I saw an interesting hashtag over at FeministaJone’s Twitter feed…

She called it the week of win. It’s a positivity challenge. She talks about how often we’re inundated with news and how we could use more spaces to notice the ways we win. I instantly loved it and jumped on the bandwagon: 



But then I looked a little closer

A win every day? Easily, I have like 6 – 10 per day. Maybe just five if I leave out the weird stuff that only I would be excited about. But, could I do it? The resistance/challenge wasn’t in finding the wins; it was in sharing them.

If I go by the conversations I have with people, I have more wins than most people. Maybe I take folks too literally, assuming that they would always choose the most exciting thing to talk about and that if they don’t talk about positive or exciting things, that there are none. That’s how I tend to do it, start with the joy, veer off into less pleasant realms maybe, or not at all. So that’s how everybody does it, right? I bet not.


I bet people forget about their wins all the times and are just waiting for an occasion to talk about and remember them.

I think of this now, in retrospect, but it didn’t occur to me when I first read the challenge and thought, “there’s no way I can post all those wins.” How will people feel if I just indiscriminately start blabbing my enthusiasm all over the place?

This isn’t just a caretaker urge, where I’m trying to handle to feelings of everyone in the universe, this is a matter of preservation. I’ve been targeted more than once for my strange habit of exhibiting glee.

Growing up in New York taught me to tone it down or turn it off, or else. In the last six years, I’ve learned better. I’ve flailed and danced and giggled and flaunted this exuberance. But now and then I’ll remember the old belief, “it’s not safe to implode with joy,” and ask myself which exciting stories not to share, which expressive faces of mine to flatten, and when to guard.

So yea, THAT happened.

I posted on Twitter for this hashtag as many wins as I remembered. Wasn’t too often though. Too busy celebrating in real life. I’m @siobhansmirror there if you get curious what I’m winning at. *triumphant shimmying*


In other news, 

I’m doing Nanowrimo this year. That’s National Novel Writing Month. Each year, people all over the world write 5ok words in November. Here’s where I’m at:


Here’s what else is up:

I got published in The Cartomancer, a tarot/divination magazine, this month.

I write about next year’s card for the year, The Justice card. For those of you who remember my blog at siobhansmirror.com, you’ll recognize this as a (sort of) follow up to my piece about year and birth cards.

As I am wont to do, I forgot about this piece and only followed up because one of my reader’s asked about it. (Thank you for the reminder!) You can find the piece published in the print and Ezine versions of the upcoming winter edition of the Cartomancer. Or  Here’s audio of the beginning.

I posted the next installment of my column about court cards at little red tarot.

I also, finally, got around to archiving all of the Sorting the Courts series links. I’ll be doing the same for the Face Up and Light and Shadow series soon.  You can read the piece over at littleredtarot.com. Or  Here’s audio of the beginning of the piece about the Kings.


What are you winning at this week?

Comment below. Lay it on me.