourself through them. This could be preparing an altar, flower arrangement, adorning yourself, writing, redecorating your home or a room in the home, cleaning, reorganizing…

What’s coming up as highlighted words for you is to MAKE NEW AGAIN. So, transform. Repurpose. Turn that “trash” into your treasure. Take a second look at your resources. There are gems waiting in what was once overlooked, by you or another. You have a lot of energy in you this season and you have a lot of supportive energy backing you in your endeavors. Take caution around those who have the potential to distract you. Recognize when you are working solely to execute someone else’s agenda. Everyone has a narrative, you included.

Make sure the actions you are taking continue to help progress your story, and are in pursuit of your dreams. It’s okay to aid others and them you, but you have the lead role in your life. Create clear boundaries. Making a written list early on in the season is guaranteed to help keep you on track and centered as to what your goals are, as well as remind you of your progress as you consistently check things off that list. A lot of headway can be made this season, where before you may have felt you weren’t able to make the slightest dent. Don’t let this opportunity elapse. Utilize it!


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Nisha believes in fairy tales and dreams coming true.  It is her ultimate goal to help others achieve their personal Happily Ever After-whatever that may be, and she does so by incorporating everything she has ever learned, with the help of her Ancestors, Astrology, Tarot, Counseling, Behavior Analysis & Modification.  You can most often find her on Instagram, with her tribe on Patreon, or adding new things to her Linktree.



The Mesquite Tarot 2017


In this card pull Geminis share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Gemini, those born at the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme. What do you think of this format? I’d love it if you told me in the comments.


One thing I really envy about my friends who have kids is that as their children develop, they’re able to revisit their own developmental stages and recognise themselves and undo a lot of things they decided.

— Chuck Palahniuk


Theme | 9 of Coins RX – Undoing

How to work it |

Decan 1 – 6 of Swords Rx
Decan 2 – 8 of Wands Rx
Decan 3 – 9 of Swords


Vision this. Feet on broken glass. The pop-sound of breaking. Pinprick shards in the face. Combustion in slow motion. The small being at the center of a catastrophe that started as a wish. With all senses be in this moment. Because it’s you. You’re the baby, the thing that broke, the wish, the conflicted adult watching all this and deciding what to do.

You are all things.

The baby might not have a story about things breaking. They might just delight in the dialogue between movement and loud sound. The baby might stop at “I DID SOMETHING BIG.” But the adult is torn. They are stuck with thoughts like, “I liked that thing. It was everything to me. I was that thing.” I need you to remember that you are more than that thing.

It’s cathartic, yes? Loss. It feels simple, and it feels deep. And depth you crave. You want to suck the juice out of life like an insatiable toddler. You want to wring it dry. You want it to burst forth obvious and ready for analysis. At the same time, you’re too close to the objective truth of all your consummate parts to be deluded into trusting what’s “simple” and “deep.” Part of you knows better.

This month, trust in that baby.

It’s taking you back to your emotional roots to explore. Exploration is sometimes dead ends and crap feelings. But, admit it, you still love it. Anything but boredom. What’s coming won’t be boring at all. It will, unfortunately, let loose the squirrels in your mind. The safest option for dealing with these squirrels may be to welcome undoing.

Play with what’s broken (if it’s interesting).
Watch for clinging.
Be honest about when you’re done.

All Geminis will be tempted to stay locked in the cage of their thoughts, thinking their way through. Trust your body, not the mind, at this delicate time.

First decan Gemifriends. Root issues crop up like obstructions on a boat ride. Closing your eyes to these feels better, but you still need to steer the boat. This tension might be familiar, but you are never the same person twice. You contain multitudes, remember? What is the new route where new eyes might lead you? Where might you nurture new ways of seeing?

Second decan Gemifriends will feel clever trying to shuffle through the discomfort of this blocked nine of coins. “I’m over it. No big deal, I’m too busy to care about this,” or “I can fix it. I can still get my way!” Be cautious of rushing. In the short term it feels productive, but in the long run, you miss a chance to chase down and capture some mind squirrels which will call again if repressed.

Third decan Gemifriends. You are processing your shaken core. In the best case, you are uprooted, at a crossroads, endings, and beginnings, and your brain is working overtime trying to find your bearings. In the worst case, you are so devastated by a change that you cycle thoughts of what could have been or what you might have done wrong.

I need you to remember that pain is a process. Even chronic pain comes in waves and leaves you whole. Your feelings are your right, no use denying them. And. Do not stop doing things that fill you. Do not ruminate in the void. Feel your feelings fully and recognize when they’ve left you. Your mind, that powerful intellect, will feel entitled to cling forever. Cultivate doubt for this entitlement. It’s the body that will let go first.

Cry. Touch. Dance. Scream. And be healed.

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Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She writes a column at and is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.

Like this ‘Scope? Join my membership area. Members have access to personalized Ultimate ‘Scopes created from their birth charts all year round.



Morgan Greer (US Games, 1979)
Next World Tarot (Cristy C. Road, 2017)


Sweet Cancer, it’s time to release the burden you’ve been clutching. When the Ten of Wands is reversed, this burden is in your awareness, which means that you’re consciously trudging forward with those heavy rods on your back. I’m not here to judge you for holding on even when you know it doesn’t serve you, we all do this! I’m here to gently nudge you to consider what it would be like to set strong boundaries around what is and is not your responsibility.

There’s a choice to be made, The Lovers (reversed) is a catalyst moment for you to start seeing yourself and your choices clearly. Maybe it’s time to put a mirror on your altar so that YOU are front and center. Are you avoiding making a choice that would allow you some flexibility? Is there a sense of guilt in not managing and holding everyone else’s load?

Right now, there’s a feeling of hyper-responsibility: what will happen if you’re not the one taking care of everyone and their problems? Cancer, naturally you are a nurturer, and it’s time for you to remember to nurture yourself.

This is a time for you to re-parent yourself. The Page of Cups is asking you to embody your child self: what did you enjoy as a child? If you can’t remember, consider what children in general like. Get messy! A great place to start is by watching your favourite childhood TV show (Magic School Bus? Mr. Rogers? Sesame Street?). The Page of Cups is unafraid to express themselves, unafraid to tap into the deep well of imagination; this is a potent kind of nurturance.

The byproduct of engaging with play, expression, and emotions is expansion. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but remember that the medicine of The Wheel of Fortune is that change is constant and imperative for an evolution of the self. No matter how much you try to fight it, the Wheel is going to keep spinning; it’s your choice if you want to put the brakes on and resist or if you want to test out what it would be like to flow.

The Wheel of Fortune is more about impact than intent, so how do you react when things move in your favour vs. when they don’t? The Wheel of Fortune shows us that sometimes we cling to what doesn’t serve us for the sake of comfort, rather than opening our arms to potential risk – or potential joy.


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Nic Alea is a queer/non-binary writer with offerings of intuitive counsel using tarot + oracle + spiritual knowledge. They co-create with tarot to assess desires, fears, creativity, and innate wisdom to access empowerment and resiliency. Their practice is informed by trauma healing, inner child/teen work, the spiritual linking with the political, and deep compassion for the fragmented self. From the canyons of California, Nic is now based on Wurundjeri land (Melbourne, Australia) where they offer in-person and online readings. Find out more at





Astrological Oracle Cards. Castelli. Lo Scarabeo, 2012.
Black Moon Astrology Cards.  Sheppard. Blue Angel Publishing, 2017.
Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot. Hughes. U.S. Games, 2017.


Oracle Cards: 48 – Yod | Destiny + Neptune
Focus this Virgo Season: XXI – The World reversed
Best Advice: XII – The Hanged Man reversed


Oh, Leo, you’ve come through a time of soul-searching, of inward communication, of seeking to reach the bottom of why your creative well seemed to have run dry. Happily, you’ve begun to relax into this period of suspension. Just in time for everything to start to come together once more — while things are still changing, and will continue to for the next bit, you’ve heard “the Call” and are answering, not only for your own betterment, but in favour of the wellbeing of everyone around you as a fantastic additional result <3<3

Indeed, although it was a rough ride getting here, things are falling into place quite beautifully! You are on the verge of a creative breakthrough, one that’s made of the stuff of Destiny. In fact, this is the sprouting of a seed that was planted some time ago — your idea is ready for action, ready to be let loose of your own accord, ready to be danced forth into reality. Your plunge to the bottom of your emotional ocean found you bobbing up with your pockets full of pearls, gems, and sparkling treasures, waiting to be made use of, shared, and loved.

Keep playing with this line of thinking, making way for those creative juices to start flowing! There’s still time to ponder, no rush for a project this important, but know that the direction your heart is tugging you is absolutely one that will make you happy. This is the type of foundational happiness that allows you to shine, to continue to connect with your passion, and to draw in the level of support and abundance that keep that good thing going — you’re approaching the point where you’ll feel safe to “take off the mask” and share those pieces of beautiful light at last. You’ve connected with your purpose in a very real way, lovely Leo, and you can feel so proud!


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Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising daughter, a sunny little charmer of a Libra/Leo Rising son, and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore (Blind Forest Books) and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible. Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, Etsy page, and Instagram @tarotscopemim




Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe (Llewellyn, 2001)


Happy Birthday, Virgo! It’s your solar return. In cartomancy talk, you are The Hermit in the house of the Sun. In the Shining Tribe’s Hermit, you as the figure must step through a doorway to retrieve Wisdom’s lantern. But the sun already shines above your world. So the lantern is more than a light; it is your personal and unique Wisdom. These cards represent a path through the lantern’s doorway as a birthday initiation into the next spiral of your becoming and the year to come.

Your Path – Ace of Birds: With an Ace in this position, you are truly making a new beginning. Your guide for this emergence is Owl. From the people of ancient Greece to the Algonkin of North America, owls have represented Wisdom and the Soul Self. Owl invites you to open your eyes wide to take in the truth of the world as it is, to fine-tune your vision for what can be, and to follow your Soul Self’s guidance toward a future of meaning and purpose.

The Acton and Aligned Response – Five of Trees: 5s usually show action, but this 5 is still. Here all the action is on the inside as you incubate and integrate a new way of being. Though the world around you may try to tempt you into its chaotic flow, you can practice keeping still outwardly to meet the imaginative flow coming from within. You might grow restless with this process – or maybe it’s others in your life who want to hurry you – but patience with this inner shifting and twisting can help gather your energy, clarify your vision, and prepare for emergence.

Where Your Path Walking Can Take You – Speaker of Rivers: When you are ready and speak from your Soul Self, you will bring forth a message that the world needs to hear. Written on the large fish’s fin are the words of mystical teacher Rabbi Nachman: “And on the way, I told a tale of such power.” Your story is important for you to tell, and also for others to hear. Through your sharing, you can be a role model for others to tell their tales, to release their power.

These cards show the quintessential flow of the Hermit’s journey (but I really did pull them by chance!). We think of the Hermit as being as solitary as the owl or still as the Five of Trees baby, but Hermits aren’t seeking Wisdom just for themselves. Once they have grasped their lantern, they return home shining their light to inspire others – not to be like them but to seek like them because they know that it is the process that ignites the illumination of the Soul Self. So Virgos may you shine through your seeking on your birthday and the whole year through!


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Carolyn Cushing is a Sagittarius with Scorpio rising and Hermit – Moon birth cards. She facilitates Soul Path Sanctuary where each week you can find Tarot inspiration for practices to support you in walking your unique Soul Path and around the Solstices e-retreats to commune with the wisdom of the season. She is a regular columnist for The Cartomancer and co-founder of the Massachusetts Tarot Society. The best way to keep up with Carolyn’s offerings is to receive her new moon e-news where Tarot, nature, and poetry all mix together for moonthly readings and musings on themes of love, grief, justice, joy, and beauty.

FB: IG: @carolyn_cushing Twitter: @ACTarot




New Era Elements Tarot by Eleonore F. Pieper, Ph.D. U.S. Game



I’m looking around looking for piece of mine

So come out and change me

You’re always around to make me smile

Stuck underwater
I’m stuck underwater

I just need some space

My fate…
I just need a change…”
– Lyrics from “Underwater” by RÜFÜS DU SOL

Libra, your affirmation for this month is, “It is in returning to the flow of my heart that I become the vessel that holds the promise of hope, romance, and optimism for my own life.”

Dear Libra, Virgo season comes with its typical seasonal message to ready your self for change. All around you, the natural world will be showing you signs that it’s time to balance, shed, slow down and prepare to go inward.

Like the tree in the 2 of Earth transitioning from bare branches to growing leaves, you are being asked to notice what in your life has stopped growing so that you can imagine what can sprout in those bare spaces. The key phrase in this reading is “a change of heart.”

You enter this month poised to go through a major emotional transition. While it may be veiled as a stale or stagnant relationship, the truth is that you’ve become emotionally stuck. There are many manifestations of emotional stuck-ness, but often it comes down to one – you want a relationship to go somewhere new, but the “other” is not showing signs that they are (currently) capable or have the desire to do so. So you’ve been riding their current and getting jammed instead of sailing in the sea of possibilities that your heart desires.

The “other” may not be a person but may actually be you. Remember that you are also in relationship with yourself. Your own deeply held patterns, beliefs, and habits can get and keep you stuck. The “other” can also be a partner, family member, friend or anyone in which you have invested your emotional currency. Either way, this month you have the stunning invitation to grow your capability and capacity to dare to want more emotional fulfillment.

Like the sea turtle caught in a net in the 8 of cups, you are being asked to notice what’s been interrupting your ability to swim freely and effortlessly through the waters of your emotional life. It’s time to ask yourself:
Where has my heart hit a wall?
What is the net I’ve gotten caught in?
How did I get in it?
In what ways have I blocked or contorted the flow of my feelings because they rock someone else’s boat?
What can I do to get back to the open and spacious sea of feeling?

Libra, in the month ahead you will be asked to make changes to one or more of your closest relationships. You are no longer willing to maintain the status quo in relationships that have become dense, trudging and stagnant.

First, acknowledge that these relationships have been changing (or not…but you’ve wanted them to) for some time. Second, notice where they’ve gotten stuck or stagnant. Third, observe how that stagnancy has affected your ability to imagine other possibilities – for yourself and/or for the relationship. Fourth, do the inner work of freeing yourself first. This is not about the “other,” it’s about you. Imagine, where can your heart go when you free it to move to its own pace and rhythm instead of constantly adapting to someone else’s limitations? Finally, with that emotional clarity, own the truth of what you want to experience and boldly follow it like it’s the muse to your creative mojo.

Libra, if the spirit of poetry and romance has been dormant in your life, you now get to be the vessel that brings them to life. You want a more fulfilling emotional life. To get access to it, you need to get out of someone else’s tangled sea and find your own ocean. Like the Son (Knight) of Water looking ahead to the open sea, there is a path to the emotional fulfillment you seek. Look to the future with optimistic eyes. In the month ahead, emotional clarity and truth will guide you on the path to romancing your heart.


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Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that brings the tarot to life through the oracle of the body. Each of us is a living archetype, in ArcanaDance, you access your own wisdom via the intelligence of your body. Jennifer’s goal is to support you in living a more self-aware and self-determined present and future. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she currently lives in Southern California. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Twitter: @EmbodiedTarot
Instagram: @tarotandmovewithjennifer




Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road. Published 2017


Within – Without – Advice
3 of Cups + Suspension + 10 of Cups


This Leo season has worn you out in the best way, in a hard way. And now you are coming to the stability that is Virgo. Safety and community and security and reconnection are your themes, dear Scorpio.

The 3 of Cups asks that you feel into your joy, lean into your Self. Trust in how far you have come this year. In how far your communities have come. There is so much in our systems set up to work against us, yet today, we are here. We are bruised, we are shaken, but we are here together. Connected on all levels: with our ancestors and their survival skills, with our chosen family and friends and their resilience, with our many selves and the evolutions we have gone through. Celebrate this.

Where can you thank yourself for the work you have done? Where can you thank your family and friends for the work they have done? Celebrate and give thanks for all that has been accomplished.

Suspension is the Next World’s version of The Hanged Man. Here they are a dancer, suspended in mid-air, and they just feel right. Everything is as it should be and there is nothing wrong. And nothing right. There just….is. And there IS multiple realities and crossroads and possibilities for you to choose from. You do not have to fear the binary thinking of the right or wrong path; there is a path. And there is another path. And you can use this new suspended belief system to get out of binary thinking and open yourself up to infinite truths.

Where can you allow yourself to open up the typical way of thinking? Where can you choose to suspend belief and pick the path that just…feels?

Virgo season is about safety and connection and community and stability. But YOU get to decide what this looks like. You do not have to subscribe to capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal, ableist theories, and systems. You can rewrite what it means for you to feel secure, what it means for you to have family, what it means to have wealth. Gather your chosen family, your friends, your soul mates, your partners, your lovers. Thank each other for being in this space, for rewriting and unlearning all of things that cause insecurity. Revel in your truth, celebrate their truths, decide how you want to show up and hold yourself accountable. With love and grace and compassion and honesty.


[Tweet “#Scorpio, You do not have to subscribe to capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal, ableist theories. #tarotscopes by _ashleystory”]

Ashley Story, is a queer femme, moon witch, mental health + social justice bard. Pronouns are she/they. Currently residing outside of Fort Worth, she works as a virtual assistant and tarot reader. There are many things they love to do in their downtime, but mostly, she enjoys being a live-in auntie and watching Grey’s Anatomy with her sister.



The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack, US Games, 2012.


You’re coming into this Virgo season feeling content and generous, dear Sagittarius – the perfect place for your gregarious self to be. Enjoying life and sharing it with others is elevating what you already have. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the place you occupy in the world is looking mighty inviting to those around you. Don’t be surprised if you attract a great deal of attention in the coming weeks. The Nine of Cups is a wonderful depiction of how being secure in yourself makes you alluring to others, and for good reason. All the connections you’ve been nurturing and the personal work you’ve been doing to show up for yourself and others are blooming right now.

Luckily, having your feet on the ground will make detecting any naysayers or emotional vampires a piece of cake. Simply put, if a relationship or connection isn’t filling one of your cups, feel free to turn it away with kindness.

Always the visionary, it might be tempting to push yourself towards the next adventure; however, the growth you’ll be experiencing is more internal than external. It’s as if you’re slowly sinking into a joyous and fully-realized version of yourself, stepping into the shoes of The World from the comfort of the Nine of Cups.

Think of this period as a time to really enjoy what you’ve become. Things feel easy because you’ve done the hard work necessary to reach this point. You don’t need to suffer to be legitimate. You can enjoy the fruits of your labors and doing so makes you a wonderful resource, inspiration, and ally for those around you.

You’ll be turning your inquisitive and adventurous side inward towards the end of this season, finding depth and inspiration in your subconscious. The Moon is leading you towards some mysterious waters. They may be murky, but they’re also rich with important insights. Use your open-minded curiosity to navigate. You don’t have to be certain about anything, only receptive.

You have the chutzpah to experience and integrate the messages of The Moon. What’s more, you’re in a wonderful and secure place to encounter the surprises it holds. What side of yourself is emerging now that you’re able to truly celebrate and broadcast who you are to the world? And how can you welcome it into your consciousness? It may just be the beginning of a new adventure and it’s certainly an opportunity to show up for your glorious, mysterious, and multifaceted self.


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Gina Wisotzky is a tarot reader and natural perfumer based in Durham, North Carolina. She offers warm and insightful readings at With fourteen years’ experience reading cards, her goal and passion are connecting others to their inner wisdom through tarot. You connect with her via Twitter @inctarot and Instagram @incandescenttarot.




Smith-Waite Borderless Edition, U.S. Games, 2017


Page of Swords + 8 of Swords + Tower


This season the focus is on expanding your intellectual and social boundaries. Capricorns get stuck with the reputation of being overly focused on financial and worldly success. This is just one type of material mastery though. Capricorn energy is the crystallization of a deep emotional drive into the physical world. This comes from a strong passion that requires emotional and personal asceticism to achieve that purpose. That purpose is not always financial, or status related. The Page of Swords is an invitation to seek new perspectives on your passions, on what inspires you towards mastery in your own life. The student learns by research, gathering information, asking questions and importantly observing those they respect for their knowledge and wisdom. Identify those people in your own life, that mirror your passions, and pay close attention.

Where a Capricorn can get often get stuck is envisioning that their path of mastery is a fixed and singular one. The 8 of Swords emphasis this self-made and narrow trap to which Capricorn dominant people are susceptible. For those with heavy Capricorn energy in their charts, I suggest cultivating a relationship with a mentor in the field of your interest. A mentor willing to help provide perspective and feedback in your development. A mentor who seeks to uplift you to a colleague and is invested in your growth as much as you are invested in supporting theirs. Ultimately, it is your heart that will guide your path from a fixed to a fluid one. Speaking and doing from your most raw emotional body will lead you if you can get past your head how getting to your goals *should* look. Mentors can help get you through those feelings of blockage that result being myopic at times. Don’t have someone like this in your life? Biographies are the next best way to understand the process and formation of someone and how they made manifest their inner self in the world.

Lastly, embrace the unexpected, unfamiliar, or somewhat risky choice and options. The Tower, the shockingly bright energy of Mars that wakes us up from complacency- is your advice for empowering and shifting your growth presently. You might benefit from being stirred up and from stirring yourself up. It is that passion which fuels a sense of responsibility in your life. If the opportunity arises to do something that you might normally avoid out of caution or that doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ with your own goals, consider trying it on for a moment. Give a little space for some messy impracticality in your life. You may find inspiration and motivation if you are really feeling the drag.


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Tarot is a life long interest of Lance’s as a healing practice in addition to their practice as a clinical herbalist & acupuncturist. They are based in Oakland, California where they teach and build magical community like the San Francisco Psychic Fair and other projects focused on divination. IG: @tarotworks  FB:  YT: Lance Lost Star Tarot




The Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin for U.S. Game Systems, Inc. Published in 1988.


SUN | King of Cups


“Good grief” is a double entendre. We can view a challenge as an obstacle when it is actually presenting itself as an opportunity. An opportunity to know where and who you came from, specifically. And where and who you came from is previous versions of yourself + how you’ve allowed yourself to know you over the years. It’s okay to want help, support, affection, and comfort. It’s not advisable to imagine these things are somehow without or outside of you, however. What you attract is a mirror that you can view yourself in according to what you believe you deserve. Look deeply and carefully. The Devil is in the details. And the details often show off the amount of work that was required to get to whatever “here” that will eventually be a “there” in your experience(s).


MOON | Knight of Wands


The passions. They are hot, fast, explosive. But the depths? Are cooling, immense and mysterious. And isn’t that just the way, Moon in Aquarius? We’re hot and cool to the touch. Feverish. Wondering WTF is happening. Am I talking about falling in love or catching a sickness? Some people think of those things the same way. Certainly, they have seemingly twin-like symptoms: Energy, Tension/”Nerves”/Something Profoundly Unexplained or Unreasonable. This applies to the love of a work or the love of a person. A vocational calling or the calling of a loved one. You can be both warm and standoffish. You can feel together and alone. Not every person is meant to exist solely in one “you-niverse” of knowing. Emotional intelligence is an adventure you want to explore. Immerse yourself, but don’t get carried away with the current.


RISING | Ace of Cups


Worry not. The Powers that Be know you well. They see what you’re doing and how you’re moving in the humxn realm without the recognition the Multiverse has afforded you. It can appear either hopeless or discouraging to do good work and have only crickets for an audience. But even crickets have a purpose. What do you create for the joy it not only brings you but for the radiance is teaches you to coexist as and from? What you are able (not “allowed,” but ABLE) to do should be enough for you. And, if it isn’t, it must mean you know yourself to be capable of going further. Your playground is Existence as you know it. To twirl on your haters, you must first distinguish and detangle them from who you choose to see when you look in the mirror.


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Sanyu Estelle is a 78% Pigmented, Cissy (femme, but hetero-ish), Multisexual (it’s a spectrum, seems unwise to call it), Womoonist (as constant and faithful as the tides) who is Travel-Apt (Earth is a country), Fashion Forward (Funk Flag Flyage) and an SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). Essentially, she’s your forebears attainable unreality. If her bio confuses you or makes you curious, she considers this a successful start to any potential relationship you may establish (whether professional or platonic). 
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The Budapest Tarot (Italy c.1600) restored by Sullivan Hismans. Published by:
Photo credit: Sullivan Hismans


The Emperor isn’t a card I usually associate with Pisces – controlling, constant, a touch staid. At first glance, the Wheel of Fortune seems closer to Pisces-style – think of two fish chasing each other, nose to tail in the water; a perfect antidote to August days. Except here, three’s a crowd – joyriders at a fairground? – and the fourth person at this party’s left feeling like a third wheel.

This month, it’s all about balance. When is it ever not about balance, I hear you ask? You’re right of course, but this month, balance is less about seated meditation and more about extreme challenges requiring great reserves of strength and perseverance. Think waterskiing: hold on tight despite your burning arms and wobbling legs – and if you go under, keep pulling yourself back out of the water.

This is where it gets interesting for Pisces. You might not normally think of yourself as a Herculean pillar of strength. But when you think about it, how else do you describe someone who’s as empathetic as you, who knows how to keep a secret, who isn’t afraid to feel – be it your pain or someone else’s? Someone who isn’t satisfied with worldly success. Sure, you like to be rewarded and recognized as much as the next person, but for Pisces, it’s always about a deeper sense of destiny and purpose.

After all, water is your element. And that means you’re no stranger to all of its many faces. Ice, storm, or calm waters, you’ve seen it all – and your resilience deepens each time round. Do make sure you shore up your energy reserves. Know when it’s time to ride the wave or sit out the next surf. Remember that sometimes, the greatest strength is in knowing when to say No. It may be just what you need to stay afloat.


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Phoebe Tsang is a tarot and Lenormand card reader. Her reading style is influenced by Buddhist meditation, and her love of nature.

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