Jun 16, 2018 | Introvert Bubble

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This week I took a class called the Art of Showing up by Amy Walsh.


I was drawn to Amy’s work because of her awareness of the power of visual strategy in terms of how we change the culture of our businesses and also of larger society. So basically, like most things to capture my attention, what drew me to Amy’s course was her level of awareness…


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More Day 2 thoughts (not in the audio version) – I was full of bull


I started this course with a hang-up about my hair. I cut it myself and it’s lopsided in a way that I don’t prefer. I call it my accidental mullet. I scare myself thinking people will see it and judge me. It’s too big, too short, too long, too kinky, whatevs. These selfies showed me that my hair looks different ways depending on many variables. Sometimes it DOES look as crazy as I fear and that’s not always bad. And it never really looked like the full-on mullet I imagined so I can let that go. The hang-up about my hair is bull.


Also, I believed I can earn the right to use certain cultural symbols in my art because of my willingness to learn about, support, and engage in practices of those cultures. After giving it thought, I now think this is bull. I may never earn the right. I think that’s ok. I think it was worth it to meet the little oppressor in me that feels entitled to other people’s symbols and say “there, there, you’ll be fine without using those symbols.” It was a hard lesson.

The next post in this mini-series I’ll discuss days 3 and 4.
Where are you meeting yourself?
Where are you showing up in 2018?
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