If you’re familiar with my writing or my tarot spreads, you may have noticed that I’ll sit with one concept for a while.

It means I usually work with one tarot spread for longer amount of time and that I write about one topic in multiple blog posts. I do this in my column over at littleredtarot.com, too but it’s not always clear that it’s happening. It also hasn’t been clear when I’ve posted new pieces in the column. Some of you have already called me out on this last front… *prayer hands


From now on, I’ll try to announce each post in the column.


I’ll also talk about a bit about the topic thread that runs through that series. This should be pretty handy since a lot of what I write comes directly from conversations with clients, peers, or readers of this blog.

Over at littleredtarot, I revamped my first-ever Face-Up tarot spread with a new name and new perspective.

This time I’m calling it the Turn-Around spread. A nod to The Work of Byron Katie, one of the sources which inspired this spread. I used this it on one of the issues I addressed with the original About-Face spread. This spread was inspired by my contemplation of the Hierophant and the 8 of cups, of spiritual beliefs and letting go.

In contemplating these two, I revisited my old spread for “letting go,” and found that my beliefs about the topic had shifted so much that it was no longer likely that I’d use the spread. So I updated it!

It’s different than it used to be because the first time, it discussed healing through energy-work and ritual construction and now it does so through inquiry and narrative exploration. Those who like fanfare and prefer not to look too deeply might still like the old version. Those with less energy for fanfare and a serious interest in dealing with root causes of distress might prefer this new version. Either way,


There’s a new Face-up spread to try!


I’d love to know what you thought of it or
how it goes if you try either versions of this spread.

Please, let me know in the comments.

New Face up Tarot piece!