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Goddesses & Sirens Oracle. Demarco.  Manton. Blue Angel Publishing, 2012.
Gods & Titans Oracle. Demarco. Manton. Blue Angel Publishing, 2011.
Wheel of the Year Tarot. Caratti. Platano. Lo Scarabeo, 2014.

Oracle Cards: Hades | Death + Persephone | Cycles

Focus for Gemini Season: 9 of Cups

Challenge that will lead the way forward: 2 of Wands reversed


Wow, Aries! What are the chances you’d get both the King and Queen of the Underworld in your reading?! Indeed, you’ve made your way through some real darkness, embracing the cycle, facing the need to release what was no longer serving, all the while overcoming your instinct to fight and instead flowing with the direction things were taking. As a result, you can see the connections in your life that are meaningful — all that soul searching has you very much in touch with Who You Are at this stage in your life, putting you directly on track towards achieving Who You Want To Be.


This places you in an amazing position — you are satisfied with what’s left after that huge release, and the happiness you’ve found is fertile ground for more of the same to enter your reality! You are feeling so inspired that you’re ready to make more changes, in that you can see how much you’ve outgrown parts of your immediate environment. It’s not always your style to abandon what’s started, but you cannot ignore the pull you’re feeling to go in a new direction. It’s started to feel like you’ve overstayed your welcome in a particular situation, and you are ready to light a fire in the engine that will carry you towards the fresh and new — towards the dream you’ve been unable to shake, that you’re now sure is the next stop on the road of Destiny. Luck is on your side — you are riding on an upsurge of manifestation energy, so prepare to see things start to move very quickly now that you’re feeling much more aligned and certain of your next direction.


Yes, this past winter was a real balancing act, one involving learning a lot about “true colours” — well, yours are Shining Bright, and it’s time to continue pursuing the same sort of balance you’re able to find when you stay connected with your spirituality, your soul, your Inner Truth. The sun is out, and it’s getting warm, and you have transcended the emotional currents that taught you so much — you’re ready to get back out there, to blaze a new trail, to free your mind and follow your heart. There’s a strong theme of “career change” here — the best part is, on some level you’ve already made your decision — it’s time to run with it, always trusting in the further peace that awaits <3<3


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Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising daughter, a sunny little charmer of a Libra/Leo Rising son, and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore (Blind Forest Books) and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible. Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, Etsy page, and Instagram @tarotscopemim




The Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini


Behind every good ruler is a Bull. A force that is pure animal, driven by pure spirit. That’s you, Taurus. You are the bull behind the King (of Pentacles), pushing forward with the willpower and muscularity to pull off what you feel to be impossible. Trust that it is not. In fact, the impossible is nigh. And it needs your full animal, raring, to bring it into being.


You’ve got deep dreams, and they’re deeply emotional (9 of Cups). Perhaps they’re dreams you’ve had since you can remember, dreams that now feel too good to be true in a world that pretends to reward the laborer while ultimately keeping them stuck. You’ve been toiling away at some form of these hopes of your heart, ever the practical earth sign, and now you are ready to reap (7 of Pentacles). Where are the rewards for that hard work??


There’s something in you that is holding back that bull from pursuing your dreams with full force. I think it’s the (very valid) fear of losing everything. But it’s keeping you stuck and stubborn, staring at what you want wondering how to get there from here. Well…you can’t usually get what you want by doing what you’ve always done.


The Wheel of Fortune is intervening, bringing the winds of change your way. In that kind of weather, it may be tempting to get bull-headed and hunker down. Or you could unleash the power of the bull and run with it. The messenger Page of Pentacles wants to bring you a new opportunity that’s going to help you make your dreams into reality. But the more obstinately you stare at all the work you’ve been putting in up to this point, the heavier you become. You’ve got to channel that willpower into motion so that the Universe can have someone to work with!


So, as you face this Gemini season, position yourself differently. Point your horns towards the open, unknown horizon, scrape the solid ground with your hoof, kick up some dust, and get ready to charge towards the so-called impossible. Go ahead; trust it. I dare you.

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Amanda Holston is an educator, healer, & artist based in Philadelphia. Amanda teaches emotional intelligence & communication skills using play-based experiencing to deepen people’s connection with themselves and others. Amanda also offers healing art in the form of Shiatsu bodywork and intuitive Tarot insight. Her background as a theatre artist is the heartbeat of her work. Visit @proudmandible on Instagram and for more.



mack budd

The Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin

g e m i n i s u n


for your solar return, gemini suns, you are revving up for a journey of knowledge & truth. the knight of swords keeps their eyes on the prize & moves swiftly in the direction of their ideals. all the red on this card signals passion! you have a message you want to share with the world. remember to pace yourself, check in with your ethics, and keep sweetness at the forefront of your mission. your plant ally is wild cherry. the bark of this sensual tree is relaxing yet supportive to our airways. it is also toxic when fermented — a reminder not to wait to share your message! wild cherry will help you bravely explore, connect, and communicate while inviting focus.


g e m i n i a s c e n d a n t (r i s i n g)


an inclusive spin on key 12 of the major arcana, the suspended person is asking for release from entanglement. you are being encouraged to gracefully submit to the waves of circumstance. float weightlessly until you learn how to defy gravity. gemini rising folks: this entire year, your faith in your relationships is being tested. the ideals of your soul purpose are being questioned. you must let go of knowing, for your surrender is your salvation. your plant ally for this season is kelp. as a super nutritious sea plant, kelp delivers sustenance to those willing to receive it. its high iodine and melatonin content supports us in finding our natural rhythms. kelp’s movements underwater remind us of the beauty in conceding to the current.


g e m i n i m o o n


gemini moons are a blend of cerebral and celestial. the high priest is a fitting archetype: a networking intuitive that finds comfort in what can be understood in the mind. it should not be taken lightly that dissecting and distributing wisdom requires inner clarity. to assist in this task, your plant ally is sage. expansive & cleansing like air yet mysterious & holy like the moon, sage has an extremely appropriate name as it is a teacher that guides us to our inner-most truth. it is anti-septic & anti-justaboutanything that tries to infiltrate our personal temples. sage is a powerful protector that allows us to fortify our own beliefs before seeking externally.


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mack budd is a writer, educator, ponderer, and listener. using astrology, cartomancy, and herbalism as mediums, mack likes to increase accessibility for those looking to understand symbology & receive potently-timed messages. currently, mack offers an eclectic newsletter for each new & full moon. click here to subscribe or find mack on instagram.



Slow Holler (2017) Published by Slow Holler


Dear sweet Cancerians, a warm welcome to Gemini season!


Let this be your invitation to shake yourself free of whatever or whomever it was that might have left you feeling disappointed last month. Moving forward, take the time to connect with your inner compass when making decisions. Reflect. Ask yourself – is this arrangement energizing or draining? Pay extra attention this month to figuring out how you can dislodge yourself from the gravitational force that feels like it is dragging you away from your best and highest and know that you can choose a different path instead.


Trust that all of the work that you’ve been doing matters, even if it seems like it goes unnoticed. Trust that even if it’s slow, you are doing it. Even if it is little by little, you are on the right track. This season, Cancer, honour how far you’ve come, right up until this still-unfolding moment. Know that if you focus your intentions and energy, you really can do anything. Don’t get too caught up in the what-ifs – just stay focused and keep on building, brick by lovingly-laid brick.


You are so powerful, dear Cancerian! Don’t you ever underestimate your power. Do not sell yourself short. Do not doubt yourself, not for a second. Sometimes, self-sabotaging thoughts can become so loud that you cannot clearly hear the beautiful messages that are really meant for you. And remember, self-doubt is an exceptional and compelling liar. Do not let it get the best of you! Do not let it block your blessings. If you need it this Gemini season, let this be a reminder that trusting in your power will allow you to swiftly see yourself out of any situation that is not working for you.


In the midst of it all, don’t forget to drink of the sweetness that comes your way this month. Allowing yourself to take pleasure in both the simple and the indulgent can be a radical act. Stay present to the abundance in your life and stand assured in the truth that you are so much more than enough, just as you are right now. You are everything!


Practically speaking, Cancer, what would Gemini season look like for you if the truth were that you don’t have to do anything more than what you’re doing right now? Remember that periods of deep growth must be balanced with periods of deep rest. What would this month look like for you if you centralized rest as a priority in your life? This world is throwing a lot at you. Know that sometimes resting is the most generative and generous thing we can do for ourselves. Honour that.



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Steph SlowHands is a double scorpio bi Black femme from the future. She has been working with the Tarot for 15 years. She is also a scholar, a poet and a professor. She likes sci-fi, critical theory, making zines and working from bed. Find her doing tarot things on Instagram @SlowHands_Tarot.



Smith-Waite Tarot Deck centennial edition by US Games


nine of cups, hermit, eight of cups



Affirmation for Leo season:

“I let go of all that is not beneficial to my growth.”




Gemini season brings, for you, fulfillment and contentment. If you have been experiencing any hardships or pain recently, know that bad times are behind you now and a time of joyfulness and satisfaction is headed your way soon. You may have to voluntarily withdraw from your situation to think and reflect upon your circumstances. However, if you’re feeling stuck, it’s better to seek sensible advice from a wise and more experienced person. They can help you with overcoming any difficulties that you may be currently experiencing.


You have to leave behind an unsatisfactory situation that has been troubling you. Break loose of the involvements that are creating stagnation and open yourself up to new possibilities. Travel and change of residence can help you to restore your energy levels and peace of mind.


You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and your efforts will not go unnoticed. You can bring your dreams and desires to manifest into reality. A reason for celebration could come up for you, such as an end to a major phase of a project, reunion, marriage, etc. So don’t hesitate to go out and mingle with people instead of spending time in solitude and feeling depressed.


Remember to show gratitude towards the blessings you already have in your life. Gratitude serves as a foundation to attract more good into your life. This is a good time to take up the study of a subject that is of interest to you and that you have meant to learn since quite some time now.


Live in the present moment and allow yourself to seek and enjoy pleasures of all kinds but also have regard for the consequences. Try not to overindulge in anything because that could leave adverse effects. Also, this season, be mindful of your eating patterns.


Focus for Gemini season needs to be reassessment, objectivity, and rejuvenation.


[Tweet “#LeoFocus for Gemini season needs to be reassessment, objectivity, and rejuvenation. #tarotscopes by @myunconventionalmusings”]


 Saba is a Capricorn Sun and Aries moon. Her purpose is to assist clients with spiritual growth, personal development, and empowerment. Through her readings, she encourages clients to look beyond their fears and blockages to allow their inner wisdom to shine through so that they can better understand their circumstances and therefore can genuinely express and comprehend themselves. She offers readings using the Tarot and Lenormand combined with oracle cards, her intuitive and mediumship capabilities as well as a mix of numerology and astrology. She does monthly Tarotscopes on her page so check them out.






Bitter Water

Next World Tarot, 2017, Cristy C. Road/Croadcore


Virgo, you are holding so many things down right now. I see your love and rage and tender heart, and I pulled three cards for you: something to invite in, something to let go of, and a guiding star.


Something to invite in: Eight of Cups


It’s time to invite in some walking-away energy. The Eight of Cups is about riding off into the sunset–with yourself. You’re doing a thing, and you’ve been doing it for a while. You’ve put a lot of love into this thing, and this thing is… pretty okay! It’s fine! It’s 100%, not terrible! But you don’t want it anymore. And wanting to leave is enough. You don’t have to have another reason. I know you hate to give up; I know that walking away feels like admitting you made a mistake. But a) you’re allowed to be human and to make mistakes and b) letting something end doesn’t necessarily mean that you messed up. Sometimes it just means you’re done. Invite that energy in, ask it what you are truly longing for, and then get it.


Something to let go of: Two of Pentacles


It’s time to let go of a balancing act that you’ve been doing. The Two of Pentacles is about keeping yourself centered and agile amid material instability. You’re making it work because you have to, and that’s something to be proud of. You’re nailing it! But it’s wearing you out, and something has to change. What can you let go of that will bring more material stability into your life while keeping you connected to your values? Can you find mentors or collaborators to help you make the shift?


Guiding star: King of Swords


Your guiding star in this work is the King of Swords. This King uses their cool head to bring their deepest values to life. They know what their tools and strengths are, and they make the most of them. They also know what they can offer their community and what they need to keep for themselves, and they can stay clear on those boundaries even when the world breaks their heart over and over again. Think about what’s holding you back as you consider walking away and letting go of the balancing act, and ask the King of Swords for their advice.

I hope these cards help you on your journey, friend. I am glad to be in community with you! You got this.


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Bitter Water is white, fat, femme, extremely gay, massively genderqueer, and Jewish. Their reading style is intuitive, collaborative, and direct. They blog about tarot and feelings in the Pacific Northwest and are grateful to be part of the conversation about how tarot practice can help us imagine a different world and support us while we live in this one. You can find out more about them at



Budapest Tarot (c. 1500). Handpainted edition. Restored by Sullivan Hismans. Published by:


Greetings, Libra! The next four weeks are all about delving deeper, staying true to your vision, and celebrating what you have.


Love & Relationships: Ten of Cups


The happy-ever-after card is here to remind you of the abundance of positive energy and support around you. This is a great time for relationships, especially those involving family, community, or children. For single Librans, social outings and the support of friends will give you the extra confidence and joie de vivre to attract love into your life. You may find yourself with more romantic options than usual. Even if those who cross your path may not be “the one,” the message here is to have fun. Bask in the compliments and enjoy the attention. Remember to spread the love, and let friends and family know how special they are to you.


Work & Career: Seven of Wands


Chances are you’re feeling the pressure, and your work life is going through a particularly intense period. Think of it as a pressure cooker. It’s not time to let off steam yet, but hang on in there, and you’ll see results. Projects that aren’t getting the traction they need will gain momentum by the end of this lunar cycle. You may feel as though it’s you against the world, or at least against difficult colleagues and unreasonable bosses. Being drawn into situations of conflict may be unavoidable. Pat yourself on the back for surviving it all, and rest assured that your position is secure.


Spirituality & Well-Being: The Moon


Wow, Libra, talk about heightened intuition and sensitivity to all things spiritual right now! Everything you’re experiencing is being passed through the filter of self-reflection and deep questioning. The Moon is a great omen for shadow work. Give yourself some Me Time, book a date with yourself, and delve deep into You. Do give yourself enough sleep and pay attention to your dreams. Listen to your body: it will tell you what your soul needs.



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Phoebe Tsang is a multidisciplinary artist whose work with the tarot makes its way into all facets of her creative life. Listen to her music, read her poetry, or book a reading with her at:




The Wild Unknown, created in 2012 by Kim Krans,


Gemini season is a powerful time of collaboration, communication, and creation – working with others to build something bigger than ourselves, learning to speak truth, and laying the foundation for larger projects and important ideas. And Gemini’s birth card, the Lovers, celebrates partnerships while honoring personal freedom, internal balance, and rich love of the self. It’s not always a comfortable combination, but when we allow Gemini’s electric air to mix with Scorpio’s watery depths, we can reach new levels of self-exploration, and begin work that taps into our deepest desires.


Our card of guidance for this season is the Hierophant, a powerful archetype of spirituality, history, and wisdom, with our secondary card as the daughter of pentacles. Both archetypes are seekers, eager to uncover truths and understand the world around them, and this combination welcomes a season to find our power, connect with magic bigger than ourselves, and honor our history while anticipating a brilliant future.


The Hierophant asks us to breathe deep, to listen to the wisdom of mentors and elders, and to consider our connections to the mysteries of the universe. And yet this card also holds a lot of space for investigation and understanding, giving us the room to ask probing questions, challenge our beliefs, and create structures that support our journey. The Hierophant understands the profound power and beauty of ritual – that powerful magic that is built when we perform the same sacraments or spells over and over again. This season will help us create and tap into that rich magic, making connections between where we have been and where we are going, and finding power in ways that feel both ancient and brand new. This is a time to listen to the wisdom we carry within, and to consider ways to bring spiritual work into our daily lives.


The daughter of Pentacles urges patience as we move through these complicated explorations, giving us permission to observe and learn slowly, to not push ourselves farther than we’re ready to go. But when we think of this gentle child of earth in the context of energetic Gemini season, both aspects of this reading speak to working in tandem with others, asking questions and learning, and building something new that connects the physical and the spiritual. This may feel like a bold new path, one that we are unsure of how to walk – but when we take Gemini’s ambition and excitement and add the ready insight of the daughter of pentacles, we have a season that is ripe for growth and personal strength.


Happy Gemini season, Scorpio!


[Tweet “#Scorpio, this is a season to find our power, connect with magic bigger than ourselves, and honor our history while anticipating a brilliant future. #tarotscopes by 3amtarot”]


Meg Jones Wall is a queer tarot reader, writer, and photographer located in NYC, though she is constantly traveling and currently staying in California. You can find her tarotscopes on Autostraddle and her daily writing, tarot studies, and community readings at and on Instagram @3amtarot.




Linestrider Tarot, Siolo Thompson, Llewellyn Publications, 2016
Sweet/Nothing Oracle, Sara Holodnick, Snake Town Press, 2018


You have arrived at a threshold, sweet Sagittarius. But before you step through, it’s time to examine the path you’ve walked so far. When was the last time you took inventory of the trials and triumphs that led you to the present moment? How often do you take stock of what you’ve overcome? Gemini season invites you to allow the disparate parts of your story to come together into one, unified whole.


There’s no right way to do this, save one important rule: Tell the truth.


Like a math teacher writing feedback at the top of a homework assignment, this season wants you to show your work. But unlike balancing equations, you don’t have to worry about your own story being tidy enough for others to scrutinize. This moment isn’t about them– it’s for you. You can share the work you’re doing if you want to, but it’s not required.


Because here’s the thing: Your experiences and decisions are yours, whether others approve or not. External validation is nice, but it’s not the end-goal of your life. It’s time to move beyond any tendencies you may have to cultivate a guise of perfection and instead focus on being honest about how you got here.


There’s no need to hide from your own decisions, even if they leave you feeling less than proud. You don’t need to dwell in any shame that might arise from mistakes or missed opportunities.


But let me be clear: This is not permission to succumb to blame or judgment. Don’t mistake this as an invitation to cede your power to the past. You can’t reconcile what came before without coming to terms with it, but you don’t need to dwell in that place.


You are being initiated into your wholeness. It’s from this stance– towering over the culmination of your journey– that you are most capable of assuming your birthright to live a life of liberation and integrity.


Wisdom to ponder:

  • What experiences led me to this moment?
  • Have I come to terms with my past? Do I need help to do this?
  • How might examining my shadow/unintegrated self help me become freer?
  • What self-judgments are limiting my growth?
  • How might the challenges I’ve survived bring me closer to my truth?
  • Am I living a life of integrity and authenticity? Put another way: Am I living the life I want to be living or a life I think others will approve of?


[Tweet “#Sagittarius, You are being initiated into your wholeness. #tarotscopes by @saragalactica”]


Sara is an author, artist, spiritual companion, and tarot reader & scholar. She is the creator of the poetry-based Sweet/Nothing Oracle, co-author of The Nomad Guide to the Tarot (2nd Edition), and developer of tarot ecosystems and birth card horoscopes.

Twitter + IG: @saragalactica





Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads 2017

In this card pull Capricorns share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Capricorns, those born at the first decan or the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme. Don’t know what decan you are? Here’s a decan calculator.


Gemini Season Theme | Four of Swords


Children of Saturn the taskmaster, your theme for this season is the Four of Swords.


You don’t want to hear “slow down.” Not while you have the itch to ascend, ever-climbing life’s hurdles, so diligent you are. But what if I told you there was good work to be done in stillness too? What if I told you that the security you crave might very well be seeded in the act of doing nothing for right now?


What if I said that without mental clarity, your efforts might go to waste? Or that you need the kind of mental checkin that can’t be multitasked? You have been called to listen more deeply than you might feel comfortable doing. It will require you pause for a bit. Let rest be your job. At least until you reach a clarity that gives you that characteristic rock-solid confidence in your next actions. Actions not obligations. Stillness until you can cut through the fog.


First decan Capricorn fam, the Magician is showing us a particular connection with Mercury, the ruler of this season. Your theme of stillness will be improved by the right conversations. How can you check in with your intentions? For the long term? For the short term? Are you being honest about your ability to manifest your goals? Maybe you’ve claimed that you can do less than you can, or maybe your dreams exceeded your bandwidth without you noticing. Talk to the people or do the things that lead you to the right thoughts storms.


Second decan Capricorn, the Empress echoes the Four of Swords in its recommendation for a more balanced approach to living. The Empress knows what feels good, where to go and who to be with because they are fully embodied. Embodied enough to lead others deeper into their physical experiences. How can you pamper yourself? This sensual Empress is at odds with the sharp Four of Swords. If it’s awkward to think about “pampering,” keep at it. If the feeling of success is held hostage, only released under certain specific conditions, will you be able to embody it when the time comes? Abundance takes practice too.


Third decan Capricorn friends, this Five of Wands is showing a struggle, the mind that wanders when you try to sit still, the automatic problem-solving when it’s time to listen. It might at first seem contradictory to assert that stillness is the theme this season even as you’re so ready for action you can taste it. But these two energies feed each other. To know where to direct all that energy, you need the check in. Do not stifle this tendency toward action, rather redirect it to activities adjacent to your goals. How can you play harder? How can you indulge the little bit of fight in you in a place other than your highest priorities? You have a bit of a pass here to be, at least, a different kind of busy. But if you end up spinning your wheels, the activity you’ve chosen is too close to the norm. Go farther.


Capricorn, it’s time for a diversion. Sort your intentions. Pamper yourself. Play harder. The moon wants you to move like a crab, scuttling sideways rather than charging upwards like a goat. Prioritize self care and see your path open up.


[Tweet “#Capricornit’s time for a diversion. The security you crave might very well be seeded in the act of doing nothing. #tarotscopes by @siobhansmirror”]

Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.

Like this ‘Scope? Join her membership area. There we can geek out about tarot and astrology.





The Wildwood Tarot – John Matthews & Mark Ryan with art by Will Worthington (c) 2011



Hello my fellow water bearers, and welcome to Gemini season. There is a lot of momentum behind you during this time, but to make complete use of it, you need to tap into your emotional side too.


We begin with the 6 of Arrows, quite literally signifying the transitional period you are experiencing. This is the momentum I was speaking of; there is so much potential for possibility during Gemini season. You are moving into a period of new evolution, and the undoing of old patterns. As you evolve, the process may become trying; the key here is to fully realize your potential and to embrace it. Do not shirk from the mantle that the Universe is laying upon you.


You can make this process easier on yourself by embracing the energy of the King of Vessels. The King is compassionate, a pillar of balance and fairness, especially when it comes to the emotional realm that Aquarians are known to shy away from. How can listening to your heart and being more vulnerable aid you on this journey? You are human after all, even though it might not always feel like you are. By harnessing the wisdom of the King, your vision and message can reach even farther than you ever imagined.


Lastly, we have the 5 of Arrows, asking you to let go of distractions. It’s easy to get frustrated with a perceived lack of progress or lack of understanding. In a capitalist society where we are measured by our productivity, it can often feel like we are not doing enough. Remember that the path is not a straight line; nothing is as linear as we are led to believe. You are where you need to be right now, don’t let the world distract you or try to bring you down. Stay grounded, stay focused, and continue following the path wherever it may lead you.



[Tweet “#Aquarius, Remember that the path is not a straight line, nothing is as linear as we are led to believe. #tarotscopes by @noxtarot”]

Kyra Jacques-Grundy is the creatrix of Nox Tarot, offering tarot readings for people all over the world. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she currently lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband and their dog. After being a professional dancer and dipping her feet in the corporate world, reading tarot is what fills her soul. Kyra is currently studying under John Matthews to be a Celtic Shaman. She can often be found reading in the bath, gazing at the moon, or journeying through the Otherworld.

Instagram: @noxtarot
Facebook: Nox Tarot
Twitter: @noxtarot




The Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze
The Living Wheel Astrology Cards by Patrick Fogarty.



HERBAL ALLIES • Astragalus • Alfalfa • Gentian



« You may no longer realise that you’re standing at the centre of the world, that you’re in the middle of a sacred circle, because you’re so concerned with your worries, pains, limitations, desires, and fears that you are blind to the beauty of existence. » ~ Pema Chödrön


The acute tension in the air and amplification of power struggles – egos crying out through escalating temper tantrums to be heard, seen, taken seriously, to assert authority and dominion – begin to subside and calm down near the end of May as retrograding Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn drift further away from each other for awhile (though recent issues causing the current tension and driving the ego’s need for power are likely to crop back up in December, setting the stage for some major fireworks and radical shifts and changes moving into 2020).


This sense of things lightening up, feeling lighter and a greater awareness of both the need and the possibility to ascend, to rise above, to operate at a higher vibration will also kick in to high gear as we move into and through the season of airy Gemini. Ideas are popping up, so take note. Creativity gets a jolt, so put that imagination into action. Expressiveness lights up, so speak up, but watch what (and how) you say.




Watch out for those who may be trying to manipulate us or a situation for their own gain and benefit. Question everything and seek out evidence, facts, additional information, so that we don’t fall for mind games of smoke and mirrors. Just play in the field of ideas, possibilities, invention for now … this isn’t the best time to try and manifest something or take hard action or steps towards a goal, as it is likely to morph and shift and change, regardless of how set we are on thinking we know exactly what we want or what it should look like … or because it would be a false start due to a lack of a clear and cohesive vision.


Mercury is in Gemini the first half of Gemini season (though 9 June), and thoughts and ideas will come fast and furious, but be as ephemeral as faery dust Get them recorded and worry about follow through action later. Mercury will be in Cancer the latter half of the season… our intuition will be heightened, sources we don’t normally have access to will open up for us, and we feel compelled to express and share what we’ve been thinking, but we want to make sure we filter it through the heart so that we speak kindly, compassionately, not too abruptly, and know when to shut up in order to hold space for others to be seen and heard.




Our attention turns our physical comfort and needs. Now is the time to reach out to a mentor or financial advisor or personal trainer, someone with the knowledge and expertise and experience to help us navigate towards our goals by assisting us in structuring a pragmatic plan with manageable timelines, achievable actions and realistic goals. Ask for what is wanted or needed, but do so in a way that says, « This is what I can offer in return, » or, « This is how we can all benefit, » rather than, « This is what I want/need, so give it to me. » Get affairs in order. Put a budget in place (or refine one already existing) that you will commit to and stick with. Start, refine or take to the next level health plans, workout regimens, nutritional diets.


Venus in Taurus can also help lighten financial burdens … and encourages us to focus on the actions we need to take to ease those for ourselves, we may just find it a bit easier, and a bit more efficiently productive if we do so, during this time. Also, go easy on yourself and lighten up on the self-judging and self-critical thoughts and talk. Let’s reconnect with what makes us feel most comfortable in our own skin, content to be who we are in this moment, happy with what we have. And make it a priority to seek out beauty in every interaction, every person, every thing … cultivate and enhance beauty in every moment … beautify yourself, your surroundings, your world, your words … Be Beautiful starting from the inside.




The sum is greater than the parts, and we succeed through collaboration, teamwork, cooperation rather than going it alone. Participate in classes at the gym rather than (or in addition to) just working out alone at home. Pool resources. A sought after reward or payoff or goal will only come about through planning, hard work and dedication. This validates that we’ve hit upon the right plan … but it also reminds us that it takes a village. So let’s be honest about both our strengths and our weaknesses, and recruit those into the fold who have strengths that can bolster where we might fall short … and join groups and teams where we can bring our strengths to bear where there may be some weak spots to cultivate success and help manifest goals to their fullest potential.


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