Which kind of ‘Scopes lover are you? – A call for support

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The monthly Radical Tarotscopes have been going on 3 (or 4?!!) years now. They always land right where we need and ground us as a collective. Tarot fans, pro readers, and people who know nothing about tarot, all of us read them. This project has grown in ways I couldn’t have anticipated and there’s no disputing their value. It is also increasingly tricky to create them. I could use some support as the contributors and I decide the future of this project.

Which kind of ‘Scopes lover are you?


Are you someone who always wanted to write a Scope?

Maybe you didn’t have your site up yet. Maybe you don’t have a site. Maybe my submission form creeped you out. Whatever your reason, now is the time to tell me you want in. I need no less than 6 contributors for the next season. That means as of right now, those six signs won’t get written.


If you are one of the first six people to respond to this post saying “I want in” then you have a spot in the next ‘Scope. If you are the 7th person, I will have a spot for you the month after. The deadline for the next ‘Scope is March 12th. Respond with your email* in the next few days and I’ll send you the sign I need and the guidelines. (*Don’t comment with your email publicly, let’s keep your info private. Instead, click the link.)


If I cannot fill the spots, we will do something we’ve never tried before, we’ll skip next season. We’ll also think together about what new form the ‘Scopes could take or if they should continue. If you don’t read tarot but want to help with this, share this post with your friends who read tarot encourage them to reach out to me.


If you want to talk more about this, I’m opening up a forum in my member’s area (which is now free of charge) for anyone who wants to discuss. Do you have an idea I haven’t mentioned here about how to keep these going? That forum will be the perfect place to share it.


Are you someone who loves to read the Scopes and want to know how else to support them?

Donate. If everyone who read the ‘Scopes donated $ 5.00 I could more than afford to pay the contributors for their time. Rather than it be a gamble whether I find contributors, they’d be guaranteed. Rather than it be uncertain if these tarotscopes continue, we’d have a way to keep affirming gifted readers for their effort and a way to keep reading these fabulous tarotscopes.


Maybe a transformation is coming for this project. Maybe an ending. Let’s find out the same way we started this zany thing, together.

Something else on your mind about all this?

Let me know in the comments.


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