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The Herbcrafter’s Tarot, US Games, 2019


Leo season is about standing up. Standing out. Being bold. Being unashamed. You have no problem standing in the spotlight Aries, but how you feel once you’re there depends on how much or how little you’ve been caring for yourself. When you take the time to tune in and nurture the best parts of you, you feel electric and at ease. When you blow past reflection and seek validation, however, insecurity creeps in and threads its false narrative through everything you do.


Valerian | Eight of Cups

Valerian calms nerves and stress with its soporific fingers, letting us process what needs to be processed without agita. Before you thrust yourself into the bold, creative stream of this season, take a moment to call up any lingering shadows, to clear any lingering haze. Walk boldly away from what’s no longer serving you. If you know where you stand when Leo shines its light on you, you’ll be able to offer your light in return.


The World | Pachamama

The World wants your gifts, wants to delight in what you have to offer. Follow your longing to reach out, to connect, to create. You desire wholeness and connection, but your tender ego sometimes pushes folks away. Give your inner child the love and affirmation they need. Meditate on yourself as a child of the Great Mother so you may create bonds with others that flow effortlessly and authentically. You want the world, and the world wants you, too—remember that.


Mint | Four of Cups

Ruled by the sun, Leo burns hot. You’re coming into the dog days and even though you drip with desire and inspiration, you’ll need refreshment to see you through. Temper your activity with receptivity. Take a mindful pause when you feel yourself overheating. There’s time enough to do what you have to do; you don’t always have to birth your creations furiously and myopically. Instead, let some gentle influence slip between the cracks and give you the perspective you need to balance your full, passionate heart. Trust in your vision and your willingness to see it through. Trust enough to breathe and drink in the splendor of it all.


[Tweet “#Aries, The World wants your gifts, wants to delight in what you have to offer. Follow your longing to reach out, to connect, to create. #tarotscopes by jessi_huntenburg”]


Jessi Huntenburg is the cardslinging witch behind Jessi Huntenburg Tarot, the WISE ONES Coven, and the forthcoming Spontaneous Phantasm podcast. Through her readings, sessions, and offerings, she helps folks heal their shadows and follow the sacred call of their deep inner knowing. Visit to learn more.




Thea’s Tarot by Ruth West
. Metonymy Press


“Do you remember when times were hard?

Oh so hard
Through it all
We’ve come so far (ha-ha ha-ha ooh)

So we gotta live it up

So we can just celebrate there’s no more pain
Raise your glass and feel no shame (ha-ha ha-ha ooh)

Oh so we gotta live it up”
– John Legend, Live It Up 



Taurus, your affirmation for this month is, “I have earned applause and allow myself to take break to bask in my creative genius.”

Dear Taurus, Leo season hopes to reward you for work well done. It’s up to you to notice pause to notice and take in the well-deserved praise. It’s up to you to seize this season to pause on working and get to playing and celebrating.

Your allies this month are the Three of Pentacles, The Star, and the Wand Mother (King of Wands equivalent).

Taurus, you’ve been working hard. The Three of Pentacles suggests that you’ve been pouring your energy, heart, soul, and body into building something from the ground up. You’ve been focused and intentional with your time, understanding that manifestation is a result of implementing your will, muscle, bone, problem solving, and resourcefulness. You may also have a better sense now of the team or collaborators that you can rely on – the ones that share your vision and support your process.

All that diligent and persistent work you’ve been doing promises to not only elevate your status, but to also restore your hope and faith in yourself, the industry you are in, or your place in your community. The Star is the ultimate symbol of faith in being guided by something greater than ourselves and it’s an invitation to shine despite any darkness that we’ve experienced. Any setbacks or turmoil you experienced, related to what you’ve been working on or towards, is behind you. You can look back and focus on the rubble or look up and see that there’s a beautiful design that comes after the storm. You are still whole. Your vision is still intact. You are as luminous as ever.

Leo season promises not only a restoration of your faith in yourself, but also an escalation of your passion and creative energy. The Wand Mother, the equivalent of the King of Wands, is on fire with creative expression. They can balance on one leg, has one foot in the fire, and appears to have four arms capable of juggling just about anything. This month, tap into the fiery bigness of Leo. Your earthy Taurus self knows how to be diligent, disciplined, cautious, responsible and perfectionistic. The Wand Mother is here to invite you to take some creative and expressive risks, to dare to multi-task, and allow for some spontaneity in your life. They wants you to know that you’ve earned the confidence you are feeling. Bask in your creative genius!


Taurus, let your creative spirit loose during Leo season. Trust that your hard work over the past weeks, months or years have laid a solid enough foundation for you to now take a breath and dance on the playground of creative possibilities. Grab a hoola hoop, a jump rope, pick up some paint brushes, take a dance class, skip, jump, twirl…let this season inspire you. And if you find yourself the recipient of applause and adoration for what you’ve manifested, take a bow and say “Thank you!” More applause!


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Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that brings the tarot to life through the oracle of the body. Each of us is a living archetype, in ArcanaDance, you access your own wisdom via the intelligence of your body. Jennifer’s goal is to support you in living a more self-aware and self-determined present and future. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she currently lives in Southern California. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Twitter: @EmbodiedTarot
Instagram: @tarotandmovewithjennifer




Astrological Oracle Cards. Weatherstone. Castelli. © Lo Scarabeo 2012.
The Nature-Speak Oracle. Andrews. Dragonhawk Publishing, 2006.
Tarot Mucha. Weatherstone. Massaglia. © Lo Scarabeo 2014.

Oracle Cards: Libra + Gardenia | Emotional Protection

Leo Season Overall: 4 of Swords
Way Forward: Knight of Pentacles reversed


Hello Gemini <3<3 It’s been a long year so far, but things are finally calming down for you — it’s been quite a road of finding new ways to function, of facing fears and enduring trials, all done knowing from some deep place of intuition that you were heading for greener, much happier pastures. Now here you are, close to the end of the summer, with an open heart and the strong sense that things really are getting better!

Indeed, the Universe is smiling on your efforts, protecting the path ahead of you as you take some much-needed downtime to soak up the remaining warmth of the sun and recollect your mind, your heart, and your soul. This is a time for embracing yourSelf, to know that it’s not time to push too much, not even really time to make plans — right now it’s all about rest, rest, rest, relaxation, recalibration. It can be hard to trust that doing absolutely nothing can bring you so much more than you could ever have imagined, but that is what’s aligning for you now — you’ve already put in such a concerted effort that now it’s time to sit back and allow things to unfold as they will <3<3

The time to hop back to it is coming, but at the moment it’s time to simply incubate. You are poised for a massive rebirth come Autumn, so take the meantime to fill your cup, to tend to your emotional sphere, and to continue to heal after all this year has thrown at you. Trust that things really are restabilizing, and the fruits of your previous labours will soon be dazzlingly apparent and ready for real celebration!


[Tweet “#gemini, The time to hop back to it is coming, but at the moment it’s time to simply incubate. #tarotscopes by @tarotscopemim”]

Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising daughter, a sunny little charmer of a Libra/Leo Rising son, and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore (Blind Forest Books) and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible. Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, Etsy page, and Instagram @tarotscopemim



Dust II Onyx Tarot by Courtney Alexander


Hey there, Cancer!

How are you doing after a very watery and eclipse-filled Cancer season?

The energy as we step into Leo season is considerably different. Are you ready?

The energy of the month ahead is full of movement. It is high-energy, driven and action-oriented. Young Staff is suggesting that after the inwardness of your Cancer season, now is the time to gather our energy like a wind-up doll and take a leap forward. Or maybe, for you, it will just be a baby step. Either way, the time to do it is now while we have the updraft of Young Staff to help carry us there. Take a leap towards that which stokes your inner fire, even if you don’t know exactly how it is going to work out. Sometimes we can make the most beautiful things happen when we release ourselves from the restraints of fear and just do. the. thing. Now Cancer, this doesn’t mean that you do so with recklessness or impulsiveness. There are, of course, consequences to every action. So, Intention is important here too, but ride this upward-moving energy towards what you want and trust that all of your goals are very much within reach this season.

This month, you are being asked to release the fear of uncertainty that keeps you stuck in old habits and keeps old wounds unhealed. In order to step into the transformation that Young Staff is bringing to you, you must release the limitations that you have internalized. Your task is to get out of your head and out of your own way so that you can step into the fullness of yourself. This month, how can you loosen the grip that that negative self-talk and those old and harmful beliefs have on you?

Young Gourd has part of the answer to that question. This won’t be a foreign concept to you, Cancer, but you are being invited to listen to you heart. The emotional landscape of Leo season might be, shall we say, dynamic. But you’ve just gotta roll with it. Let it ebb and flow without getting too attached. Without spiralling. Find the things, activities and people that spark joy for you and let that be your guide through Leo Season. Listen to your intuition rather than intellectualizing every little thing and trust that with that will come the ease you’re searching for.


[Tweet “#Cancer, Your task is to get out of your head and out of your own way so that you can step into the fullness of yourself. #tarotscopes by slowhandstarot“]

Steph SlowHands is a double Scorpio bi Black femme from the future. She has been working with the Tarot for 15 years. She is also a scholar, a poet and a professor. She likes sci-fi, critical theory, making zines and working from bed. Find her doing tarot things on Instagram @SlowHands_Tarot.



The Fountain Tarot, created in in 2014 by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl & Andi Torado


Happy birthday, Leo! Your season is connected to the archetype of Strength, a card of deep inner wisdom, trusting our own experience, and knowing when to unleash our wildness. After moving through watery, emotional Cancer season, you may be extra ready to dig into your fire, strut your stuff, and show off the work you’ve been doing this year. And you should! But Strength isn’t just about discovering inner power – it’s also about knowing when to act and when to be patient. You can be known for your impulsiveness, Leo, your desire for adventure and attention sometimes leading you into challenging situations or sudden conflicts. Strength is deeply capable, powerfully fierce, but isn’t afraid to bide its time, waiting for the perfect moment to act. Sometimes our true strength is revealed in our ability to be patient, to be kind, to tap into our inner wisdom and magic and let our wildness be restrained rather than displayed. And as we move into Leo season, a time of eclipses and transformation, passion and brilliance, you may find that sitting in stillness and reflecting on your current circumstances before acting will help you navigate all that is to come.

Your card for this season is The Tower, an archetype of sudden shifts, unexpected changes, and rapid transformation. Leo likes control and independence, and while you are someone that is fiercely confident and knows your own strength, these kinds of quick changes and foundation-rattling chaos are enough to trip anyone up. Be gentle with yourself as you undergo these powerful transitions, remembering that these shifts are absolutely necessary, that whatever is breaking has needed to be broken and rebuilt in order for you to continue growing. Resist the urge to power through challenges, and instead move slowly through these strong emotions, acknowledging any losses and relying on support from your friends and community.

Two clarification cards offer additional insight on your emotional state during this time of transformation, as well as providing advice on how to move through it. The three of swords reveals that some of this transition may be due to unexpected truths being revealed, with new information creating pain and chaos. You may experience some feelings of hurt and betrayal, but will also find ways to create boundaries to help protect yourself in the future, growing stronger after some of the sting has faded. The queen of wands indicates that you’ll be able to use this time of transition to manifest creativity, inspiration, and passion, moving with confidence and purpose into new projects and maximizing your output on old ones. Let this experience help you tap into your own strength and magic, harnessing your natural fire in unexpected and powerful ways.

While this season ahead may bring some intense challenges, you will come out the other side transformed, able to utilize your brilliance and natural leadership abilities in ways you never thought possible. Have a beautiful Leo season!



[Tweet “#LeoWhile this season ahead brings intense challenges, you will come out the other side transformed, able to inspire and utilize your brilliance in ways you never thought possible. #tarotscopes by @megjoneswall”]


Meg Jones Wall is a queer tarot reader, writer, and photographer located in NYC, though she is constantly traveling and currently staying in California. You can find her tarotscopes on Autostraddle and her daily writing, tarot studies, and community readings at and on Instagram @3amtarot.




The Numinous Tarot, self-pub Noel Arthur Heimpel, 2018,


Dear Virgo, you’re known for being the buttoned-up, stuffy one of the zodiac, but the truth is that you’re just as full of passion as any Leo—it just manifests differently. We come into this fiery season as the Nine of Tomes, self-sufficient and standing tall amid the beautiful library of knowledge, skill, and resources we’ve built for ourselves. This card looks like a quiet moment, but the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get where you are now were anything but.

Have you considered how amazing that is? How amazing you are? It’s easy to move the goalposts and say, “Well, I did that! It must not have been that hard!” once we’re at the end, and then skip the celebration. Don’t! The Lovers and The Visionary are here to remind you that acknowledging our passion and its value (both for ourselves and others) is important. The Visionary is you, leading the way with your creativity and drive, painting a picture straight from the soul for everyone to see. The Lovers are your audience, your community, hanging on your every word and waiting for that new album to drop. You may feel otherwise, but there are people who really believe in you.

Temperance comes in at the end to remind us that there is alchemy at hand. Stand tall in your own vision, but don’t forget others are watching. You aren’t doing this work alone, however self-sufficient we might feel. Recognize those who support and care for you. Swirl their vision in with your own. Taking time for gratitude gives us a moment to breathe, a space to heal, after working our asses off over every little detail—after all, the details are where your magic thrives.

Questions to ask yourself: How can I celebrate myself and my hard work? Who are the people that love and support my vision? How can we work together to create something new?



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Noel is a queer, nonbinary Tarot reader, illustrator, and author who seeks to build an affirming and mystical space for similar souls around the world. Noel is the creator of the Numinous Tarot, a gender-neutral, intersectional deck ready to help you explore the furthest reaches of yourself. Compassion, community, and recovery from trauma and oppression are the core elements of all Noel’s work, which you can see on their website (




Ophidia Rosa Tarot by Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive 2017


3 of Wands, 6 of Pentacles, 5 of Swords, 7 of swords and 8 of Swords

Lovely Libra:

You can’t balance the court of public opinion… simply not your job. However, try as you might, you will find that the only truth peddled in this scenario is what karma sends you in the form of taxed nerves and exhaustion. You have come to a point in life where you have to be willing to hold yourself accountable for the role you have played in creating the “cage” in which you feel so trapped. And while it may be guided and comfortable, make no mistake – it is your captor. What am I squawking about, you ask? Over the next few years you will have to reorient your self to your world at large, and reacquaint them with a newer, updated model of yourself… or you may already be in the process of doing so given all that is currently happening astrologically. However, you past need(s) for being front and center as a main focal point for others (be it related to career, intimate relationships, publicly…blah, blah) is wearing you down and eroding aspects of your self-esteem and self-image. The fix: take time to yourself and be unapologetic in your solitude as you reconstruct a healthier upgrade of self and quality of life. You’re not turning your back on anyone, you merely facing yourself for once and it’s MCUH overdue. Take inventory of how you feel as you process your journey, BE HONEST with how your are feeling and most importantly BE HUMAN!!! Your mind is beautiful, but don’t allow it to control you with it’s need to quantify and rationalize. Respect what you don’t know, grow and expand what you do know and own the beauty in your personal imperfections. The outside world will ALWAYS be there with their flashing lights expecting you to be their version of camera ready, the question is this: When the dust settles are you prepared to stand in your truth versus succumbing to their unhealthy reality? In order to stand strong and in peace, your perception of “beauty” and “quality” are in need of an overhaul. And please, always remember that you are both concepts without trying!



[Tweet “#Libras, You can’t balance the court of public opinion… simply not your job. In order to stand strong and in peace, your perception of “beauty” and “quality” are in need of an overhaul. #tarotscopes by @choseneyes9”]


ChosenEyes is a teacher, creator, and truth-teller. Organizing and executing such courses as Magikal Ethics, and Learning Tarot for Beginners. Along with her passions in teaching, ChosenEyes completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine with research interests in burn rehabilitation, because “The healing process is NEVER pretty, but it is always BEAUTIFUL.” ChosenEyes works diligently to transcend the negative stereotypes surrounding black witches in the mainstream media, and society at large, by speaking openly about her gifts, sharing her powers with those who seek answers, and inspiring other young women to pursue their passions unapologetically.
 @choseneyes9 at IG and Twitter

photo: @tierra.dennae




Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads 2017


In this card pull, Scorpios share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Scorpio, those born at the first decan or the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme. Don’t know what decan you are? Here’s a decan calculator.


Leo Season Theme | The Chariot



Your theme for Leo season is The Chariot; that’s like saying it’s integrating Cancer season since The Chariot is associated with the sign of Cancer. Note the theme of shelter in this card. We can almost hear the sound of raindrops on the hard shell of the classic car in this image; raindrops like so many emotions.


The light in the image is generated by the headlights of the vehicle and reflected off of this bird like some kind of figurehead, a living breathing symbol of hope or guidance. You are the bird. What is carrying you forward, Scorpios? Or, conversely, you are in the car, inside the protective shell, who are you following? Either way, what is sheltering you?


We’ll hear a lot of talk for Leo season about charging, commanding the space and craving and carving the spectacle. And while you hold your own well enough when it’s time to show up and out, maybe you aren’t here for it right now. Maybe this first card is showing us that you are craving more stability even as change continues to pop up and unsettle you. Let’s explore how this theme of shelter shows up for each decan in the season ahead.


First decan Scorpio fam, the Seven of Chalices betrays your need for distraction to feel secure this season. You’ve always  had a thing for thrilling storylines even if it meant a bit of drama, let’s be honest. You crave the art, the romance, the poetry of life even if it shows up as destruction, as long as it stays interesting.


To feel sheltered you may lose yourself in the weeds of these storylines. Watch for self-sabotage, a tendency to conveniently be overwhelmed or confused when you need to focus. Instead of indulging a victim story, water your need for intrigue in the most empowered ways.


Second decan Scorpio, the Seven of Pentacles shows your need, this month, to toil to feel secure. You’ve been working long enough on a project to start to doubt. Could I really complete this/break free of this cycle? Did I really earn this? Do I deserve this? You embark, this season, in a search for proof that it’s ok for change and are in the last throes of a quest for worthiness.


Watch for undervaluing yourself and overworking. It might not be obvious. It’ll feel like proving how awesome you are and affirming your obvious value. Do they really need proof? Know that it is perfectly ok to strive for stability in life and to make sacrifices for it and also that you are worthy of stability without compromising your health or your selfcare.


Third decan Scorpio friends, this Ace of Swords informs us of your need for innovation to feel secure. You’ve never been one to tolerate boredom and you won’t start now. You’ve probably already been motivated to start something, you’ve heard a call of sorts and now circumstances are asking you to map this new thing so that it can become real.


Trust in your ability to create what you want, need, and what excites you and get started. Tap into the power associated with beginning-a-thing.


Scorpio, more important than guarding yourself with others is your ability to maintain your own boundaries and create shelter for yourself.


[Tweet “#Scorpio, What is sheltering you? More important than guarding yourself with others is your ability to maintain your own boundaries and create shelter for yourself. #tarotscopes by @siobhansmirror”]


Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.




Next World Tarot © 2017


Leo season is a declaration: a celebration of who you are, in all of your glory. It’s good for getting in touch with those parts of yourself that you normally hide and celebrating them. It’s great for deep self-care and self-love. But for you, Sagittarius, this season is a bit rough. You are being tested – will you commit to standing your ground? Or will you scatter to the wind and find another cause to champion?

The 7 of Swords shows up in your past/mind position. You are remembering a time when you needed to escape, you are feeling the call to freedom that cutting ties can bring you. You are feeling stubborn, and all of this Leo energy is helping you to see the value in your way of doing things. But the 7 of Swords can also be about burning bridges while you break free. In your stubbornness this season, check to make sure that you’re learning from the past as you make these decisions. You have learned how to evade disaster, but you need to think critically before you act. I also see in this card an evasion – in the dangerous times we live in, you may need to literally evade your oppressors. Give yourself time and space to feel that freedom so that you can continue to make your vision manifest in this world.

The 7 of Wands shows up in the body/present position. Protect your vision, protect yourself. You know that you could be a leader, but you also know that with that comes the challenge of sticking with it against the odds. There is an oppressive state all around us right now. Despite the fight we put up, it seems to be gathering its resources and digging in. You must do the same – match that energy by building your own community. The body is sensual, lived experience, here and now. You will need to practice mindfulness so that you don’t stray from your vision and experience. This card also represents a choice: Sometimes, you need to give. But most of the time, what we really need is courage. Surround yourself with people who build you up. 

Finally, The World shows up in the soul/future position. You are here for a reason. You are working on this particular project for a reason, you are manifesting a better world, a better future. You are also putting in the work – deep in the process. It will be a while before you get to the end of this fight. Which emphasizes the need to build your resources now, as the last two cards have suggested. Don’t lose sight of the final vision: It is vitally critical that you keep fighting. I will also say that this card means you need to also take time to shower love on your people. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love you, and you have so much love to share.


[Tweet “#Sagittarius, you are being tested – will you commit to standing your ground? Or will you scatter to the wind and find another cause to champion? #tarotscopes by @northlightwitch””]


Abbie (she/her/hers) has been a practicing witch for almost 15 years, and has been studying and reading tarot for 12. She finds solace in story, and loves to connect one on one with clients. Abbie sees tarot and witchcraft as a way to make our lives better, to bring justice to the every day. She uses magical tools as a way to help people reach within themselves to find a new, beautiful way of being.

Abbie provides tarot readings and sells spell kits at her shop:

To connect with Abbie, follow her on Instagram @northern.lights.witch, Twitter (@northlightwitch) and check out her website




El Goliath Tarot Deck



The tidal wave looms, Cap. Its gravitational pull is one you have felt coming for a long time now and you cannot will it away. The surf that once carried you is being slowly pulled back in time and space, dragging the sands beneath your feet with it. Everything is shifting and there ain’t shit you can do about it.

As the tide is pulled away to reveal the ocean bottom, tentacles burst through the sands one by one, each one holds a different dream, idea, belief that you have held dear. Your pasts, your presents, your futures writhe around you threatening to permeate. What is real? What have you imagined? Was it all an illusion? IS ANYTHING REAL? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP??!!??

Suddenly all is silent, held. Your cry seems to echo through the cosmos. The whole thing has come to a stillpoint. You slowly look around, shaking, heart rate steadying, waiting for what comes next. Then, a deep rumble, more felt than heard, a gravity ripple that has been coursing through space from a collision of objects billions of years ago, is just now hitting the sands you stand on. And, like an answer to prayer, the wave that has been building behind you finally crashes. Destroying, cleansing, outpouring. The great flood.

The Moon and its gravitational pull is larger than you, than all of us. You are too slow-and-steady to escape these waters, Earth angel. Surrender to its power and it will show you your own.


[Tweet “#CapricornThe Moon and its gravitational pull is larger than you, than all of us. You are too slow-and-steady to escape these waters, Earth angel. #tarotscopes by unseenhandshealing”]

Amanda Holston is a queer healing artist, teacher, and storyteller living and working and loving in Philadelphia. A life of doing body & energy work, facilitating workshop experiences, teaching university, & making theatre all continue to shape how she shares the stories in the cards. Unseen Hands Healing is the space (on YouTube & Patreon) she holds for insight, clarity and messages for your spirit. Join her and a community of folks on a deeply personal (and collective) quest for sentience through card divination, signs, symbols, & dreams.





Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle. Hall. Watkins Publishing, 2016.
The Fountain Tarot. Saiz., Gruhl, Todaro. Roost Books, 2017.
Keepers of the Light Oracle. Gray. Moses. Hay House, 2016.



Oracle Cards: Cernunnos | Life-force + 7. Carnelian | Creativity

Energy surrounding Leo Season: 3 of Swords reversed
The way forward: 5 of Wands reversed


Happy Leo Season, Aquarius! This month the transiting Sun opposes your natal Sun, making it a time of striving to find balance and “tightening your strings,” getting ready to push what you’ve devoted the first part of the year to bringing forward. You are in the midst of an incredible creative moment, and the ways you’ve been choosing to ground yourself have got your energy levels increasing, finding you in very cool control of the trajectory things are about to take.

Indeed, you’ve been committing your focus to finally unpacking all the past pain that for a long time, it was more comfortable to ignore — things have reached an integral tipping-point and you can no longer ignore where bandaids need to be ripped off so the real healing process can begin. A large part of this is admitting where the actual causes of some of that strife still remain in your life — your present challenge is realizing into joy, and allowing your more combative responses to stay at rest. You don’t want to fight! And things really can be so much easier — you’re learning to make decisions from the heart alongside your logical mind, opening yourself to the gentle, loving connections that have become so beautifully possible.

You are ready to spring forward with something in a big way! It may feel like you’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, taking the time you needed to feel your way through the fog, sorting out why it was so difficult to focus your mind and harness your passionate energy. You’ve had a breakthrough and can clearly see where your hard-work energy is needed now — and you are so, so ready to step into a new level of structure now that you are embracing that softer, squishier, more heart-centered side of yourself that until now felt too vulnerable to share. Now you know that that’s what others need from you, and you are ready to spread the love <3<3



[Tweet “#Aquarius, Regardless of where you are, find the light in your life and bask in its glory. #tarotscopes by @tarotscopemim”]

Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising daughter, a sunny little charmer of a Libra/Leo Rising son, and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore (Blind Forest Books) and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible. Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, Etsy page, and Instagram @tarotscopemim




Dodali Tarot (c. 1700). Limited edition. Restored by Sullivan Hismans. Published by:


Overview: Eight of Cups

Grab your date or BFF and dive into a busy month of social events, whether it be networking or relaxing with friends. Introverted Pisceans will find that parties don’t seem so daunting with a plus-one. This is a month where relationships are made stronger by engaging with community.

Love & Relationships: Ace of Swords
Advice: Hanged Man

It’s breakthrough time! A great time to clear the air, speak your mind, and move forward with clear communication. Cut through patterns and cycles that you’ve outgrown. Legal matters pertaining to relationships are favoured, from family matters to joint investments. The Hanged Man reminds us of the importance of seeing things from the other person’s perspective. Don’t get so carried away by the zeal of getting stuff done that you move too fast. Sow the seeds of intention, then let them grow at their own pace.

Life-Path & Career: Three of Wands
Advice: The Fool

A great month for collaborative projects and new ventures that may veer off the beaten path. Think brainstorming, working across disciplines, and unlikely but energizing combinations of skills and approaches. The Fool reminds us of the value of beginner’s mind. True creativity means taking risks; knowing when to let go of the familiar and try something new.

Health and Finances: Seven of Cups
Advice: Ace of Cups

In our quest for security and abundance, we sometimes forget that earthly gain isn’t an end in itself, but the means. Our corporeal life supports our spiritual prosperity. This month, take some time to focus on gratitude for what you already have, and for the things in your life that you can count on. By practising gratitude, we allow that which supports us to become amplified and nurture us ever more deeply.



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