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There are a lot of hidden costs with a website. Even if you also have a website, each of us makes different choices about how. I’ve listed what your tip supports. These lists reflect choices I already made and struggle with, and ones I dream of being able to afford one day. The amounts are ballpark.

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  • paying Scopes writers ($ 120 – $ 480/ m)
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  • biz mentoring ($ 300 – $ 2000 / yr)
  • tarot decks
  • the work of queer/femme/BIPOC folks


“What I love most about her work is her honesty. Her writing is personal, at times raw, and always from the heart.  You get the feeling that you’re on a journey with her, and she’s your trusty guide, leading you through the dark spots into the light.  She calls herself a “breakthrough facilitator” and I’d have to agree that is a spot-on description of what she’s all about.”
– Theresa Reed





“Your thoughtful writing regularly wows me. I so appreciate it…”

– Janelle Hardy





“…I feel like you write about spiritual matters in a way that’s both true to the spirit world and easy for me to grasp and put into practice. Thank you for all your lovely writing! It adds beauty and depth to my spiritual life.

Thanks again for sharing your awesome work. :)”


“If this experience is any indication, people should know that you are incredibly intuitive and very honest.”


Thank you for all your lovely writing! It adds beauty and depth to my spiritual life.




“I’m actually… I wasn’t ready for how amazing @siobhansmirror is and her writing just… I’m gonna save these pieces for offline! So good!”

— The Deja Speaks (@thedejaspeaks)


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P.S It might look like I don’t need help. Especially since I don’t like letting it look like I need help, but I do. I’m one of those creators that isn’t all the way convinced that it’s right to get paid to do what I love. In addition to all the things listed above, every dollar you contribute helps me get over it. *grins

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