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The Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road Published 2017


Nine of Pentacles + The Sun + Five of Swords


Gorgeous, fiery Aries. There is such potent energy lining up for you this Taurus season. Earth, fire, and air are combining to create a steady + supportive ball of energy to help you stay centered.
The Nine of Pentacles is bringing in all that good shit you’ve been handling, you’ve been building. Let it be the base to support your will.


Speaking of that good shit, remember that YOU DID THAT. You are sitting surrounded by the sweat and soil that you have been been toiling away at. Aries folk, you had a hell of a season. A truly remarkable shift that is evident by the space you are in now. Do you feel that freedom, that energy that is ready to be grounded and grown? That’s what you’re bringing with you to Taurus season.
And let’s talk about how The Sun is bringing with them a mega boost of fire and power. Let it be the catalyst that sparks the roaring flames.


Creeping closer to the midst of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), The Sun is waking up earlier and earlier and there is more daylight to energize and restore you. The Sun loves to remind everyone that they are the center of the Universe. And they’re not wrong! So make sure you are tending the fire that they are bringing. Make sure you are allowing things to burn that need to burn and allowing things to grow that need to grow.


The Five of Swords is bringing a resilence and a reminder that survival is in your DNA. Let it be the wind on your tired face and the oxygen to stoke the fire.


You didn’t come to all this good shit lightly or without wounds. As the Warrior, you know more than anyone the blood and sweat you have to put in to have soverignty. Here is a space for you to remember that survival is key AND it’s what we do on the other side of survival that matters as well. You’re survived, you’re here and your growing. Yes, now you are being reminded that survival mode is one thing and resilience mode another and growing is another all together. You’ve got this.
Your empire (or beginnings of), your will power, and your resilience are the guiding forces for you, fierce Aries. Let this season test you and stretch you and may you find your way to self over and over again.


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Ashley Story is a queer femme, moon witch, writer, and virtual assistant. Reading tarot, staring at the moon, and taking baths are her favorite form of magic. Currently, you can find her on Instagram and her monthly-ish newsletter.





The Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road Published 2017



Dearest Taurus, it’s your season! You hold within you the wisdom of patience and dependability. You are so deliberate about how you move in this world that some may call you slow, but your perseverance and quiet dignity are key. This season brings you a lot of swords which means that are desperately seeking the truth.


First question: what is the most important thing for you right now?


The seven of swords teaches you the importance of independence. You have read the manual, the instructions, and yet, know that there is a better way. This season you are liberating yourself from illogical traditions that would bind you. My Taurean friends often get a bad rap for sticking with tradition. It’s not tradition that you seek: it’s wisdom. Sometimes that wisdom comes from a connection to ancestors and traditional ways of being, but sometimes that wisdom and stubbornness are better suited to a new way of working in the world. This season you are finally breaking free what has held you back. You’ve been tested, and you have survived.


Second question: what resources can you redistribute?


The five of swords represents loss, grief, and regrowth. The five of swords is survival after an attack. There are many betrayals and our families and communities right now. But learning how to stand strong in your ideals and yourself is a resource that will take you so far. You have a determination about you that is inspiring to others. The thing that you most need to communicate the season is how to maintain stability and the chaotic world that we live in. These are survival tactics that you can teach others in your radical communities. There is also an intense individuality to your reading the seats in Taurus. You have learned to grow flowers from stone – now it’s your turn to teach others to sow unexpected seeds.


Third question: what actions must you take?


The page of swords speaks and stands up for their truth. They are unafraid of any community fallout, and rather than shrinking from the microphone they take it into their own hands. It is essential that you communicate your, values your ethics, that you set aside any fear of the instability that this communication might bring up in you. The page of swords is an invitation to embody your values, not just through your words but through your actions. You are incredibly dependable; you are steadfast in your beliefs and your values. The community can learn a lot from you at this time. You are a stone in the river. You see and feel a change in chaos all around you, yet you can keep your deepest values at the center of your actions.



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Abbie (she/her/hers) has been a practicing witch for almost 15 years, and has been studying and reading tarot for 12. She finds solace in story, and loves to connect one on one with clients. Abbie sees tarot and witchcraft as a way to make our lives better, to bring justice to the every day. She uses magical tools as a way to help people reach within themselves to find a new, beautiful way of being.

Abbie provides tarot readings and sells spell kits at her shop:

To connect with Abbie, follow her on Instagram @northern.lights.witch, Twitter (@northlightwitch) and check out her website



The Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley

What is it you dream of, Gemini?  What is the call of your soul?  For Gemini, Taurus season is the season of the Soul.  It is the time when Gemini gets to step out of the mental realm a bit, ground their thoughts and sink into the fertile, sensual fields of infinite possibility.  With the Sun in Taurus moving through your 12th house, Gemini, you get to viscerally experience the release of old flights of fancy and the habits attached to them that no longer serve you and renew your sense of dedication to the value of your dreams, the call of your soul, and what it takes to manifest them before being “born again” into another year when Gemini season begins.  This Taurus season finds you undergoing a transformation of both mind and spirit that will help you focus your energies and align your mind and your actions to help you begin the process of creating all that you desire over the next year.


The Princess of Wands is your guide in using your physical energy appropriately and not allowing yourself to scatter it as your mind fluctuates.  Use the energy of the Sun in Taurus in your 12th house to ground this fiery energy and take concerted intentional action to both rest and move your body, with intention and intuition.


The Prince of Swords is your guide through your mental realms, Gemini and very much resembles your own energy.  This month the Prince of Swords is guiding you on a journey of the transformation of your thought processes that asks you to hone in on exactly what it is that you want to call into your life and let any chatter in your mind that doesn’t align with what you’re tying to achieve, go.  Use the energy of the Sun moving through your Taurian 12th house of dreams and the unconscious to help you ground your many, many thoughts into real tangible action that has the potential to manifest as something you’ve been wanting to build or draw into your life.


The energies of the Soul this month are represented by the 5 of Swords.  The connection between your soul and your mental body is getting an overhaul. With the Sun moving through your 12th house of dreams and intuition,  there may be something you’re dreaming of and the only way to make that dream come true is to shift some aspect of your thinking to allow more intuition and focus to come in and balance your mental energy.  Prepare to open yourself in a new way to your intuition.


The energies of Spirit are represented by Death.  There is a transformation that you are undergoing and as your Soul reconnects with your mental body through the 5 of Swords, the Spirit is given more room to move and grow.  This growth is a transformation that is reflected in the new spark of energy moving through your body.  You can feel it, but the process is still not complete.  It will be important to listen to your body to help facilitate the process.  There is a new way of creating, interacting and moving in the world coming into being… be patient with and trust your process.

Much love this month, Gemini!


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Quavin Johnson is an intuitive bodyworker, astrologer and tarot reader based in Philadelphia. Her soul centered bodywork, astrological and tarot interpretations focus on the evolutionary journey of each soul through the physical, helping facilitate alignment with what is highest within and creating space for our own unique expression of healing, movement and flow with the fire of life. She is also the creator and host of “Elements + Alchemy, The Podcast”, a foray into the lunar, astrological and tarot influences of each week. To learn more about Quavin and her work, please visit or connect on Instagram @elementsandalchemy.

Instagram: @elementsandalchemy



The Interrobang Tarot Deck by Evvie Marin. Coming soon Spring 2019!


Dear Cancer,

The cards didn’t pull any punches for us, but don’t fret. There’s gold here!


The Reversed Knight of Swords (Gemini) is the treacherous wordsmith—anarchic wit ungrounded by loyalty and logical rigor. Without discernment, they flit betwixt shiny ideas, argue with dizzying dexterity, persuade themselves of their distortions, and oversell their wisdom and importance. They’re charismatic, cunning, unpredictable, and dangerous. Today, we cross them with Justice, at best the archetype of balance, correction, collective accountability, and reparation, though worldly justice systems irregularly uphold their namesake’s virtues.


This season’s weather invites us to scan for this dynamic in every layer of our lives. The Reversed Knight of Swords clashes hard with Cancer’s core values of nurturing, loyalty, history, and support. That doesn’t make us immune to the trickier Gemini habits within ourselves. Sometimes what gets under our skin becomes us. We may disproportionately attract these patterns from others, in our readiness to engage, believe, and be charmed. Justice invites us to hold stronger boundaries, and set reciprocity, balance, and decency as mandatory priorities. Are you giving back for what you take? Are you requiring mutuality, and receiving for what you give? Do you measure communications against fact and reason? Have you been feeding the trolls?


Beware the reversed Ten of Swords impulse to inflate fear. This process is painful, but you’re tough. The other side of over feels so good! See the swords in your back like so many porcupine quills. Let them fall easily from your skin. You grew them and carried them so long. They’re ready to drop. Feel soft pops and tingles, and cool air on your back as they shed.


Make the most of this difficult work by extending the analysis to the reversed Hierophant’s domain. Inventory those aspects of tradition which no longer serve. How have the academies and institutions in your life fed your Knights of Swords and hindered Justice? Expired tradition is the hungry predator’s maw to block with the dagger-quills you shed. Hold to the sadder-but-wiser truths you’ve earned! Questioning and editing tradition may feel like a loss, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to innovate and make better. Become a Cancerian mother to nascent culture. Build traditions and poetry of your own.


Take comfort in the season itself. Taurean values so compliment our own. Take breaks from the difficult work to enjoy art, craft, music, nature, good food, good friends, the consolation of fresh life, the song of birds, and the promise from underground and on the air that summer will come. Have heart, and have fun, even when the season calls for digging in the dirt!


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Evvie Marin (they/them/she/her) is an author, illustrator, and tarot nerd from Massachusetts. Cancer sun and moon, Leo rising. They’ve been noodling around with both tarot and art for over eighteen years. Evvie’s reading style draws equally on intuition, artistry, and creative storytelling, with influence from life experience as a queer spoonie. Evvie teaches solo tarot for creative misfits at and dishes on creative philosophy, technique, and nurturing art tips on their art blog at Keep in touch and say hi on Instagram @evviemarin and @interrobangtarot. et.



Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, U.S. Games Systems, 2003.


Oh my beloved, kindness of the heart. Breath of life. I bow to you…”
Lyrics from Ong Namo, by Snatam Kaur.


Leo this season, a primary concern is abundance. There is a sense that you are not sitting fully in the quality of the Empress:  the Empress is very much about fecundity, about overflowing. Their gifts are so ample; they are so rich that they can share. The challenge this month is to really take your seat and embody this inner empress within your being.


Expand your horizons see the world around you with fresh eyes.  You’ve been thinking too small. For a lion that can only feel like a cage. Life is pushing you to take a much more expansive view of your options- opportunities are spread out in front of you.


This requires you to narrow your focus, and it appears that you do;   your endless creativity, your cauldron of ideas it’s now time to pick one.  Pick a cup and bring it forward says the Seven of Cups. The Distant Thunder oracle card says “you must let go of people and things,” that are holding you back.  Take an honest inventory of your life, your surroundings, your circle. What have you allowed to limit you? Release and purify, let go all that does not serve the highest vibration in your life now. This may seem chaotic, as change swirls around.  But just like a thunderstorm, the air is fresh and clear once the process is complete.


The Knight of Cups interpret as you will….I see you succeed in this process beloved; there are many aspects to this card choose with your inner wisdom.  But because of the previous card I link this Knight to movement and creative outpouring whether via words, song, dance, or paint; you tap into the right direction to pour out your creative soul.


The challenge Leo as the Joy and Delight card was reversed; it’s for you to open your heart to Joy. It doesn’t have to be work to express your creative gifts.  Do what gives you joy. That Joy moving through you, embodied in your laughter is what will allow this outpouring of the Knight of Cups.  And is what will attract that Knight of Cups energy into your life.


Do not focus solely on the destination Leo- on the target. Enjoy the actual journey.  Enjoy the galloping, the views as you ride into your creative future. This knight has the quality of sharing, share your gifts joyfully.  Follow the path of pleasure and joy, and you will arrive.



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Kala (Vivinne Williams) (she/her) is a mystic, healer and Creative.  Jamaican born, Bronx raised, now citizen of the planet. A former art professor, she got burnt out in academia.  After recovering from stress induced depression and PTSD she works primarily coaching women (virtually) on meditation, spiritual & self-care practices.  Her readings aim at Soul Restoration- gracefully uncovering what blocks you from the life of your dreams. She has a popular Youtube channel and podcast. But the best way to find all her offerings & current social is on her website:




Original Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot – US Games


This Taurus season brings with it the potential for an epic reset to fundamental aspects of how you live your days. You want to get it all done. You need to nourish yourself. Striking a balance here will be the challenge or the bliss of your life during this period.


Sometime in the past – possibly a long time ago – you created your strategies regarding your sense of both productivity and pleasure. How much of your worth is defined by what you accomplish and how much joy you are granted just for existing? The ones closest to you then most likely helped shape your expectations in this regard. Whoever you had around provided the reference to what life as a human being in this world looked like.


Now is the time to take a good look at how the patterns created then have served you. Which narratives of productivity and pleasure are you enacting? How much work is enough? How do you replenish yourself? How often do you check in with yourself as you manifest your skills? What is not working for you in this area and why?


The process of figuring it out can be messy, but it will certainly be worth it. You now have the rare ability to meticulously discern and make the cut between what you want to keep and what you are ready to let go of. Depending on how these patterns have been shaped in your particular journey, this can be a period of smooth sailing or of hitting a solid wall. The message will most likely not be subtle.


This season will require an honest commitment to your truth. You really won’t need to look too hard to find it. We sometimes need to meet an unmistakable limit to be able to create the change that we crave.


Stepping into your potential to live a life both rewarding and joyful can cause a few glasses to break in the process. You have powerful tools in your hands. There might be an urge to establish firm boundaries for yourself or others right now. Don’t worry too much about the discomfort this may cause, as it will be only temporary. 

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Luiza Moraes is a queer artist working in the intersection of movement, image, healing and feminism. Originally from Brazil, she is currently based in Europe. She is a gentle but sharp Scorpio, obsessed with deepening any conversation. She’s a dedicated teacher who believes it to be an honor to support students in their processes.

She teaches regular contemporary dance and Feldenkrais classes, as well as a number of workshops connecting performance to life, self-care, the creative process and the Tarot. The Tarot has been an important tool in her practice, and has been incorporated in her artistic work in many different ways.

IG: @pava.lou



Wild Unknown Kim Krans, 2016


Hey Libra, the theme for you during Taurus season is to go inwards and release. The work you do this month is undoubtedly going to have a lasting effect, so it’s time to tap back into your intuition and listen.


We start with the 3 of Pentacles, serving as a reminder of your work ethic. You can conquer that mountain you see in this card, remember all of your determination and fortitude. You are strong Libra, in ways you may have forgotten or never imagined. Find your inner fire and tend it, what makes it awaken and roar?


Turning even further inward, The Hermit is beckoning to us, and the message here is clear. Everything you need to know already lies within you. Let me repeat that. Everything you need to know already lies within you. You might think I’m crazy for saying this, but it is the rock solid truth. The Hermit serves as a reminder of this wisdom. You are your own greatest teacher. Go deep within, listen to your heart. What does it tell you? What does it need? Remember your power; remember the wisdom that lies within you, remember who you are.


And to fully accept our power and knowledge, we have to release our self-limiting beliefs which is what the 8 of Swords asks us to do. When doing internal work, we often meet our demons and spiral into old patterns and beliefs. Your ultimate goal at this time should be to let go of patterns/thoughts/beliefs that don’t serve you. This type of work is never easy, and don’t expect it to happen overnight. Dismantling self-imposed beliefs is a lifetime of work, but now is the time to begin. When you feel lost and alone, remember the butterfly shown on this card. It will hatch from its chrysalis at precisely the right time into the beautiful butterfly it is supposed to be, and so will you


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Kyra Jacques-Grundy is the creatrix of Nox Tarot, offering tarot readings for people all over the world. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she currently lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband and their dog. After being a professional dancer and dipping her feet in the corporate world, reading tarot is what fills her soul. Kyra is currently studying under John Matthews to be a Celtic Shaman. She can often be found reading in the bath, gazing at the moon, or journeying through the Otherworld.

Instagram: @noxtarot
Facebook: Nox Tarot
Twitter: @noxtarot



Shall I see you tonight, sister, bathed in magic greet?
Shall we meet on the hilltop where the two roads meet?
We will form the circle, hold our hands and chant
Let the great one know what it is we want.
Witches Song, Negative Capability (2018) Marianne Faithfull


There is a cosmic umbrella under which you, perhaps more than most, take the deepest refuge. It is infinite: from the vast heavenly host of space bodies to the fundamental interactions of subatomic particles (or are they more like waves?). You are attuned there. You find your comfort there.


This Taurus Season, the 3 of Cups invites you up for air, the subterranean loner. Surface and commune with your people. Not just any people…your people. The few, very few, you trust with your innards. With the 3 Swords stuck in your heart, you may be feeling quite raw at this time. Your instinct could be to retreat, to deal with your feelings in private decency. Aloneness is basic to us, yes, but so is connection. It’s time to deal differently…


There is such power here with the Knight of Wands and the 2 of Wands. It may seem like the bleeding heart might hold you back from the full potential of this fire. And it might if you miss the subtler power to harness here (which you rarely do, dear detective). When your heart is wounded, it is tempting for you to blaze fire and burn it all. Instead of letting the flames lick your wounds again, try another way. That wounded heart is pierced, and emotions are flowing, and there is massive power in that movement if you don’t cauterize it too soon. Dare to express how you feel out in the world. Gather your dearest trusted together to create a safe container for you to do release your feelings out of your body. Vent, cry and, above all, breathe together. Let yourself bleed before the ones who can hold it. Trust them to hold you with lasting integrity.


Because, truly, the Knight and the 2 of Wands are raring to go. They are ready to move the hell on from this BS and step into full-flaming Scorpio Phoenix Power towards what you really want. But they will only be able to do this once the floodgates of your emotions break the seal. Once the waters can flow to clear, then you can use that fire to blaze a new trail for yourself.


There is no stronger structure than the triangle. When force is applied, all other polygons lose the integrity of their shape. Trust in this inherent strength that nature offers you through others. Let a sacred space be held; let your feelings flow, watch the magic work.


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Amanda Holston is an educator, healer, & artist based in Philadelphia. Amanda teaches emotional intelligence & communication skills using play-based experiencing to deepen people’s connection with themselves and others. Amanda also offers healing art in the form of Shiatsu bodywork and intuitive Tarot insight. Her background as a theatre artist is the heartbeat of her work. Visit @proudmandible on Instagram and for more.




Circo Tarot. 2016 Marisa de la Peña


It’s Taurus season, my Sagittarius friends! After homing in on your goals during the Aries season, you may find your attention wavering. Picture yourself running a marathon, but at every turn, there’s a beautiful lounge filled with luxury chairs and people plying you with Gatorade—or whatever a runner dreams about, I’ve never submitted myself to that particular brand of torture.


But with each distraction, you need to stay vigilant and stay on the path to winning. Put on the blinders, take another bite of your energy bar, and keep running. For you to achieve your goal, it’s essential that you stay focused. And, if you trip up or lose focus, don’t throw the race! Take advantage of the sun cruising through Taurus and embody that stubborn bull energy.


I asked for two tools you could keep in your kit during the time to succeed. The Four of Wands is traditionally seen as a card of celebration. And celebrating small milestones is a good way of keeping up motivation, but it’s not the only way of viewing this card. Here the card speaks to setting up a social support system to keep you strong. It can be a buddy that makes sure you stick to your deadlines or joining a forum to join like-minded people. Create these bonds now, so you can turn to them when you need them.


The Ace of Cups is much simpler and more internal. Find the joy in the process. Back to our marathon metaphor, you can’t resent the training that happens every day leading up to the race. By focusing on the steps, you take to get there; it will help you keep your mind on the target. And, being mindful during the steps of the process will make the reward at the end so much sweeter.



[Tweet “#Sagittarius, Find the joy in the process. #tarotscopes by popmygoddess“]


Kelly is a Scorpio, tarot reader, and owner of 4 cats. She currently lives in Los Angeles, after moving across the country with only her bag—and her tarot decks!—to her name. Her goal is to blend tarot, pop culture, and practical advice to create empowering readings. She is currently writing two books on tarot spreads that will be available late Spring/early Summer. You can follow her on Instagram @popmygoddess or her Etsy.





The Numinous Tarot by Noel Arthur Heimpel, published by Noel Arthur Heimpel 2017


It’s time for your spirituality to take center stage, Capricorn, especially if your practice has been inconsistent recently. The Diviner and the Four of Candles have shown up to remind you that a consistent spiritual practice does so much more than simply nurture your soul; it creates a foundation from which everything else is supported. When your spiritual health is being managed consistently, you can show up for your day-job better, you can show up for your community better, and most importantly, you can show up for yourself better.


Taurus season is the perfect time to recommit to your path. You’re already a disciplined and determined sign, but if you’re still finding it difficult to regularly nurture your spiritual self, the Taurus energy is going to come in and give you the extra little boost of conviction that you need to commit to your spiritual hygiene. Take the time this month to create a framework that will support a consistent engagement with your spiritual side. All the earth energy that you have access to right now is ideal for setting up a beautiful, nurturing routine.


If your current spiritual practice feels dull and performative, it’s time to try something different. Don’t think of regular spiritual practice as a chore or just another task on your To Do List. This is an opportunity to create something exciting and invigorating. Ask yourself “what would my spirituality need to look like for me to feel so excited about it that I can’t wait to be in practice?”


Spiritual community is another theme that is coming through strongly in these cards, and a spiritual community will likely be an important source of support this season. Participation in a spiritual community can range from simply spending time with like-minded friends, all the way up to participating in group rituals or joining a formal religion. Explore and find the level of participation that feels most supportive for you right now. Even if you are happily established in solitary practice, it may be worth considering if some form of spiritual community might fit into your life, though of course you always have the sovereignty to determine that it does not.


However you choose to engage with your spirituality this Taurus season, may that path support and nurture you and all those you come into contact with.


[Tweet “#Capricornconsistent spiritual practice does so much more than simply nurture your soul; it creates a foundation from which everything else is supported. #tarotscopes by @thetarotparlor”]


Cameron Ayers is a queer tarot reader from Portland, Oregon, USA. They offer email readings through their website and in-person for folks in the Portland, Oregon area. They also spend an unholy amount of time hanging out on Instagram. When they aren’t slinging cards, you will likely find Cameron in a cute, independently owned cafe, sipping a cup of artisan coffee (they live in Portland after all) and soaking up the ambiance.





Ophidia Rosa Tarot by Nicole Rallis 2017



Queen of Pentacles (inverted)
Queen of Cups (inverted)
9 of Pentacles (inverted)
Knight of Cups



The time has come to remind ourselves that sometimes the best way to be a humanitarian is to fall back and BE HUMAN! I know, I know; I can hear you all now saying “Ew! Does that involve those things called emotions they talk about on talk shows? Aren’t they contagious?!” LOL!!! All jokes aside, it’s time to remember that while our minds are infinite and are capable of going on in perpetuity, our bodies are finite and require rest and love. It would seem that during the season of the stubborn bull (which is all about the acquisition of material things) it would be advantageous to take this time to fall off the grid, go back to the drawing board with plans and projects and redefine/reassess your concept of wealth. I mean, sure, who doesn’t like nice things? But does your material manifestation of “nice” or “luxurious” have to match the masses: F*$# NO! That’s what makes you you! This is important because once this hibernation is over, all that you touch WILL B GOLD! The noteworthy genius of Aquarius is coupled with a Midas touch that is unparalleled; remember that with great power comes even GREATER responsibility: to yourself and the collective. Be clear with intentions and understand your why henceforth, for it will be your north star. If you have felt as if you have the OPPOSITE of a Midas touch, no worries! That makes this recharge period even more special for you. This will be your opportunity to break new ground, start anew with projects that may be tanking or giving yourself the room to start from scratch without that inner perfectionist yapping’ away in your ear. The more you sit with the reality that your throne and palace more than likely won’t match the mainstream concept of wealth or power, I assure you the happier and more at peace within your skin you’ll find yourself. Believe me; you’ll be happy you did as Gemini season will be all about implementation or your ideas and connecting with the next set of souls to help anchor and usher you into the next chapter of your story.




[Tweet “#Aquarius, Sometimes the best way to be a humanitarian is to fall back and BE HUMAN! #tarotscopes by @choseneyes9”]

ChosenEyes is a teacher, creator, and truth-teller. Organizing and executing such courses as Magikal Ethics, and Learning Tarot for Beginners. Along with her passions in teaching, ChosenEyes completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine with research interests in burn rehabilitation, because “The healing process is NEVER pretty, but it is always BEAUTIFUL.” ChosenEyes works diligently to transcend the negative stereotypes surrounding black witches in the mainstream media, and society at large, by speaking openly about her gifts, sharing her powers with those who seek answers, and inspiring other young women to pursue their passions unapologetically.
 @choseneyes9 at IG and Twitter

photo: @tierra.dennae




Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads 2017

In this card pull Pisces share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Pisces, those born at the first decan or the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme. Don’t know what decan you are? Here’s a decan calculator.



Tauraus Season Theme | Knight of Chalices


Dreamriders, wise and gentle ones, your theme for this season is Knight of Chalices.


We see a theme of wielding of power, of posture, and positioning. What machinations compel you? What are you getting carried away with (or by)? Because certainly, this is how you’d describe it, if you bothered to at all. Your concern isn’t generally articulation (or power for that matter). Generally, you feel; you move; a snowflake at the mercy of the world, like this knight riding a fantasm.


Even if this is the story that you’re used to telling, and it feels most comfortable to envision yourself the tragic hero at the mercy of the odds, this season it may feel uncomfortable to do as you’ve always done and tell old stories.

A hero always needs an antihero to position in relation to. Can you instead center yourself in your own story? Will you still know who you are without an external reference? A tragedy needs someone to blame, someone to fail. What happens when you admit that you don’t know what will happen or that blame is fruitless? Even you, the one who can see what’s coming before everybody else, might not be able to call it while so at odds with your drives.

First decan Pisces fam, this Emperor is showing us that power is the dragon you ride. The Emperor skull looks like the head of a flying creature in the theme card. Somehow the knight has mounted but is not aligned with the beast. What have you been too polite to admit that you want? What control have you unconsciously sought?

We both know you aren’t made for conflict. It pains you. This is why previously it’s served to turn away from the truth. You cannot confront what you won’t face. You cannot let go of what you deny clenching.


Second decan Pisces, this King of Swords is showing discernment as the dream you ride. Your intuition is the vehicle that transports you to fairness. Trust it. Build on it. You are in the mood to speak your mind, to dare. Note your responses to shifts in power. What’s it feel like to be the lead? How about to follow? And in each role, when does it feel right? Do not cling to either. Explore rather than strongarm.


Power may feel great to claim at first but it will wear you out if you get too attached. You’ll know it’s happening if bickering persists. You have permission to show up authentically and for that authenticity to be fluid. At the same time, resist the temptation to wield mystery like a weapon.

Third decan Pisces friends, this Knight of Wands is showing exhilaration as the dream you ride. What started safe has evolved into a challenge. Water and fire are at war in these two knights. The Chalice knight is the blueprint; the wand knight, the reality. It doesn’t feel like you expected to get what you want. It’s been distorted as though your dreams were shined through a prism.


It’s a knight mare, a standoff, unwanted stasis. You may find yourself wondering how to reconcile processing time needed for boundless emotions and the break-neck speed at which events unfold. You’ll need to ground, move, walk in the world. A trip might feel like the last thing you need with all it’s moving parts and unknowns, but take it anyway. Let it be a metaphor for the chaos within and process your feelings in your body and out in the world.

Pisces, you need to own your urges to honor them. You have to own your dreams to weave them, as is your birthright. You don’t need to know exactly who you are, decide. Become.


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Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.

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