What is a Tarotscope?

A tarotscope is a tarot reading for a sun, moon, or rising sign. An energetic forecast or focus. An invitation to inquire. I use the term ‘Scopes for a kind of tarotscope I’ve created that is the first of its kind: a collaborative tarotscope, with 12 Contributors, writing for 12 signs. ‘Scopes fans say they are freakishly accurate as if they were written just for them.

Why forecast?

An astrological forecast is subjective and depends on planets, elements, location and time. The tarot uses the symbolic alphabet with which astrology speaks. Forecasts prompt us to say “yes that’s me!” or help us clarify: “no, that’s not my truth…” or “I better pay attention to this part of myself.”

Because these ‘Scopes feature a variety of readers with each their own style, they range from predictive to meditative. They are always an opportunity for awareness. They show us where we buy into our personal stories and the stories of the collective. They can be comforting, inspiring, or just plain fun.

Read the Scopes to choose a professional reader

The ‘Scopes are the perfect way to sample the style of many readers in one place. This project vets pro tarot readers for you. It can be tricky knowing what to expect from someone you only know through the internet. Especially if it’s the first time you are seeing their work.

What kind of professional tarot reader do you think would have the courage to read and advertise beside their peers? Maybe someone who believes in their skills. Maybe someone who trusts that there are enough seeking their services to not isolate themselves. Maybe someone fun. *grins

Many who submit a tarotscope are featured but not all become regular contributors. I prefer the readings that put your power of choice front and center. The readings that do not commiserate or get trapped in darkness, even while still acknowledging it. The readings that acknowledge the gender spectrum, varied sexual identity, and all manner of alternative life circumstances one might face. The readings that remind you of your potential.

These readers are worth getting to know. See the Bios after each ‘Scope to learn how to get a reading or stay in touch with the contributors.

Contribute a single tarotscope rather than tackling ALL 12 signs

As pro tarot readers, we want a way for our clients to get to know us and benefit from what we do. We want to create amazing free things for our audiences every single month. If we always have to do it alone, it can feel alienating, daunting, and sometimes even scary. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Collaboration draws on the awesomeness of the collective. The more diverse the contribution, the faster the collective growth.  Can you tell I’m an Aquarius? The ‘Scopes showcase your writing, tarot decks, and most importantly, your tarot reading style. Some contributors write for one sign to deepen their relationship with a certain group of readers. Others move through the signs, writing for new readers each time.

No two tarot readers have the same style, business systems, or personality so we lose nothing working together to make something fantastic and unique. Learn more about contributing or submit a tarotscope here. (I’m looking at you Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aries!)

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Variety is the SPICE!




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Featured image by Livioandronico2013 via Wikimedia commons

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