Tongue Tied and Grand Trines

May 31, 2018 | Introvert Bubble, Ultimate Scopes

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If you follow any astrologers, you’re familiar with the full moon buzz that happens every month around when this series posts. This time it was the full moon in Sagittarius. Astrologers did their hot takes on the planet I call “green Santa,” Jupiter, inviting everyone to expand, seek the truth, and above all to express themselves in honor of Gemini season.


I write about eclipses, but you’ll notice, I tend not to write about the moon phases as often. Moon phases are squirrelly. To me anyway, maybe this is due to my astrological ignorance. Perhaps it helps you to think about the imagination, unconscious, and emotions, the realm of the Moon, regarding exploration, expansion, and philosophical truths, the realm of Sagittarius (and Jupiter) as this phase happens.


It certainly didn’t help me this week.


I was busy with a Pluto/Chiron transit in my 6th house of health and routines. It meant I stopped being able to eat solid food for three days. I’ll still be recovering from it for months or maybe forever (at least another three years according to the lifespan of this transit…). Maybe there were other lessons for me to learn with this last full moon. I wouldn’t know. I was too busy processing this whole loss-of-food thing. I’m guessing it’s the same with you. Not the food issues, the intense full moon.


Sometimes, you have a quiet spell, and the general message of the Moon or other planets resonates. Other times your experience is so specialized, according to the planets, stars, houses, etc., that a general statement isn’t even relevant to you. Wherever you fall in this spectrum of relevance, it’s worth a peek at what’s going on in your chart and comparing it if possible to the current transits.


If life seems to be sucking and you identify the transit that’s related to how it sucks, you might just have an end date in sight. If life seems to be giving you a helping hand, you might have a window of time where you know you can ride the wave.


It’d be nice if we could read any old ‘scope and know for sure we’d get relevant wisdom. Then we wouldn’t be tasked with noticing our rhythms, checking out astrology data, and the like. But honestly, I’ve had professional readings that describe my deepest journey even while failing to map what’s current for me. Anyhow, back to Gemini season and transits that might show up in your chart. The symbol for Gemini is the twins.



The Gemini twins share the planetary ruler, Mercury, with Virgo. We don’t talk about Mercury usually unless we’re worried about a retrograde. We should though. We’re steeped in its realm all day, every day: communication, tech, data, and exchanges of many kinds.


Convention would have it that Sagittarius and Jupiter are the “truth” seekers. But if you’ve ever had an honest-to-goodness conversation with a Gemini, you would know that Mercury seeks the truth too. Rather than Jupiter’s “truth out there,” Mercury’s truth manifests in the lightning-fast trade of words, data, and items.


Mercury seeks, sort of without seeking, for the sake of the exchange.


This planet recognizes that reality, even the most obscure and trifling of parts, reflect us. Like a mirror. And this is one of the reasons Gemini, the sign ruled by this planet, comes to be represented by siblings (twins).



This is Mercury btw.


Mercury Conjunct Sun in Gemini – Express your “self.”


So when the Sun, associated with identity, is conjunct (next to) Mercury, as it is the first week in June, all of us get a whiff of that Gemini life. Maybe effortlessly networking, being funnier than usual, getting curious af, or feeling super stimulated by all of life’s deets.


The flip side and risk of Mercury is feeling scattered, overwhelmed by the data, unable to communicate or unwilling to express. Data, like energy, isn’t always free-flowing. It depends on circumstances, your throat, relationship with your thoughts, the way you think, and how you developed as a child.


Around June 6th, Indulge in your desire to plan, say-the-things, chat it up, and dig into whatever catches your brain-fancy. Gemini isn’t the only sign Mercury will hit this season. It will dance through Cancer a lot too.


Mercury in Cancer wants us to nurture our voices.


As Mercury pops in and out of various transits in the sign of Cancer, we get to see communication through the lens of the Moon, Cancer’s ruler. The Moon is the nurturer, the dreamer, and the protector. You’ll be tasked plenty this month to use your words, networking, and brain to do these Moon-things. The New moon in Gemini amplifies these Mercurial themes as well. Speaking of Mercurial…


Onward to this season’s Grand Trine…


We’ve talked about trines plenty. But we haven’t talked about Grand Trines. Before I get into what that means, here are the elementary associations of each of the zodiac signs.




As you may remember from the last post in this series, a trine is when planets are 120 degrees apart. When they relate in this way, they can enhance one another, sort of like team members in a collaborative brainstorm.


But just like when you collaborate in real life, not every session yields results. Sometimes we’ve got so many strengths at our disposal we take them for granted. Without the tension of a problem, we can become complacent. We need to actively pursue or embody the positive traits or results associated with a trine.


A trine is known as a Grand Trine when it occurs in three signs that share the same element, making either a grand fire, water, earth or air trine. It sounds pretty fancy and maybe rare, but there’s at least two of them in June alone. They’ll vary in importance though.




Retrograde Neptune in Grand Trine with Mercury and Jupiter


This water grand trine happens the 18th of June and comes to us just before Mars retrograde and eclipse season this summer. It builds on a longer (and more significant) trine between Jupiter and Neptune that started in April and won’t end until October. That seems like a lot of water… Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?


In the post about aspects I talked about how when retrogrades occur we can note the houses where they happen for insights personal to your chart.


In that piece, I explained that the way to translate the meaning of a transit in your life is to consider the planet, the sign it’s in, and the house. The planets “do.” When retrograded, they “do on the down low.” The signs are “how” they do what they do. The house is the topic of the doing. Here’s what that looks like for the upcoming Neptune retrograde.


Neptune Retrograde (Rx) in Pisces

You have an opportunity to reevaluate, revisit, or internally explore (retrograde) creativity, spiritual ecstasy or union with the spirit realm, deep compassion, or confusion (Neptune) in a profoundly spiritual and intuitive way (Pisces) especially when it comes to your ______ (insert the houses associated with 16 degrees Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio). Don’t quote me on those degrees; they are ballpark.


To see what houses you have associated with the water signs, check out the Astroclimate in your Ultimate Scope or create a profile at and pull up your chart and look for the house numbers that overlap with the middle of the sections labeled ♓︎ Pisces, ♋︎ Cancer, and ♏︎ Scorpio.


That explains the retrograde part. But there’s more to it. Retrograde Neptune is trine Mercury in the sign of Cancer and Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio. We’ve already talked about Mercury in the sign of Cancer as nurturing, protection and other Moon-things happening to the voice and exchanges, the realm of Mercury.


We even talked about Jupiter in Scorpio back when it went retrograde. This is the ingress (remember this word?!) that’s landing abusers in court as Jupiter’s expansive nature applies to Scorpio’s themes of profound transformation and hidden topics.


Ok Siobhan, but what does all that mean?


Bring it. That’s what it means. Especially during the trines I’ve mentioned and especially for those with water signs in their chart, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. No matter how much craziness befalls you for Gemini season, the more these trines show up in your chart, and they may not – that’s why you gotta check, the more you’ll be able to compost the mess into spiritual fodder.


Sing. The. Blues.


I’m sort of being serious. Singers are often touched by Neptune transits.  Kirk Cobain. Elvis. Wow, there have to be less creepy examples… Mercury wants a song from the deepest region of you. Jupiter wants it broadcast far and wide. Get inspired by the muck, the mud that the covers the lotus. No one likes adversity AND consider the alternative for trines – a massive wave of complacency that runs until fall. (Yikes!)


And if somehow it seems like you’ll coast through this month without incident, you might want to consider stirring up your own sh*t and taking a chance. The universe will be forgiving at this time. Tell green Santa (Jupiter) what you want to create or bring together. Sing it loud and clear. Mother that tongue of yours.


And now for a “Gemini” theme song.